10 Shocking Health Benefits of Turmeric and Curcumin

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You’d be surprised at the amazing health benefits of turmeric and curcumin including the famed anti-inflammatory application. When considering the top benefits of turmeric vs curcumin, they are the world’s most powerful, traditional Ayurvedic treatments.

Agreed it could possibly stain your clothes yellow, but do include this amazingly healthy herb in your diet.

The turmeric is actually a turmeric root imparting flavor and color to a recipe. The root has been traditionally used in cuisine and medicines in India and China, due to its predominant ability as an anti inflammatory agent, an antioxidant and also for its effectiveness against cancer.

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Health Benefits of Curcumin Powder

Main Components of Turmeric

The main components of turmeric consist of curcumin as well as curcomoids with some essential oils.

What is curcumin?

Curcumin is the main active pigment in turmeric and gives the deep yellow color to it. It is also responsible for the major biological effects of turmeric, such as anti inflammation.

Turmeric is most widely used in Indian kitchens in a powdered form, lending aroma to Indian curries.

What is curcumin used for?

Turmeric or curcumin has a slightly bitter taste and is used mostly to color curries, to make medicine and in cosmetics.

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Turmeric Nutrition Facts

Turmeric Nutrition Facts
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Turmeric and curcumin pigment in it don’t have any cholesterol but are rich in fiber and healthy amounts of magnesium, vitamin C and potassium. Turmeric is very effective even in very small quantities.

Among the several benefits of turmeric extract is its ability to enable easier digestion of fats. It also reduces gas, bloating and improves skin conditions like acne and eczema.

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Health Benefits of Curcumin Powder

Curcumin is the main pharmacological agent in turmeric and is a far better anti inflammatory agent than many over the counter medications.

In addition, curcumin comes with nil side effects or toxic effects that other synthetic medications cause, such as ulcers, reducing white blood cells and so on.

  1. Anti Inflammatory Properties of Curcumin

You’ve probably bumped into something and hurt yourself, resulting in swelling or inflammation of the skin.

  • One of the benefits of turmeric is that the curcumin chemical present in turmeric decreases inflammation or swelling.

Note: Oncogene journal published study results showing that aspirin, ibuprofen are less effective and curcumin is the most effective for inflammation.

  1. For Arthritis

Is Turmeric good for arthritis?

Yes, turmeric is also used for arthritis, due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Though it cannot cure arthritis, it can be as effective as other medications prescribed for arthritis.

  • Turmeric for arthritis: Turmeric reduces inflammation, stiffness connected with rheumatoid arthritis as well as OA or osteoarthritis.

Note: Turmeric has been traditionally used in China and India for treating arthritis.

  1. Preventing Heart Disease

  • There are many factors responsible for heart diseases.
  • Curcumin can enhance the functioning of endothelium. This is the lining of blood vessels.
  • When there is a dysfunctioning of the endothelium, it could lead to heart problems.
  • This is due to the fact that endothelium functions in regulating the blood pressure and blood clotting.

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  1. For Skin

Turmeric Health Benefits
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  • Turmeric has antibacterial properties, which is useful for treatment of skin problems like acne.
  • It’s anti inflammatory properties helps in treating skin scars and pimples.
  • It can be used as a face pack.

Tip: Mix 1 tsp of turmeric with 3 tbsps of milk and 2 tbsps of flour and a few drops of honey and apply to the face.

  • It prevents wrinkle and melanin formation and enhances skin elasticity.
  1. Turmeric Milk for Immunity

Forming an integral part of turmeric curcuming benefits, turmeric milk, also known as golden milk, is powdered turmeric mixed in warm milk. It has been traditionally used in India as a general health tonic.

  • Turmeric milk increases general immunity against cold, flu, offering an antiviral effect.
  • Another of the benefits of turmeric milk is that it offers relief from cough and other infections of the respiratory tract.

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  1. For Digestion

  • Turmeric milk aids in digestion, by increasing bile flow and improving appetite. It can also rid the stomach of worms and intestinal parasites.
  1. Detoxification Agent

  • Turmeric is a detoxifying agent and can act as a tonic for the liver when taken everyday.
  • Among the benefits of curcumin for skin is that turmeric milk reduces acne and clarifies your skin, by removing toxins.
  1. Turmeric for Blood pressure

Can turmeric lower blood pressure?

Turmeric can be taken as a natural means of controlling blood pressure. Hypertension could lead to heart failure, kidney problems, loss of vision and a lot more. Spice up the diet with turmeric to relieve hypertension.

  • Among the benefits of turmeric is that Curcumin prevents the constriction of blood vessels.
  • Turmeric oil fraction also shows a similar effect.
  • Research shows that turmeric combined with black pepper can reduce blood pressure and rectify damage caused to blood vessels due to hypertension.
  1. Improved Brain Function

  • Curcumin present in turmeric can increase the level of brain derived neurotrophic factors or BDNF. BDNF is a kind of growth hormone functioning in our brain.
  • When the level of BDNF decreases, it causes many disorders, such as depression as well as Alzheimer’s.
  • Turmeric can delay or reverse brain diseases and improves age related problems in brain functioning.

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  1. Other General Benefits

Turmeric has been used as a medication for problems related to the heart, alzheimers, liver, brain, skin care, ageing, diabetes, obesity, eye health, joint pains, antibacterial for toothache, iron source, for acne and many other conditions.

Turmeric Supplement for Inflammations

Inflammation is the major cause of various diseases, such as cancer, diabetes, depression and arthritis. In any disease where inflammation could be a cause or contributor, turmeric could be of assistance.

  • Some doctors suggest taking 500 mg of turmeric supplements a day to keep the doctor at bay.

Note: This equals one teaspoon of powdered turmeric to get the desired amount of curcumin.

Turmeric supplements or capsules of 400 mg to 600 mg can be taken 3 times a day for OA. In case of RA, supplements of 500 mg can be taken twice a day.

Do a proper research of turmeric supplements to get the proper turmeric curcumin dosage, as some formulas contain only 50% of the curcuminoids. Check out the best curcumin supplements and brands.

Harms of Curcumin
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Harms of Curcumin

However, too much of a good thing is never good. The benefits of turmeric can be felt when it is used in small quantities, but an overdose of supplements could cause some side effects.

  • One of the side effects of too much turmeric is that an overdose could cause diarrhea or nausea and indigestion.
  • Can turmeric be harmful? Large doses could cause a miscarriage during pregnancy.
  • An overdose could lead to kidney stones.

Do not combine turmeric with pain relievers like ibuprofen or any medicines that suppress the immune functioning.

Last Word

Turmeric is used in the kitchen and in the medicine cabinet for any number of uses. It has been used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine long before contemporary science understood the versatility and benefits of this Asian spice.

Today, research has proved many of the effects of turmeric, from being a cure for joint inflammation to arthritis to problems with the gastrointestinal tracts and also cancer.

One of the biggest benefits of turmeric is that it is potent and does not have any side effects. It is essentially safe.

It is always important to buy pure turmeric or any other food. Many adulterants like color dyes are added and this could have a negative impact on the body.

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