10 Money Investing Tips for College Students: Smart Investments for Beginners

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College Student’s Guide to Investing Money.

College students must know about money investing so that they can start investing from an early age. Saving and investing money are important financial advice for college students who struggle with managing money. Knowing about the best investments for college students will let you maintain and create wealth.

Investing Money as a College Student

Investing as a college student is a great idea. As a beginner, you need to first understand the process of investment. In this process, your wealth increases by the growth of a particular asset.

In many cases, people purchase an asset to have a source of income in the future. Some of the most popular assets are mutual funds, stocks, bonds, annuities, certificates of deposit, and ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds). Investing is an effective and necessary way of enhancing your wealth.

The sooner you begin investing, the faster you get wealthy. There are various ways to grow money as a student. In this Internet era, it is not difficult to get information about various trading markets. Therefore, anyone can start investing money, irrespective of their age.

Smart Money Investing Tips for College Students

Are you one of those college students who is constantly looking for money growing ideas? If you are nodding your head, you must check out these smart money investing tips for college students.

  1. Read a Lot

Investing Tips for College StudentsIf you want to know about investment ideas for students, you should read a lot. You can find many good investing books in your college library. You will gain expertise and knowledge from these books that will let you become a successful student investor.

You should choose books that provide tips on how to analyze mutual funds, stocks, and bonds. They will teach you to develop a great investment strategy. After learning about the tips, you can put them to practice in your everyday life.

Until you gain proper knowledge, you cannot be a good investor. Reading books on investment is a great idea because books are not expensive. You can buy a few books and borrow others from the college or local library.

Apart from reading books, you must read plenty of online articles to know how to invest money to make money. There are some online sites like Yahoo Finance that provides a lot of information about investing.

  1. Start Investing Early

Investments for BeginnersTime is the biggest advantage that young investors have. According to Howard Dvorkin, founder of the Consolidated Credit Counseling Services, investing a small amount of money in the present day can result in bigger returns in the future. This is why college students should invest.

Investing for students can seem daunting at first. If you know about compound interest, you will understand that time is money. College students do not have any idea about how much money they will earn if they start investing today.

Compound interest implies that the interest that you get on your investments every year is added automatically to your principal. As a result, your balance will grow at an increasing rate.

For example, you invest $1000 today and keep adding $100 every month to your investment for the next 40 years. If you earn 8% interest every year, you will earn more than $332,000 in 40 years.

You can use a compound interest calculator to check out how much money you will make. One of the best investment ideas for students is to start early.

  1. Clear off Your College Debt

money management for college studentsInvesting for college students becomes possible only after they clear off their college debt. Many college students graduate from their college with a large student debt. We all know that studying in a prestigious college is expensive.

If you have invested in college, you should first pay off your debt. For example, you have a student debt of $10,000 that has a 15% interest rate. When you are paying off the debt, you make 15% returns on the amount. This is because you do not have to pay any more interest in the future on the amount of your student debt.

On the other hand, you cannot save money on your prime years if you do not clear off your debt as soon as possible. Instead of investing in the markets, you will have to constantly pour money to clear the debt.

  1. Earn Money to Understand its Value

You should start earning money to understand its value. Once you understand the value of money, you will be able to invest it properly.

You can find many companies that offer part-time jobs to students. You can take a part-time job to learn about money and its value. Your first work experience will make you realize that sneakers worth $199 equals to 25 hours of hard work at a job that pays you $8 per hour.

As a result, you will no more waste money and be particular about your college student budget. Saving and investing for students becomes easy once they understand the struggle behind earning money.

  1. Select a Brokerage Wisely

One of the smart money investing tips for college students is to select a brokerage. If you are ready to invest in real stocks, you have to first open a brokerage account. You can either choose traditional brokerages or online discount brokers.

Traditional brokerages offer one-on-one services and advice. Online discount brokers have a computerized trading system through which you can perform online trades. New investors prefer online discount brokers as traditional brokerages charge hefty fees.

If you are a college student, you should open a new account with an online discount brokerage because the initial capital investment is much lower than that of traditional brokerage. They charge you only for the purchases and sales that you make.

In this digital world, having an online brokerage account is a convenient option. You can make trades from the comfort of your home. It is a great way for college students to begin trading.

When you are choosing a brokerage, you should also consider if it offers free research reports and educational tools. You should also check if there is a mobile app of the brokerage from where you can place trades. You should never borrow money for investing.

  1. Diversify Your Financial Portfolio

student investorOne of the best money management tips is to diversify your investments carefully. If you invest all your funds in one company, it can lead to a financial disaster. Therefore, you should put your money in various investment vehicles and industries.

This strategy is known as portfolio diversification. The thumb rule is not to put all your eggs in a single basket. One of the smart money investing tips for college students is to have a diversified portfolio.

If you are a beginner, focus on making fixed and smaller investments monthly or quarterly. This is one of the best small investment ideas for students. If you follow this strategy, you can start investing a small sum of money and decrease the risk of a financial disaster by spreading out all your purchases.

Diversifying your portfolio will expose you to a wide range of market sectors and assets. It will boost your portfolio returns and reduce the risk of a financial disaster.

  1. Keep Track of How Much You Are Spending

investing in collegeWhenever you spend cash, note it down in your diary. Track your debit card purchases and online transactions to understand how much you are spending on a monthly basis.


After knowing where your money is going, you can cut off your extra expenses. Saving and investing for students become easier when they keep a track of their expenses.

  1. Choose Low-Risk Investment Options

If you are a college student, you should choose low-risk investment options.



There are many uncertainties and risks in the stock market. Before you invest in stocks, take the guidance of a family member or a broker.


  1. Calculate Your Risks Properly

If you are a student investor, you should calculate your margins and risks in advance. Taking calculated risks is the key to be successful as an investor.



You should opt for multiple investment options so that the equation stays balanced, even if you face one setback.

  1. Conduct a Research

 One of the best investing tips for college students is to conduct a background research before investing.



You should check about the company and their performance in the last year. It will give you a clue about the future of the firm.


Wrapping it up

Investing 101 for college students is a guide that can help students to start investing early. The power of compounding interest and time will be with you if you start investing as a college student. In order to start investing, join a part-time job during your free hours.

Investing is like a journey. You will have some setbacks, make progress, and learn from your mistakes. If you feel scared about investing, read a lot of books and online articles to gain knowledge in this field. Follow this ten smart money investing tips for college students to gain success.

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