10 Amazing Places to Visit Before You Have Kids

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10 Trips to Take Before Having a Baby….

Of course, the best trips of our lives happen with our family, but there are some amazing places to see as a couple before hitting the roller coaster of parenthood. Besides shaking a leg at Las Vegas to rejuvenating on the majestic turquoise waters of Santorini, there are countless vacations to take before having a baby.

Where some people tag it to be a trend of the present day, such tours are highly recommended. The last trip before you welcome the first child in your family is probably a celebration and a form of relaxation to prepare yourself for the enormous responsibility that is yet to unfold.

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Hence, a couple’s trip is always included in the babymoon tips when a couple is expecting a new member in their family. If you too are in search of fascinating destinations to explore with your beloved and rediscover love and happiness, here are some of the amazing destinations for your very last no kid vacation.

Why Do You Need to Plan a Trip Before Having Kids?

If you are here to check out the destinations and not convinced by the idea of having a no kid vacation, here are some of the important reasons as to why you need to travel as a couple before having children.

  • Relaxation

Vacations have always been the best way to relax from the monotonous schedules of everyday life. However, it becomes necessary to go for a refreshing trip before moving on to the next stage of life that involves additional responsibility.

  • Spend Time Alone

Before welcoming the new member of the family, you, as a couple does need to spend as much time together as possible. How much time do you think you will be getting later?

  • Adventure

There are countless places on earth which cannot be visited with infants and children, because of the nerve-racking physical stress and the dangers involved on the way.

If you are already expecting a child, make sure to consult the doctor before planning a vacation, so that you do not have to compromise with the health of the mother and the child later.

What Are the Ten Amazing Places to Visit Before Having Kids?

Whether you are searching for the best babymoon destinations or are simply planning to go for a vacation before planning children, here are ten amazing places to visit before having kids which are sure not to disappoint you.

  1. Amalfi Coast, Italy

Places to See Before You Have Kids

While thinking about Italy, the first picture that comes to our mind is the striking historical tokens scattered all over, rich and sophisticated buildings that are a heritage withstanding modernization over centuries and the awakening of Renaissance.

However, a little away from the magnificent architecture lies solace, peace, and simplicity on the lap of the Amalfi Coast. The extraordinary scenario gracing the Campania region towards the Sorrentine Peninsula flaunts impeccable views and a jaw-dropping landscape.

Since there are no specific activities for the kids, it is one of the best child free vacation destinations. The beach stretches approximately 50 kms. and is divided into particular cliff regions, golden yellow beaches, and small peaceful villages.

The villages connected by country roads are famous for fishing. Besides, the major attractions here are the far-stretching vineyards and lemon groves. A short drive through the roads puts the posh villas on display which lie between Sorrentine and Salerno.

  1. Santorini, Greece

best babymoon destinations

Santorini is the abode of romanticism and lovebirds. If not for your honeymoon, mark this city on your bucket list by making it the last holiday before kids.

Located off the shores of the Aegean Sea, the turquoise waters create a magnificent view at the feet of psychedelic houses clustered all around.

Santorini is all about romantic sunsets, rocky hilltops, colorful architecture and impressive landscapes, which makes it one of the best trips before having kids.

  1. South Islands, New Zealand

last vacation before baby

If you are in search of some adventure with your beloved, then South Islands is going to be your last halt. Brimming with the shimmering metropolis, a cascade of outdoor activities that range from skydiving and bungee jumping at Queenstown to hiking in the Great Walls, South Islands is also about kayaking at Fiorlands and exploring dense forests cutting through caves and mountain cliffs.

The untouched beauty of nature is witnessed in the undiscovered miles marked by forests, marshes, waters, and wildlife.

  1. Las Vegas, Nevada

last holiday before kids

When talking about weekend trips without kids, Las Vegas has to hit your mind. Located in the heart of Mojave Desert, the kind of aura the city carries across a long stretch is flamboyant.

Las Vegas calls for an explicit nightlife which revolves around casinos, nightclubs, entertainment and a whole lot of everything!

So, if you are in the mood of making your no kid vacation memorable, then let this be your last hop! If you are done with partying and want some refreshing relief, head towards the desert or outskirts of the Strip and get your hands on rock climbing at the Red Rock Canyon, adventure at Adventuredome and many more.

  1. Phuket, Thailand

where to vacation without kids

A little different from the other provinces of Thailand, Phuket is for the travelers who want to explore. Secluding its nightlife and pubs in Patong, Phuket has evolved as a more charming retreat and is best for traveling before having children.

The limestone formations that rise from the glistening waters and the series of beaches at Koh Lanta has blissfully summoned travelers from across the world. Apart from the ominous beauty, the beaches are famous for indulging tourists in snorkeling and scuba diving.

Besides, you can either go kayaking at Phang Nga Bay or witness the majestic sunset at the Kata Beach. Once here, do not forget to visit the Big Buddha.

If not your honeymoon, the last vacation before having kids is going to be equally memorable, so make sure you make the most of it.

  1. Miami, USA

weekend trips without kids

Gracing the southeastern territory of Florida, Miami has been one of the best destinations for couples, singles, and party poppers! Owing to its never-ending season of parties and hip-hopping, you can always consider it as your last vacation before baby, as it will not only remind you of your youthful days but will also relax you to the core.

Besides, the extravagant sceneries of date palms standing erect on the diamond white beaches kissing the shoreline, are an absolute treat to the eyes.

You can also go swimming at the Venetian Pool, get entertained at the South Beach or have a dramatic escape at the Ocean Drive but never have enough of the city.

  1. Maldives, South Asia

no kid vacations

Whether you love the sea or you do not, you just cannot deny that the Maldives is one of the prime destinations on the travel list. The exotic beauty and the panoramic sceneries of 26 atolls each mimicking rings and cascading over 1000 coral islands, is something worth visiting.

The Maldives is all about excavating the blue lagoons, admiring the coral reefs and witnessing a memorable sunset from the sea-facing water villas in town! On the contrary, Malé, the capital flourishes with posh architecture, historical heritage, fancy restaurants, entertainment hubs, and party clubs.

  1. Machu Picchu, Peru

kid free vacations

Gracing the Eastern Cordillera of Peru, the world heritage site flaunting the most magnificent historical ruins from the 15th-century Inca citadel is undoubtedly one of the best trips before having kids.

Located 2430m above sea level, the “Lost City of Incas” sits atop the Andes Mountains and can be reached by a dangerous trek through rocky cliffs. Endangered and expensive, the trip is specifically for adults and is ideal for the greatest adrenaline rush that guarantees an incredible view of the forbidden bygone world.

  1. The Scottish Highlands, Scotland

child free vacation destinations

Recognized mostly as the sets for Harry Potter, the enchanting scenery of the West Highland and the Glen Koe has been depicted in the movie quite a number of times.

The fancy distilleries in Scotland can be admired in Speyside, which hosts the most prominent Spirit of Speyside Whiskey Festival throughout a weekend in April.

Apart from the gala festival, the Highland is blessed with an explicit aura of its own and the undiscovered lochs cutting through meandering trails of the valleys are best for kid free vacations.

  1. Milford Track, New Zealand

trips to take before having a baby

A conjecture of flattering Fjords, mighty waterways, hiking trails, large lakes, and dense forests, the Milford Track has evolved with more than 54 kms. of a stretch. Accessible via bridges, walkways, zip line, ropes and meandering trails cutting through the Alpines, this is undoubtedly one of the best places for traveling before having children. Once here, you can also stretch your vacation to the Great Barrier Reef.

The would-be-moms travelling afar should take care of their eating habits and should not indulge into unhealthy consumption of alcohol.

Wrapping It Up

Going on a trip before having kids does not mean you should not travel with the children. Touring as a family strengthens the bond and is incomparably comforting.

However, there are several places where you would definitely like to go with your beloved reminiscing the good, old days with a toast of wine.

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