1st Anniversary Ideas: Romantic Ways to Celebrate Your First Wedding Anniversary

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The best way to celebrate first wedding anniversary is to surprise your spouse with your romantic gesture. As it is a very special occasion, you need to think of romantic 1st anniversary celebration ideas to make your spouse feel special.

You can think of doing something fun, creative, and interesting to make the day memorable.

What to do to Celebrate 1st Wedding Anniversary?

The first year of marriage is often the most beautiful and challenging year. This is the reason why it’s important to celebrate your first marriage anniversary. The special day will let you look back on the day of your wedding and evaluate how much your relationship has evolved.

There are plenty of things to do for first wedding anniversary. You can buy a beautiful present for your spouse, plan a weekend getaway or throw a party. Whatever you decide, make sure that it plants a smile on your beloved’s face.

Top 10 First Wedding Anniversary Celebration Ideas

Celebrate First Wedding Anniversary

If you are feeling confused about what to do to celebrate 1st wedding anniversary, here are 10 romantic and fun ideas for you. These tips to celebrate your first wedding anniversary will inspire you to make your day so special that you will feel love is in the air.

  1. Romantic Getaway

One of the best 1st anniversary celebration ideas is to plan a getaway to a beach or a hill station. It will be magical and romantic. You can plan a weekend getaway if your anniversary is on a weekend.

You can search on Google for places to celebrate first wedding anniversary. Try to explore a new place with your spouse. You can have a candlelight dinner amid the hills to make the day memorable.

If you are going to a beach, you can spend the night under the stars. The sound of the sea waves and the stars in the sky will make the day extremely romantic.

Take a day off if your anniversary is on a weekday. If you cannot travel to a faraway place, book a luxurious hotel room. Switch off your phones so that you can spend quality time with your spouse.

Have great romantic moments and heart to heart conversations. Order delicious food and enjoy the best dessert of the hotel. You can ask the hotel manager to decorate your room with rose petals so that you can indulge in a romantic lovemaking session.

  1. Surprise Party for First Wedding Anniversary

If your partner loves surprises, the best way to celebrate your marriage anniversary will be to throw a surprise party. Wake up in the morning and pretend that you have forgotten about your anniversary. Your spouse will be bewildered by your behavior.

Even when your spouse drop hints to make you remember about the anniversary, act nonchalant. Invite your family and friends secretly so that your spouse does not get an idea.

Switch off the lights and take your spouse to the venue of the party. As your spouse will be wondering what you are up to, delight her with your surprise party. Enjoy the overwhelming and happy expression on the face of your partner.

  1. Relive Your First Meeting and First Date

If you are thinking where to go for 1st wedding anniversary, you should go to the place where you met your spouse for the first time. You can also meet at the place where you both went on your first date.

Try to recreate the moments of your first meeting and first date. If you both met at a restaurant, try visiting that particular restaurant for celebrating your anniversary. Do all those things that you did on that particular day.

Reliving the best memories of your life is a wonderful way to celebrate your anniversary. It will make you and your spouse fall madly in love with each other again.

  1. Make a Special Music CD on Your 1st Wedding Anniversary

A special music CD is one of the most romantic and unusual first wedding anniversary gifts. Every couple has some special songs that are closely associated with their relationship. Each song has a special meaning in their relationship.

Remember all the beautiful moments of your relationship and select the songs that have played a role in it. Compile them into a music CD and gift it to your spouse on your 1st wedding anniversary.

Listen to the songs together. Share the memories that you remember with the songs. Feel the closeness and dance to the special songs. If you and your spouse are music lovers, this is the best way to celebrate your anniversary.

  1. Do Something Fun and Adventurous

Doing something fun and adventurous can make your first wedding anniversary truly memorable. You can go for an exciting hot air balloon ride with your spouse on your special day. Although it is expensive, it will be totally worth it.

Enjoy the beautiful scenery from the hot air balloon. Whisper words of love to your partner as you take the ride. Romance and adventure is a perfect combination.

You can also try paragliding, parasailing or river rafting. The motto is to enjoy life with your spouse. Take plenty of photographs so that you can look back on the best moments of your life.

  1. Take the Marriage Vows Again

The celebration of first wedding anniversary will be more beautiful and romantic when you take the marriage vows again. If you have ever dreamt of eloping with your partner, fulfill that fantasy on your anniversary.

Do not inform anything to your family and friends. Run away to a nearby city for a day or two. Get secretly married in a church or temple, the way you see in movies. Take the marriage vows again and feel the excitement.

You can experience a simple and sweet wedding at a faraway place, without informing anyone. There will be no pomp and show. It will be a memorable and romantic experience.

If you wanted your love story to be like the ones shown in movies, try this idea. It is adventurous, exciting, and romantic.

  1. Do Something Noble on Your First Wedding Anniversary

When you help a needy person, you feel happier and fulfilled. You can do something noble on your first wedding anniversary along with your spouse. You can take a few kids from a nearby orphanage to a water park.

It will touch the hearts of the underprivileged children and make you feel happy. This is the best way to start your next year of marriage. At the end of the day, cut a cake with the kids and give them a pizza treat.

You will never be able to forget the smile on the faces of these kids. You and your spouse will earn plenty of blessings for spending your special day doing some social work. It is a unique way to celebrate your marriage anniversary.

  1. Photoshoot

Having a personal photo shoot on your first wedding anniversary is a brilliant idea. You can make a list of your favorite places in the city. Visit the places that hold a special meaning in your relationship.

You should choose the places where you kissed your spouse for the first time. It is best to hire a professional photographer for the special photo shoot. You can also request a passerby to take a few couple shots.

  1. Watch Your Wedding Photographs and Wedding Video Together

If you are searching for wedding anniversary ideas on a budget, you can simply watch your wedding video and photographs together. Snuggle up to your partner on a couch and enjoy watching the special moments together. You can order food from your favorite restaurant.

This is the coziest way to celebrate your anniversary. You can also watch videos of your vacations. No one gets time to watch the wedding video more than once. Your first anniversary is the perfect occasion to watch it with your spouse.

  1. Make Something

You can make something together to make your first wedding anniversary memorable. It can be anything, from painting a flower pot to cooking a dish together.

When you make something together, you will feel the intimacy and love that you both share. You will realize how wonderful a team you both are. You can cook a dish from your wedding menu for the special occasion.

Enjoy the meal with a glass of wine. You will feel connected to each other. If cooking is not your cup of tea, you can paint together. It is all about feeling the closeness.

1st anniversary celebration ideas

Wrapping it up

Your first wedding anniversary is a beautiful occasion for celebrating your relationship with your spouse. These 10 romantic anniversary ideas will surely help you make your marriage anniversary special. Celebrate the love and intimacy that you both share.

Personalized and customized gifts are the best anniversary gift ideas. Your gift does not have to be very expensive; it needs to be special. You can gift personalized cushions, lamps, coffee mugs, and photo frames to your spouse.

The most important thing that you need to do on this day is make time for each other. Do not go to the office on your 1st anniversary. Spend the day with each other because time is the most expensive and valuable gift that you can give to your spouse.

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