10 Fascinating Adolf Hitler Facts You Must Know About

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Adolf Hitler Facts

Everyone knows that Adolf Hitler was the Dictator of Nazi Germany and the man responsible for World War II. His acts led to near extermination of a race and created a rift between the west (USA, UK) and the east (former USSR). No one’s proud of Hitler’s legacy to the world.

These Adolf Hitler facts are well-known and emanate disgust and dismay. But there are things you didn’t know about Adolf Hitler that are actually fascinating and make you wonder if we are talking about the same person!

Read on to learn some interesting facts about Adolf Hitler that surprisingly have nothing to do with hate and war.

Lesser Known Adolf Hitler Facts

  1. Adolf Hitler’s Real Name

Adolf Hitler’s real name was “Adolphus Hitler”. His surname “Hitler” which today has become synonymous with fascism has actually very humble origins. In fact, the surname might not even be Hitler!

Some Historians believe that Adolf Hitler’s family’s name was actually Hiedler which means “someone who lives by a river”. This makes sense since Adolf Hitler’s great-grandparents were from a small town called Weitra.

Weitra is a town in Austria and is located near the river Lainsitz.

  1. The German Dictator Was Not a German

Though it is hard to believe but it is true that Adolf Hitler, the nastiest dictators ever, was not a German by birth. He was born in a town which is a part of present day Austria.

Adolf Hitler became a German citizen in 1932. He had emigrated from Austria to Germany in 1913 and relinquished the Austrian citizenship much later in 1925. He became a German citizen when he was given a government job in Germany by the Nazi party.

  1. Hitler Aspired to Become an Artist

Have you ever wondered what the world might have been had Hitler not become the Chancellor of Germany? Well, there is every possibility that Hitler might not have gone into politics.

One of the lesser known Adolf Hitler facts is that he was interested in art and painting from an early age and had even applied to the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. Unfortunately, he was rejected.

After his failed attempts to enter a school of art, Hitler was forced to sell his paintings on the streets of Vienna.

Later on, when Hitler rose to power in Germany his fascination towards art remained. It is said that Hitler loved to doodle and would make Disney sketches during his free time as the Dictator of Germany.

  1. Afraid of Water and Hitler Could Not Swim

Hitler was known to be a fearless dictator who was not afraid of anything. But, Hitler was never seen swimming. And the reason behind this as stated by some historians is that Hitler felt that politicians looked stupid in trunks and it demeaned their status.

But, it seems that he was scared of water and this fear made him unable to learn swimming.

  1. Hitler Was a Vegetarian and a Non-Smoker

This is one of the most surprising Adolf Hitler facts. The man behind a million manslaughter’s was averse to killing and eating animals. Yes, Hitler was a vegetarian. He was also a non-smoker and drank very little alcohol.

The reasons behind this fastidious diet could be some ailment he was suffering from. It is believed that Hitler had digestive problems and may have suffered from Parkinson’s disease and syphilis.

There are many rumors about Hitler’s various ailments but there is no proof that would substantiate these stories.

  1. Hitler Loved Circus and Disney Movies

You would think that a cruel dictator like Hitler would watch propaganda videos for entertainment, but on the contrary Hitler loved going to the circus. He was also a fan of Disney movies. His favorite was “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”.

Hitler also enjoyed listening to music. He also liked to keep himself updated on the latest news and would read many magazines.

  1. Hitler Loved Cakes and Chocolates 

Hitler had a penchant for chocolates and would even add it to his coffee. He also loved cakes and pastries. It is said that the cooking staff was instructed to make cake for him every day and leave it for him for midnight eating.

This could probably be the reason for his bad teeth and frequent visits to the dentists. It is also rumored that the fearless dictator hated these visits and would demand many sittings for a single root canal.

  1. Sieg Heil Inspired by American Football Team

Everyone is aware of the Nazi salute “Sieg Heil” which means Hail Victory. It became a common form of salute in Germany during World War 2. Some believe that the salute might have its origins in Italy. But latest findings suggest otherwise.

It is believed that the popular salute was copied from the American football cheerleaders. It is said that Hitler liked the American form of cheering music that felt more encouraging and exciting.

  1. Hitler Was Once Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

This Adolf Hitler fact will dismay you but it is true that the man responsible for so much mass destruction was once nominated for the Nobel peace prize. His nomination was given by a Swedish politician just before the WW II. The nomination was later withdrawn after heavy criticism.

The Swedish politician had nominated Hitler merely as joke. No one was awarded the peace prize that year (1939). Hitler was also named the “Man of the Year” by the TIME magazine but it was not as an appreciation. It was more because Hitler was the most reported on person during that time.

Hitler was also named the “Man of the Year” by the TIME magazine but it was not as an appreciation. It was more because Hitler was the most reported on person during that time.

  1. Hitler Never Paid Income Tax

This relatively minor crime of Hitler has gone unnoticed in the face of the various monstrous crimes he committed against humanity. Hitler never paid income tax and was even sent a penalty the first year he assumed office as the Chancellor.

Later on, through an intervention by Ministry of Finance, Hitler was declared tax-exempt.

Wrap up – Fascinating Facts About Adolf Hitler

The above were some interesting Adolf Hitler facts that are not known much.

Despite the atrocities Hitler committed, he has always been a subject of fascination and intrigue. Historians and researchers have time and again dug up minor facts about Adolf Hitler that would make them understand the psyche of the dictator better.

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