Facts You Didn’t Know About the American Paint Horse

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The American Paint Horse belongs to the bloodline of Quarter Horses and Thoroughbred horses and is immensely popular because of their coat.

They are praised for the spectacular characteristics of western stock horses merged with the white and dark coat forming pinto patterns all across the body.

This specific type of horse was introduced by the Spanish in the 16th century in the Northern province of America. These paint horses had however dominated the western continent and were highly favored by riders both in and out of race course.

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The American Paint Horses were equally adorned by the native Americans because of their exceptionally patch-colored coat, which led to their rapid breeding within a century.

Soon, the American Paint Horses Association (APHA), registry formed by the American Stock Horse Associations as well as the American Paint Quarter Horse, has emerged as one of the largest breed registries in the entire North America.

Apart from this, here is a list of several other facts about American Paint Horse you did not know before.

The American Paint Horses are highly popular in the race course. Due to their extreme physical strength, they have also found a place in international competitions.

Things to know about American Paint Horse
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American Paint Horses are Unique and Distinct from Each Other

The patches and the coat color of American Paint Horses are completely distinct in every form and figure.

These prints or patches are considered as the fingerprints by virtue of which these Paint horses are distinguished.

No two Paint horses will have the same pattern or coat color, which makes these American Paint Horses thoroughly unique.

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American Paint Horses are More Prone to Genetic Diseases

American Paint Horses tend to have a weaker immune system than the other members of the equine family. The breed is more susceptible to chronic and genetic diseases which are life-threatening to the core.

Among the various deadly disease, the Paint Horses have a greater tendency of acquiring Lethal White Syndrome. Apart from that, some genetic diseases of American Paint Horses are acquired directly from their mother breed.

For example, the Wobbler’s Syndrome in American Paint Horse is acquired from the Thoroughbred bloodline. This syndrome causes the vertebral column of the horses to be weaker than normal and are thus brittle.

American Paint Horse Association is a Recent Addition to the Registry

The American Paint Horse Association or APHA was formed in the recent year 1962. Due to the exceptional growth of the breed and the increase in its population, the association was recently added to the registry.

The APHA includes all kinds of Paint Horses. From horses with patches of white and brown to black and bay color, or any kind of patches found on the body of the horses are included in the APHA. The association is also recognized as one of the fastest growing community in the entire continent.

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Pintos and Paints are Hard to Distinguish

The coat pattern of Paint Horses is quite similar to that of the Pintos. Due to this reason, they were thought to be of the same breed in the ancient history.

However, the American Paint Horses are either the direct descendants Paint Horses or bred from the Quarters and the Thoroughbreds.

Nevertheless, the coat patterns have always created the confusion between the same, making it very hard to distinguish between them.

These horses are quite easily affordable which is why a huge number of tribal families also adopt them for livestock.

American Paint Horse Facts
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Height of American Paint Horses

The average height of American Paint Horses ranges around 15 hands high. The Paint Horses are quite rigid and tough and are thus capable of performing heavy physical activities.

Still, the height may also differ depending on the bloodline they have descended from. For example, the Paint Horses from Thoroughbred bloodline are generally taller than the pure bloodlines.

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Lifespan of American Paint Horses

The regular horses are known to have an average lifespan of 25 years to 30 years. However, the lifespan of American Paint Horse is slightly higher and is measured to be approximately 31 years.

But, since they are prone to genetic diseases, the lifespan may be shorter or longer than this. The lifespan also depends on the diet and health management provided to these horses.

On an average, the weight of American Paint Horses range between 950 pounds to 1200 pounds and are thus a little heavier compared to the regular members of the equine family.

Two Distinct Coat Patterns

The American Paint Horses coat patterns are distinctly divided into two categories. These are tobiano and overo. Both these patterns are usually distinguished on the basis of white coat color of Paint Horses.

The overo pattern can be easily spotted stretching throughout the back of the horse amidst the tail and the withers, with occasional white patches scattered over the dark colored limbs.

The tobiano pattern is easily identified as sharp contrasts scattered all throughout the body with the limbs have greater white portion and the front having some white patches.

However, the other patterns are also spotted which are thought to be a modification of the general patterns only.

The American Paint Horses are more prone to life-threatening diseases and thus have to be thoroughly taken care of.

Wrapping It Up

The American Paint Horses are one of the most elegant members of the equine family. These horses are praised and adorned for a number of reasons.

Besides their brightly patched coat pattern, these paint horses are also favored for their sturdy nature and extreme bodily strength.

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