Health Benefits of Drinking Aloe Vera Juice Drink

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What is Aloe Vera Juice Good for? Check Out the Benefits of Aloe Vera Juice…

Aloe plant is one of the oldest plants used for medicinal purposes. The aloe vera extract can be used externally or can be taken orally in juice form.

There are numerous health benefits of aloe vera juice drink. The following sections will highlight some of the important benefits of drinking aloe and how it can even help prevent certain diseases.

What is Aloe Vera Juice?

Raw aloe vera juice is made from the gel like extract found in the aloe vera leaf. It is translucent and might taste a little bitter. The taste will also depend upon the preparation method of the juice.

So, what are the benefits of drinking aloe vera juice?

Here is a chart that shows the nutritional value of aloe vera:

aloe vera nutritional values

The extract from aloe vera plant can be consumed as it is, orally or it can be applied topically on the skin. The aloe vera gel has many benefits and is said to help relieve skin burns, itches, increase immunity and provide relief from constipation.

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Impressive Health Benefits of Aloe Vera

Benefits of Aloe Vera When Applied Topically

  • Aloe vera gel when applied topically is said to provide relief in even second degree burns.
  • The gel when mixed with peppermint oil helps in the treatment of itchy scalp.
  • Aloe vera gel is also used in cosmetics and can be used as an effective makeup remover.

Benefits of Aloe Vera Juice When Taken Orally

health benefits of aloe vera juice

 So, what does Aloe vera juice do? Here are some of the benefits of drinking aloe vera juice:

  1. Aloe Vera Juice for Constipation

One of the important benefits of aloe vera juice is that it helps to relieve constipation symptoms. Aloe vera has a high water content which helps to hydrate the intestines.

Aloe vera plant also contains a chemical called anthraquinones, which are known for their laxative properties.

In fact, one of the very first uses of aloe vera known to man-kind is as laxative. People of Mesopotamian civilization have described aloe vera as a laxative in their clay tablets.

Aloe vera juice also helps fight acidity.

Pregnant women and people who have sensitive stomachs should avoid taking aloe vera as it can cause diarrhea and stomach cramps.

  1. Benefits of Aloe Vera Juice for Skin

Aloe vera contains many vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that provide nutrition to the skin. It also protects the skin from UV rays. The water content in the juice helps to get rid of acne and keep the skin clear and glowing.

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  1. Benefits of Aloe Vera Juice for Hair

Aloe vera juice can be applied directly to the scalp or can be taken orally. Aloe vera helps reduce dandruff, provide shine and bounce to the hair, clears the scalp of any infection and thereby helps in healthy hair growth.

  1. Boosts Immunity

Aloe vera drink when taken regularly also helps to increase immunity. The polysaccharides present in the juice help stimulate the WBC’s in the body.

  1. Fights Gum Inflammation

Drinking aloe vera juice helps fight pain and inflammation in the body. It helps strengthen the joints. Gargling with the aloe juice helps fight gum inflammation as aloe vera juice has anti-bacterial properties.

benefits of aloe vera
  1. Nutrient Dense Aloe Vera Detoxifies

Since the aloe vera juice is rich in many vitamins and minerals, it helps the body to get rid of toxins. It cleanses the system and helps the body deal with stress.

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  1. Helps Control Sugar Level

One of the main benefits of aloe vera juice is that it helps fight diabetes.

Aloe vera contains enzymes that help to breakdown the sugars in the body. A study has shown that people who take aloe vera juice regularly have better fasting blood sugar scores than people who do not take drink aloe vera juice.

These were some of the important benefits of aloe vera juice for health. But, there can be some side effects too of drinking aloe vera juice especially if the juice has not been prepared the right way.

Aloe Vera Juice Side Effects

  • Drinking aloe vera juice in excess can cause stomach upset.
  • Studies have shown that consumption of certain parts of the aloe vera leaf can increase the risk of cancer in rats.
  • Impure aloe vera juice can cause diarrhea and electrolyte imbalance.
  • Aloe vera juice when taken with certain medicines increase the intensity of that medicine’s side effects.
  • When applied topically aloe vera can cause redness and burning sensation at the site.

If you are using aloe vera topically then first apply a little gel to a small area. Similarly, when you drink aloe vera juice, start with small quantities. See how the gel or juice reacts with your body and if all look well then you can gradually increase the quantity.

Most of the side effects occur because people take aloe vera juice that has not been prepared correctly. Problems can also occur when aloe vera drink is taken along with certain medicines. Following sections will tell How to prepare aloe vera juice? and when to drink it?

How to Make Aloe Vera Juice?

Aloe vera can be purchased from the market or can be made at home. When you purchase aloe vera juice remember to read its label carefully. The juice should be organic, pure and decolorized.

Aloe Vera Uses and Benefits

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Aloe vera juice concentrate is also available in the market. People use it when they want to use very little aloe vera daily.

Here is aloe vera juice recipe for those wanting to make it at home.

There are two ways to make aloe vera juice. One way is to grind the aloe vera leaves and strain the aloe vera pulp. Another way is to mix the aloe vera gel with some other fruit juice.

The taste of pure aloe vera juice is bitter. You can add honey to sweeten the taste.

Do not consume aloe vera juice during pregnancy and breastfeeding. If you are taking any medicines then consult your doctor before taking aloe vera juice along with them.

When to Drink Aloe Vera Juice?

Aloe vera juice can be taken anytime of the day. Though, for best results it is recommended to take it in the morning on empty stomach. You can mix it with water or any other juice. You can have about 8oz aloe vera juice every day.

Wrap Up – Aloe Vera Benefits and Uses

So, what is aloe vera juice good for? It is good for the skin, hair and overall body immunity.

But, is aloe vera juice good for you? Well, it depends. If you have a sensitive stomach, then it is not a good idea to take aloe vera juice, or if you are pregnant or on some medication.

Otherwise, aloe vera is definitely good for the health when taken in the right amount and at the right time.

While buying just remember to buy organic aloe vera juice that is pure. You can even buy aloe vera supplements that are in tablet or powder form.

In case of any doubts, always consult your doctor before you make aloe vera juice a part of your diet.

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