7 Home Based Small Business Ideas for Book Lovers

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If you are a book lover, you can turn this hobby into a successful business. Here are some small business ideas for book lovers.

With a little imagination and very little capital, you could turn your passion into a thriving business and do what you love, at the same time.

Best Business Ideas for Book Lovers

  1. Writing Your Own Book

It could sound daunting initially, but it’s easy these days, as there are many platforms where you can publish your book by yourself. It could be an ebook or a printed version.

  • Decide on an engaging topic that you’re passionate about or something that showcases your expertise. For instance, you can write a ‘how to’ book, such as how to get good grades in school.
  • Your book could be a small one of just 100 pages or a longer one.
  • Get an ISBN, if you plan on updating your book editions by yourself. This is not necessary if you’re opting for a third party publisher.
  • Plan your budget. eBooks are cheaper but it could cost around $20 for a printed book. Remember to include editing, graphic designing costs etc.

Opt for platforms or printing sites where you can print based on the demand, instead of bulk printing, to avoid wastage while trying such business ideas for book lovers.

  • Promote your book on social media, like Twitter, Facebook. Get an email list of potential readers. Create a website and promote your book, while considering such online business ideas.
  • Select a good self-publishing and distribution platform, like Amazon’s KDP, for your books.

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Business Ideas for Book Lovers

  1. Editing / Proof Reading – Best Business to Start

Proof reading is a kind of quality check up, where you spot errors, text inaccuracy, images, graphs and so on before the book gets published. You need good language and judgment skills while checking out other authors’ works, making necessary changes to optimize the work.

You don’t need any particular education for editing and proof reading, but you need a keen eye for spotting errors, a missing comma, a typo, checking the proper flow and clarity of the writing piece and so on.

  • Decide on the type of editing you’d like to do in such business ideas for book lovers.
  • You can charge on an hourly rate or just calculate the rate based on the pages of the book.

For instance, if a book has 200 pages and you can edit 10 pages in an hour, multiply your hourly rate by 20 for proof reading the manuscript.

  • Get the necessary permits/licenses, create your website, give yourself a business name and offer testimonials.
  • Another option is to opt for online freelance proofreading and editing

Tip: Join editorial groups and connect with others on social media.

  1. Book Blog / Book Review Blog

For those interested in starting a business with no money, begin with a free book blog using WordPress in these types of business ideas for book lovers.  You can introduce yourself as a book reviewer and start making some posts initially, discussing books and then move on to book reviews.

With the right marketing strategies, you will start getting requests for reviewing books and featuring other authors’ content on your blog, post an interview and so on. You can also post your reviews on Amazon and other blogs.

Select a book genre that you’re comfortable with. Consider printed books as well as Kindle or even PDFs. Join social media to meet other book bloggers and promote your website content.

Tip: Start reading other book blogs to find out the rules of the book (pun intended 😊) and make sure to make meaningful, valuable comments to connect with readers, so that they turn towards reading your blog.

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  1. Story Blogging

A story can be a powerful motivator. For example, rags to riches story could inspire your readers. Start story telling through your blog to sell your brand or a product/service.

On the other hand, tell a genuine story without any purpose of brand promotion, when searching for business ideas for book lovers.

Writing a story in your fictional blog is a great way to practice your writing skills. Your friends can be your audience to begin with and can comment on it. You could write short stories or a long piece of fiction, with regular entries every week. It is the best business to start with little money.

Once you’ve written out some stories, you can start marketing your blog. Check out online communities connected with your story subject. For instance, if you’re writing fiction about Star Wars Universe, you can join Star Wars social media fan sites and let them know about your fantasy literature on your blog.

business opportunity for bookworms
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  1. Publisher

You will have to complete the initial formalities of publishing, such as getting a license, selecting a name for your publishing business and registering it.

  • You will need computer equipment, word processing software, graphics software and other computer programs for logo designing, invoicing etc.
  • Also, get some ISBN numbers for the books that you will be publishing.
  • You can receive text and other files online but will need a high-speed connection.
  • Before publishing, you need a good network of proofreader and graphic designers, editors and so on to offer full services as a publisher.
  • Connect with printers to publish books, when starting such business ideas for book lovers.
  • Market your services. Post your services on freelance writer websites and in bookstores and reading clubs.

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  1. Bookshop / Sell Rent Online

Start your own online bookstore for selling/renting books. You don’t need to spend on a storefront. You could also add other products, such as music CDs, videos and sell it to people all over the world.

  • Start with just a few books, say 100, while contemplating business ideas for book lovers. They make excellent gifts for bookworms.

Tip: Begin with the books you already have at home.

  • Showcase your books, CDs etc. on Amazon marketplace.
  • Log in to Amazon. Create an account for selling books and you’re on.
  • Check out prices of used books while reselling.

Attend library sales, go to thrift stores, search online to find used books to sell. Post ads in newspaper for buying used books and negotiate prices.

  • Post your book finds on Facebook. Describe your books and their condition, accurately

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  1. Translation Service

If you’re proficient in more than one language, you can translate books or documents through a translation service. Even if you’re not proficient in many languages, you could hire professional translators for this business.

Tip: Visit the American Translation Association website to find translators.

  • Register yourself with the DUNS number.
  • Create a website where clients can upload their files.
  • Check out the competition and fix your prices.
  • Spread the word. Hand out business cards to local firms and offices. Register with state agencies.
  • Review the documents that are uploaded on your site and offer quotes, then begin translation after approval from the client.
  • Send the content within the time stipulated and collect payment.

Last Word – Business Opportunities for Book Lovers

If you are a bookworm, you’d surely have loved these ideas and cool tips for starting a book related business from your home. All these ideas are not just fantasy, but practical ones that you could start on TODAY!! Be unique, follow your passions and enter into a business that you love.

You don’t have to work for anyone else. Be your own boss. These are great business opportunities for book lovers. Create stories, sell books online, translate or publish books.

Think outside the box and try any of these options and, at the same time, chase your passion!

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