Top 12 Profitable Kids/Children Focused Small Business Ideas

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Hot and profitable kid friendly business ideas

Are you a budding entrepreneur thriving bright with child focused business ideas? Are your business strategies ideal for the younger generation? Then what are you waiting for! Tame the child hiding inside and channelize your wishes to make them come true.

The US industry focusing on children is counted among the most flourishing businesses of all times. The US alone is home to 73 million children who are waiting to hit adulthood. As per the natality rate or birth rate, the number is expected to hit 80 million by 2020.

Hence, such high numbers are undoubtedly ideal for small business ideas aimed at children or kids.

While starting a business, think of yourself as a customer or a client. Understand what you would be expecting from the person in front and mould your business accordingly, to have consistent growth in the market.

profitable kid friendly business ideas

12 Moneymaking Children Intensive Small Business Ideas

  1. Kids Bookstore

Talking about kid-oriented businesses and not mentioning books will be a crime. The idea of starting a bookstore with children books is the best idea, to begin with and is agreeably listed among the top 12 profitable small business ideas aimed at children/kids.

Parents are always on the lookout for books either to read a bedtime story for toddlers or make their children indulge in the habit of reading. Either stock up quality storybooks or start selling academic books to turn into a versatile bookstore for children.

Link up with schools and start selling the books related to the academics to earn additional profit. Not just hard copies expand your business to CDs, DVDs, etc. to keep up with the pace of digital learning.

No matter what, bookstore is one of the best kid businesses that make money.

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  1. Toy Store

Any kind of business with toys is known to flourish high which is why it is one among the top 12 profitable small business ideas aimed at children/kids.

No matter what the age, there is something for the children belonging to all age. Whether bought for their own children or for gifting someone, toys can never go out of fashion.

You can also expand your business by storing popular video games that focus on teens. Load the trunks with action series and action toys from popular comics to earn significant popularity.

Keep updating your toy store and make sure you invest in marketing your store the best way.

  1. Baby Food Selling

If you are looking for some low investment kid focused business ideas, open your own retail outlet of baby food and step into one of the most promising businesses of the world.

Start selling from food supplements to milk products which can serve not just infants but the young children as well. The demand for healthy baby food is unbelievable which makes it a great business idea in itself.

Owing to the ever increasing birth rate and the need for nutritional supplements, baby food business has emerged as one of the largest businesses which witness a guaranteed exponential growth.

  1. Baby Care Products

A startup with baby care products is one of the most promising low investment kid focused business ideas. Baby care products are the primary need of children right from birth; hence, the business is guaranteed to flourish with a positive success record.

Open your own store and begin with a retailing business to witness a lucrative annual turnover.

Many stay at home mom entrepreneurs look forward to this business as they can begin by selling baby products from home. Besides, one can also take the help of online platforms and start selling on popular websites to expand your business on a global network.

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  1. Interior Decoration for Baby Rooms

The search for kid friendly business ideas ends right here if you are a creative soul within and much better if you are an interior designer with professional experience.

More and more families are looking forward to decorating their kid’s rooms which is why this is one of the best children focused business ideas with low startup costs.

As kids can be quite moody, room designing for children requires far more innovation than that of an adult. You need to understand their interests and design the colors and furniture accordingly.

Churn out your creative skills and bring out the best in you because decorating a child’s room is both exciting and pleasing in itself!

  1. Day Care

Due to an increase in the number of earning couples, daycare centers are need of the hour in most of the metropolitan cities.

In nuclear families, the biggest question is who will be there for taking care of the baby. This is where the daycare,s come into the picture. This is also one of the most pleasing baby business ideas for stay at home moms as they can manage the center right from their own comfortable space.

You can either schedule a definite hour span or keep the care open according to the office hours. If you are thinking of hiring people for the job, make sure you get a detailed report of their previous work.

Always remember to work hard. Thoroughly research the market and keep focusing on the rewards.

  1. Pre-School

Due to the exceptional importance of education pre-school is undoubtedly among the top 12 profitable small business ideas aimed at children/kids.

Once the children start uttering their first words, parents begin frantic search for pre-schools to get their children enrolled.

Preschools hold due importance in a children’s life as it teaches them the basic habits, and molds them into the habit of going to school.

The learning environment also strengthens their intellect. Since more parents are willing to enroll their children into pre-schools, it is one of the most promising business aimed at kids.

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  1. Retail Pharmacy Store

We know how frequently a baby falls sick. May it be the seasonal changes or a changed food habit, the little lives do not get spared from anything.

Ethically though we should not be talking about profits from sick babies, the truth is retail pharmacy stores can generate huge annual returns.

For this profitable kid-oriented business, you need to have a favorable location, license and certifications and establish contacts with a few doctors and advisors.

  1. Baby Clothing

Thinking about businesses and products aimed at kids and missing out on baby clothing is just not done. Start a retail business of baby clothing as it is one of the most flourishing businesses.

For this, you need to indulge in some research and know about the market, rivals and decide on a location. You would definitely want to invest in this kid centric business as it is downright profitable for the long run.

  1. Baby Furniture

From cradles to study tables, there is a lot to sell in baby furniture. Either start a retail business or open a shop of your own, baby furniture will definitely bring good fortune.

However, with the modern concept of a smaller family, people are reluctant to invest in baby furniture for just one kid.

Worry not, as you can also start furniture renting business for such families. Hence, start spreading the word because this is one of the best kid businesses that make money.

  1. Baby Photography

Owing to the huge craze of photo-shoots, baby photography has gained immense popularity in recent days.

Everyone wants a picture to flaunt on Instagram which is why the baby photography business is undoubtedly one of the top 12 profitable small business ideas aimed at children/kids.

So, if you are a photographer by profession, surely give this a shot and see how the fortune kicks in.

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  1. Gift Shop

A gift shop is also a flattering business to start with. To start a baby business in gifts, you have to determine the location of the shop primarily. To increase the annual turnover, the location should favor traffic so that the shop easily comes into notice.

Prefer to research about the interests of the people and decide on the types of gifts that would work better. Hence, a little investment in the gifts and the shop can eventually turn into a huge business if managed properly. Spread your business to online platforms and start selling globally.

While dealing with clients, remember to keep their interests first. Learn what they need or what exactly they are looking for. If you do not have it with you, suggest something that surpasses their choice. However, do not be forceful and imposing on the clients and customers in a way that turns them off.

Wrapping It Up

There are ample ideas related to kid businesses that make money. All you need to do is keep the focus intact and find out ways to excel throughout the journey. Always keep up even if the situations seem to not get better and let fortune turn its wheel in your favor.

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