8 Important Details Interviewers Always Take Notice Of

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Details That Interviewers Always Notice – Smart Interview Preparation Tips…

You’ve got that elusive interview call. Congratulations, but the war is not won yet. While looking for job interview tips, we all know the importance of preparation before an interview, especially preparing important details that interviewers always take notice of.

After ticking off all the to do things before an interview, you might still have left off something important that the interviewer might notice.

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The fact remains that interviewers take notice of a lot of little things about you, right from the top of your hair to the shoes you are wearing on your feet and even your interview thank you email. Even a small misstep here or there could take you out of the race. So check out these:

Top Job Interview Tips and Top Things That Interviewers are Sure to Notice About You

  1. Job Interview Tips: Your Appearance

Do not judge a book by its cover! Unfortunately, most interviewers place great importance on your outward appearance and connect it with your job skills.

Job Interview Tips
Source: artofmanliness.com
  • What to wear to an interview? Dress for the job. It shows seriousness about your job, respect for your employers and reiterates your interest for the position.

Check out the dress code of the company before hand and step it up a notch. For instance, if Jeans and T shirts are the norm, wear slacks. You wouldn’t want to show up in gym wear for a professional job requiring tailored suits.

  • This is one of the job interview tips that shows you tried to understand the company culture before appearing for the job interview. The interviewer concludes that you would fit in well with the workplace
  1. Company Knowledge: An Important Part of Interview Preparation

  • How to move to the next round of an interview? As part of important job interview tips, research the company thoroughly. It cannot be stressed enough.
  • Even if your resume is very impressive, if you do not have much knowledge about the company, you’ve lost the battle before it even started.
  • Interviewers very often ask the question: What do you know about us? Or Why would you like to join us? ‘Because I need the job’ would be a pathetic response!!
  • Prior knowledge shows the interviewer that you are enthusiastic about their company.
  • It helps you to show the interviewer how your skills can match their requirements.
  • It helps you ask intelligent questions to the interviewer, questions related to the company.

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  1. Job Interview Tips: Copies of CV

Think of a nightmarish situation! You arrive for your interview and are asked for copies of your resume. Why is that important, you’re probably asking.

  • Your interviewer is sure to notice your utter lack of preparation and poor skills at handling situations.
  • Even if you have submitted your resume during the job application process, your interviewer might not have it handy.
  • You might be meeting with several interviewers during the process and would need to hand over several resumes, so this is an important aspect of job interview tips.

Enough said to drive the point home!

  1. References/Portfolio or Samples of Work

What to bring to an interview? Well here are some things that you should bring to an interview. This is an important aspect of job interview tips and your interviewer would surely notice if you didn’t.

  • Bring references from three people who you think could vouch for your capabilities in the particular position.

Tip: Ensure that your referees are not related to you, for obvious reasons.

  • Inform them about it, in case your interviewer contacts them.
  • Remember to take previous samples of your work, related to the type of work for which you are being interviewed. For instance, your interviewer could ask you about your experience in designing. He’d surely put you down by a few points if you could not pull them out immediately.
  • Take a portfolio of sample work related to the job. Obviously, you wouldn’t show him samples of your 2nd grade paintings 😃
  1. Taking Notes the Professional Way

  • Improve your interview skills. Jot down notes to give that professional impression.

Tip: It will also be useful for writing the thank you note after the interview or the interview follow up email.

  • Pen and paper are also useful for working out problems and brainteasers, such as an engineering position.
  1. Putting your Interviewer on the Hot Seat

Interview questions are a two way street. Be prepared to answer questions intelligently.

Interview questions
Source: atriumstaff.com

On the other hand, an important part of interview tips is that you could also put the interviewer on the hot spot, so to speak. If you don’t ask any questions at the end of the interview, your interviewer would surely notice and consider that you’re not interested or are incapable of the job at hand.

  • When considering job interview tips, ask smart questions but don’t attempt to stump the interviewer. No interviewer would like that.
  • Typical questions would be: What would be my regular responsibilities in this job? What is the work culture of this organization? What are the future growth opportunities in my job? What are the challenges facing the department?

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  1. Positivity

Interviewers are certainly looking for candidates with upbeat personalities and positive tones when answering their questions. They’d notice negativity like an elephant in the room!

  • Even if there is an uncomfortable or awkward moment during the interview, pass through it confidently and positively.
  • Your interviewer will be impressed with your cool attitude.
  • Show positivity in your body language.
Positive body language at interview
Source: cordantrecruitment.com

Tip: Make direct eye contact; lean forward slightly with arms open.

  1. Interview Etiquette for Job Interview Tips

Strike the right balance in the interview.

  • Don’t talk too much. Answer the question, but don’t go into unnecessary details. Interviewers notice it when you wander away from the main subject. It shows lack of focus in the candidate.
  • Don’t ask impertinent questions. For instance, Where is my office going to be? How long will this interview take? How many candidates are you interviewing for this job?
  • Don’t complain about your present job or employer. Your interviewer would notice this characteristic and assume that you’d be doing the same to the present company as well, if hired.
  • The most important cornerstone of manners is to know how to write a post interview thank you note.

Wrap Up – Job Interview Tips

Your interviewers have already gone through your resume and are aware of your skills for the job. What they are now looking for is the smaller and more important details of your personality.

These are the tips collected after observing the typical behavior patterns of most interviewers and what interviewers notice about candidates. Most hiring managers have emphasised these requirements and traits in their candidates.

You must show up with these essentials if you want to make a good first impression. And do remember the thank you email after interview. Here’s to the next round!!

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