What is the Difference Between Management and Administration? Management vs Administration

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What is meant by management and administration? Let’s find out what are the major difference between management and administration.

Where some people often fail to distinguish between administration and management, others tend to define it in a number of ways. However, there are several key differences between management and administration which are hard to ignore.

Where the former is noted to be the act of organising, initiating and planning things together, the latter is dictated as the act of laying the objectives down so as to the given project can be brought to completion.

Besides, there are several noteworthy differences between management and administration. However, to understand them in detail, one has to learn what is administration and management?

Difference Between Management and Administration

For an effective comparison between management and administration, one has to understand the proper meaning of administration and management.

Management deals with organising a project, business, group, etc., and managing the work that is being done. It usually deals on a lower or intermediate level in organizations​.

On the contrary, administration deals with top level administering of the management. Thus, it monitors the way of organising the organizations​ or business and puts forward the objectives as well as dictates the management about the work which needs to be done.

Though there are several significant differences between management and administration, both act in a coordinated manner and are dependent on each other for the effective functioning of organizations.

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Deciding Factor

Both the management and administration have different roles in deciding the purpose and work of the organizations​. The decisions taken by them becomes the basis of main differences between management versus administration.

Where the former is designated an executive role in any business, the latter solely decides when to turn the head. The work which needs to be done as well as when it should be executed, is laid down by none other than the administration.

Whereas, the amount of labour which needs to be put in, as well as, the way of execution is decided by the management itself. Hence, in simple words, the management takes the orders of the administration on how to run organisations.

Representative Body

The major differences between management and administration can be understood by the body or personal who manages or administers a business.

Management is monitored by the employees who are recognized by their act of service in return of a fixed remuneration. However, the owners form the administrative body who decides the goals and purpose of the company and are profited from their investment in the company.

Thus, the owners comprising the administration plans and frames the policies whereas the employees or management puts them into actions.

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Where Can They Be Found?

To understand the working of the management and the administration, one has to know where it can be spotted. A clear picture of the management can be spotted in the private organizations or profitable organizations.

On the contrary, the administration can be easily located at government associations or offices, enterprises, firms, hospitals, sectors dealing with education, army clubs and many more.

These are the major divisions under which management works like a sub-divided body dealing with the implementation of the formulated rules and policies. The effective comparison between management and administration can also be understood by a simple example of a bank.

The major decisions or the functioning or the bank is dealt by the administration which may or may not be the Government. However, how the orders from the administration should be implemented and which employee should be dealing with what, is decided by the Manager of the said bank.

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Conclusion – Management vs Administration

Though there is a constant debate between management versus administration, it is not difficult to understand when the different aspects are clearly dealt with.

The management solely revolves around the technical skills, manual labour and human skills.

However, the administration, irrespective of the organization, lays down the conceptual decisions which includes formulation of policies.

Thus, a company or an organization will not get established without an administrative body or owners who can invest capital, and the company will not be able to function or execute the policies without a managing body.

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