Difference Between Studio and One Bedroom Apartment: Studio vs One Bedroom Apartment

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Studio vs One Bedroom Apartment

While searching for accommodation we often come across different types of residential options, among which studios and apartments are the most common. A well-furnished apartment teamed with all the necessities and a little more decorative in the making can turn out to be a peaceful abode away from home.

However, the only question that comes to our mind is: is there a difference between Studio and One Bedroom Apartment? Or are they both the same? Even though we tend to get confused between the two, they are particularly not alike!

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Although there are several differences between Studio vs One Bedroom Apartment, yet they are ideal for single residents. Even for couples without children, both studios and one room apartments can turn out to be an affordable as well as comfortable staying option.

Both of them have their own kind of comfort and thus, it is quintessential for beginners to learn the critical difference between the two and opt wisely for what they need.

What is a Studio?

The main difference between Studio and One Bedroom Apartment lies in the definition. A studio is one large space designated for various purposes. Studios do not have separate kitchen or living areas except the bathroom.

The kitchen area in a studio is established on one corner, the bed on another, and the living space is established on one of the two remaining corners. Thus, the four corners of a studio are employed for different purposes to suit the needs of the people residing in them.

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What is a One Bedroom Apartment?

A simple one bedroom apartment consists of a single bedroom, a separate kitchen, and a bathroom. Unlike a studio, an apartment has everything separated by walls and segregated individually.

Besides this, an apartment might also consist of a living room, an extended yard, a balcony as well. It is an organised living space with designated spaces for every purpose.

Difference Between Studio and One Bedroom Apartment?

  1. Price or Rent

As explained earlier, a studio is an all-in-one room which contains all the necessities packed in a single space. Contrary to which, a one-bedroom apartment mimics a small house with a single bedroom and separate spaces.

Thus, the latter is comparatively costlier than the former, both in terms of buying as well as for renting.

  1. Space

One of the most important Studio and One Bedroom Apartment difference is the amount of space an individual gets in both.

A studio is mostly compact as everything is organised in a single space. On the other hand, a one-bedroom apartment is spacious and more organised. With separate rooms allotted for different purposes, the apartment looks more pristine and spacious.

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  1. Furnishing

Many people wonder, “among Studio and One Bedroom Apartment which is better?”. The answer depends on the needs and requirement of the occupant. A studio is more compact than an apartment. So, one needs to accommodate everything in one single space, it does not have ample furnishing.

Instead of cupboards, studios are furnished with clothing racks mostly. However, an apartment has all the necessary furnishings organized and settled in separate cubicles, which is why, it is usually packed with all kinds of furniture.

  1. Amenities

A studio and a one-bedroom apartment can also be distinguished on the basis of availability of basic amenities. The former rarely has room for accommodating enough necessities. Most of the studios are furnished with a mini fridge and a small room heater.

On the contrary, a one-bedroom apartment has all the basic amenities and enough room for a fridge, laundry, coolers or heaters and other necessary requirements.

  1. Windows

A one-bedroom apartment and a studio vary in the number of windows carved across the walls. A studio usually has one window which lights the entire space, which is why the residents have to mainly depend on tube lights and bulbs.

Nevertheless, a one-bedroom apartment has more than one window separately carved in each room, which keeps the entire space well-lit throughout the day.

Therefore, a one-bedroom apartment gives a refreshing feeling with proper ventilation which may or may not be available in a studio apartment.

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Wrap Up – Studio and One Bedroom Apartment Difference

Though there are several differences between a studio and a one-bedroom apartment, both of them are comfortable enough for people. Especially for bachelors shifting to a new place, studios turn out to be an ideal alternative, as it is both cheap and easy to maintain.

For families or couples, a one-bedroom apartment is the best choice! So, it is difficult to say which one is better among studio and one bedroom apartment, as both are ideal for people in dire need of a shelter.

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