12 Habits of Exceptionally Likeable People: Being Charismatic

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What makes a person likeable? How can I be a more likeable person? Learn more below on the signs and habits of likeable people.

When you wonder about why some people are so charismatic, it is important to know about the habits of really likeable people.

Such charismatic people have likable traits in their character and behavior, so let’s try to learn more about being likeable and developing or learning about these traits.

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There are any number of people in history who had this charisma and people looked up to them. They are captivating and fascinating, charming and magnetic. But is charisma something they were born with or did they cultivate it?

Luckily, almost any of us can choose to be charismatic. No one is born that way. There are many ways to become charismatic so let’s check out:

Top 12 Habits of Exceptionally Likeable People

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  1. Self Confidence for More Likeability

  • Be confident in your communication.
  • Likeable people come across as confident persons, without trying to be boastful or self centered.
  • They are bubbly and cheerful at events and gatherings and infuse enthusiasm in others.

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  1. Story Teller

What makes someone likeable? We often find that a likeable person is a very good narrator or storyteller.

  • They have an engaging and interesting manner while narrating an incident or a story.
  • They convey the message clearly and crisply, at the same time injecting some fun and humor in it to keep the audience engaged and attentive.
  • They use a relaxed but confident body language and make a lot of eye contact while speaking in this way. They communicate passionately and enthusiastically.
  • They are good at initiating an intelligent conversation.
  • Their stories are interesting, as they are up to date with all current affairs and have a good general knowledge. Their expert knowledge inspires confidence in them and they can influence and motivate others, gain their trust and respect.
  • People with a likeable personality use their narrative skills to make small talk during awkward moments.
  1. Being Imperfect

Sometimes, it is perfectly OK not to be perfect!

  • You might be more liked and considered exceptional if you are not totally perfect in all ways.
  • Did you ever trip up on the carpet on your way to an important meeting? Good for you. You’re probably better liked due to this. Revealing such simple mistakes can actually make others relate better to you.

Note: A research conducted, showed that simple mistakes can increase perceived attraction!

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  1. What Makes Someone Likeable: Humility

  • When charismatic people are being rewarded or praised for an accomplishment, they move the focus on to others who helped them get there, people who helped and supported them in their journey.
  • Appreciate the efforts of others around you and you will come across as a humble and better human being, both of which will make you more likeable. This is also one of the signs you are likeable.
Being Likeable
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  1. Positive/Negative Empathy

People are able to feel your emotions much more than you think!

  • Charismatic and likeable people possess positive empathy. They are thrilled with someone else’s happiness. For instance, they get thrilled if you announce that you have got your dream promotion or got a job in a dream company.
  • They also have characteristics of negative empathy. For instance, they help a family member or friend if he is diagnosed with a serious disease. They support family or friends who get fired from a job, comfort them during a breakup or a divorce and so on.
  • In short, they are able to put themselves in the other person’s shoes and feel their happiness or their sorrow.
  1. Praising Others and Giving Credit

Likeable people endear themselves to others from the word go!

  • One of the qualities of a likeable person is that they are good at winning people over by lavishing them with positive comments and refraining from negative comments.

For instance, if you call someone a cheat or liar, people listening to you will remember you or perceive you as not being honest or fair. On the other hand, if you praise someone as intelligent or humorous, people also perceive you as an intelligent or funny person!

  • Likeable people shower praise on others when it is due.

Be genuine in your appreciation or people will soon see through your game if you’re merely trying to flatter them falsely.

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  1. Open Minded/Non-Judgmental

  • This is one of the habits of the most likeable, which makes the person more approachable and interesting.
  • An open-minded person is not judgmental and does not form opinions about others without listening to them.

No one wants to talk to you if you have already formed an opinion and are not willing to listen to them.

  • Such people are able to be objective and see the world through others eyes. A judgmental attitude only results in alienating others. Charismatic people don’t jump to conclusion. One of the qualities of a likeable person is that they their facts right and listen carefully to others.
  1. Altruistic

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Think of Ellen DeGeneres who has everything she could want but has dedicated herself to charity using her TV show as a platform. That’s altruism that plays a major role in charisma and is one of the signs you are likeable.

  • Exceptionally well liked people are selfless and show concern for others.
  • They may not have any personal connection with the person, but still genuinely care about them. It is one of the likeable traits of charismatic people.
  • One of the signs you are popular is that you put others first. For instance, if you are ready to give up your movie seat for a group that just needs one additional seat, you are altruistic.
  • They proactively help others and feel good about it. This means that they are looking out for opportunities to help others in the community instead of waiting to be asked.
  1. Listening (Top Habits of Likeable People)

Instead of focusing on what the other person is going to say next or how those words will affect them, remarkably likeable people listen to what is being said.

  • One of the top habits of people who are likeable is that they listen to others and ask a lot of questions or clarifications. People love to see that you care about what they are telling you. This can earn you a lot of respect as well as appreciation.

Put away your phone. Stop glancing at your phone and texting. Focus on the conversation instead.

  • Instead of always seeking attention and talking about yourself, try to be friendly and show the other person that they and their words are important.
  • Practice active listening!

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  1. Cheerful and Joyful

what makes someone likeable
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President Franklin Roosevelt’s biggest asset was his smile, as it enabled people to trust him! Be cheerful and joyful at every opportunity while becoming the person you want to be, a charismatic one. Enjoy life to the fullest and you will soon find that people start liking you.

  • People will want to join and become a part of your tribe in order to soak up a part of your energy and enthusiasm, making you extremely likeable in the process.
  • Such positive people try to make a difference to the lives of others.

Note: For instance, they visit a nursing home or volunteer at a homeless shelter or just pick up a new skill.

  • They are an inspiration for others and help others meet their goals.
  • They cheer others in their success and make them feel empowered when in their company.

Be aware of how you present yourself to others and develop a friendly demeanor. Remember to smile, make eye contact and allow your personality to shine through in verbal as well as non verbal ways.

  1. Positive Body Language

A lot of people’s perception of you depends on your body language.

  • Charismatic people are able to impress others with their posture, their facial expression and gestures.
  • They sit up straight, conveying a sign of success and confidence. They lean in slightly when you talk, so that you feel that you are being listened to.
  • They smile, nod and laugh when a joke is made in a relaxed demeanour. They make eye contact, especially when sending an important message.
  • They offer a firm handshake, again showing authority and confidence.
  1. Being in the Present

Try to mingle with people in real time instead of focusing on gadgets all the time! Charismatic people remain grounded in the events happening around them.

  • Put away that smartphone and other digital devices while a real life conversation is going on around you.
  • Socialize and mix with people in real life instead of just scrolling through social media pages.
  • Likeable people aim at building real relationships instead of online ones. Go old school, spend time in small talk.

Give importance to technology as well, as it has its value in your life, but it has a time and a place!

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Last Word on Qualities of a Likeable Person

All of us want to be liked. We want to be charming and attractive to others, in short charismatic. All of of us worry sometimes that we are not much liked or popular among our friends.

Maybe you just walked into a room full of co workers or friends whispering about something and assumed that they were talking ill of you or you got left out of an email chain for a get together.

Charismatic people are not just born with charm. They have honed the skills of likability just like learning any other skill. It’s most likely that you are already well liked by the people surrounding you.

But if you’re still worried about your charisma or popularity, follow these well researched signs of likeable people to become like them. Add all these traits to your behavior and see your likeability soar!

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