Top 10 Habits of Unlikeable People: Signs You Are Not Likable

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Are You an Unlikable Person? Check Out Traits That Makes People Dislikable?

Unlikeable people are often not the most successful people. A disliked person has characteristics like rudeness, arrogance, and insincerity that makes him not likable.

Being a likable or popular person has less to do with your physical appearance, and more with your personality. If you feel you are not likable, it’s due to your behavior towards people.

Signs You Are Not Likable

Whether you are networking or dating, it is important to leave a good impression on people. It affects your success, social life, and overall wellbeing. If you are wondering what makes you unlikeable, here are a few signs:

Signs You Are Not Likable

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  1. You Can’t Identify Social Cues

When you are unable to identify social cues, it results in confusion. Unlikeable people are often confused at social gatherings.

Understanding both verbal and non-verbal cues is important in a social situation. If you are able to respond well to not only verbal but also non-verbal communication, you become a likable person.

Another factor that is essential for likeability is to be a good listener. If you cannot listen patiently to what the other person is saying, it makes you unlikable.

  1. You Exhibit Arrogance

One of the most common signs of unlikable people is arrogant behavior. People who are arrogant lack compassion for others. They belittle the achievement of others and overreact to criticism.

Many people don’t realize that they are displaying arrogant behavior. If you think you are an unlikeable person, you should check if you exhibit arrogance.

People display arrogant behavior when they start feeling insecure. Instead of constantly competing with your fellow friends and colleagues, cooperate with them. It will make you likable.

  1. Your Family and Friends Tell You Constantly to Cheer Up

If your family and friends tell you constantly to cheer up, it implies that you are a pessimistic person. People love optimists and like to stay away from pessimists who are always anticipating the worst.

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  1. Your Colleagues Tell You That You are Condescending

No one likes condescending behavior. You need to treat everyone equally. If you make others feel that you are superior, you won’t be liked at all.

  1. People Always Gossip with You

If people always gossip with you, it means you enjoy gossiping. It is one of the top signs you are not likable.

People around you think that you are mean. Therefore, whenever they feel the need to gossip, they choose you.

You enjoy focusing on the flaws of people because it makes you feel better. Insecure people who have low self-esteem feel the need to emphasize the flaws of other people.

  1. People Tell You That You are Unreliable and Late

If people always tell you that you are unreliable and late, it means you are a less likable character. Everyone gets late once in a while, but when it becomes a habit, people stop trusting you.

It is important to be punctual and sincere. If you have promised something to a person, you need to keep your promise. It shows your sincerity and decency.

  1. You are Offensive and Rude

Nobody likes to spend time with an offensive and rude person. Mutual appreciation and respect are important for every relationship, whether it is professional or personal. If you act rudely all the time, people will push you away.

These are the signs you are not likable. If you exhibit any of these character traits, you should work on yourself. Try to replace the negative personality traits with positive ones such as optimism, politeness, and sincerity.

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Top 10 Habits of Unlikeable People

Now that you know the signs which make you unlikable, take a look at the top 10 habits of unlikeable people. Being a forgettable person is easy if you have these habits. If you want to be unforgettable, you need to change these habits that make you unlikeable.

habits of unlikeable people
  1. Self-Indulgence

One of the top 10 habits of unlikeable people is self-indulgence. If you constantly talk about yourself, people will find you annoying.

There are some people who either brag about their achievements or whine about their problems. If the conversation revolves only around you, people will start avoiding you. You must let the other person speak too.

  1. Bragging

Bragging is another habit of unlikeable people. When you achieve something, it’s good to share it on social media. However, when you constantly brag your achievements, it makes you look like a narcissistic person.

Fishing for compliments makes you not likable at all. Try to be modest and genuine. You will win more friends and well-wishers.

  1. Checking Your Phone Constantly

One of the worst habits of unlikeable people is checking their phone when they are spending time with someone. It is one of the most dislikeable things.

It is okay to look into your smartphone when you are alone. But when you are having dinner with someone or attending a meeting, checking your phone constantly is rude.

It implies that you are not paying attention to the people around you. Due to this habit, people will start avoiding you.

  1. Being Late

It is important to respect everyone’s time. Unpunctuality is among one of the top 10 habits of unlikeable people.

Being always late for a meeting will make you deeply unlikeable. If you agree to meet at 9 am and show up at 10 am, it implies that you are inconsiderate.

When you are on time, you make a great impression on people. Whether you are meeting an old friend or going for a meeting, try to be on time.

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  1. Name-Dropping

Name-dropping is one of the most annoying habits of unlikeable people. It is great if you know a few influential and famous people. However, if you name-drop in every conversation, it will make you annoying and unlikable.

Name-dropping is an attribute of insecure people who are constantly looking for attention. If you want to be likable, you need to be considerate and friendly. You don’t need to mention all the interesting people that you know.

  1. Sharing Every Detail of Your Life on Social Media

According to studies, people who crave attention share every detail of their life on social media. No one is telling you to be a reserved person who does not share anything on social media. But if you share what you are having for breakfast and dinner every single day, people will get tired of your posts.

When you share too much on social media, people start disliking you. You seem to be an attention-seeker.

You need to share things that are relevant and important on social media. Over-sharing will make you an unlikeable person.

Traits That Makes People Dislikable
  1. Rigid and Narrow-Mindedness

When you are having a conversation with a person, you need to be flexible. Everyone might not agree with you, but that does not mean you will start debating on a topic.

An open-minded person is approachable and hence likable. People can talk to you about anything under the sun because they know you will not get offended.

On the other hand, if you are rigid and narrow-minded, people will avoid talking to you. They will fear getting judged.

If you have pre-conceived notions before a discussion, you will be unable to see things from the perspective of someone else. It will result in debates and arguments. No one likes a person who is rigid and judgmental.

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  1. Dishonesty and Emotional Manipulation

Dishonesty is one of the common habits of unlikeable people. Everyone tells lies at some time, but when it becomes a habit, people start avoiding you. You can lose good friends due to this habit.

Dishonest people are often manipulative. Instead of admitting their mistakes, they would tell a lie to get out of an uncomfortable situation.

They can construct a thousand lies to hide one truth. As dishonest people are not at all trustworthy, people push them away.

  1. Moody and Temperamental

Unlikeable people are often moody and temperamental. Their frequent mood swings make them unapproachable. They can be happy one minute and miserable the next.

Remember that people find it uncomfortable to be around someone whose moods are inconsistent. If you want to be likable, you cannot show your mood swings to people.

No matter what you are going through in life, your behavior should be good towards everyone. You cannot show your frustration suddenly on a friend or a colleague.

Instead of behaving badly, share your problems with a friend. You will get your friend’s support that will make you feel better.

  1. You are a Control Freak

One of the top 10 habits of unlikeable people is dominating others. You must remember that no one likes a control freak. Controlling others is condescending and abusive.

Some people like to micromanage the lives of their spouse, parents, colleagues, and friends. Such behavior makes the other person feel unworthy. You will end up spoiling your important relationships if you don’t get rid of this habit.

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Wrapping up – Top Habits of Unlikeable People

If you are still wondering why do people hate you, you should again check the signs and habits of unlikeable people. It is not at all difficult to be a likable person. Being likable has nothing to do with attractiveness and intelligence.

You need to just respect the time and opinion of others. When you are spending time with someone, you need to be attentive. Being open-minded, compassionate and understanding makes you instantly likable.

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