Top 10 Super Health Benefits of Pistachio Nuts

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Is it OK to eat pistachios everyday?, Read on to know about 10 amazing health benefits of pistachio nuts….

Pistachio nuts are one of the most beneficial nuts from the cashew family. Eating pistachios regularly keeps the body nourished with proteins, fats, nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants.

Though produced on the Pistaci Vera tree in the Central Asia and the Middle East, people from all around the world recommend pistas for health. Owing to the super health benefits of pistachios, these are consumed as food supplements from as early as 7000 B.C. and are one of the favorite delicacies even today.

Pistas are consumed raw or lightly roasted, and they are enriched with essential fats and vitamins which keeps the body gut healthy. Besides, including pistachio nuts in the diet brings a bright glow to the face.

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What is the Calorific Value of Pistachio Nuts?

Pistachio nuts have high calorific value. They contain high amounts of fatty acids, which is approximated to be around 72%. However, fatty acid is healthy for the heart, making consumption of raw pistachio nuts harmless for patients suffering from cholesterol. Among the 72%, 52% fats are monounsaturated.

The polyunsaturated fatty acids comprise of 20% of the total content. However, this does not mean that you can consume unlimited amounts of pistachios.

If you are wondering about the calorific value of pistachio nuts, then know: that an ounce of pistachio contains approximately 170 calories. Impressive, isn’t it? One ounce of pistachio sums to around 45-48 pistachio kernels.

Benefits of Pistachio Nuts

Does Consuming Pistachios Provide Energy?

Compared to the protein and fats in the pistachio nuts, the carbohydrate content is quite less. However, owing to the fairly high calorific value, these nuts have turned out to be one of the best sources of energy.

A little of 100 grams of pistachio nuts are known to provide approximately 560 calories. Thus, such high calorie is enough to provide ample energy for the daily chores.

Having pistachios on a regular basis helps combat tiredness and makes you fresh and active for a more extended period of time. This is because of the excess energy provided by the nuts.

This is also the reason why people often prefer munching on salted pistachio nuts when hungry as it is an excellent source of energy.

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Are Pista Nuts Rich in Anti-Oxidants?

Pistachio nuts are great sources of antioxidants, which are very much required for the normal functioning of our body.

The human body produces free radicals from the numerous biochemical reactions taking place, and the free radicals produced cause imbalance in the system thereby causing damage to the existing tissues and normal biochemical cycles.

The high rate of antioxidants in the nuts combats the free radicals and is henceforth considered the best among the benefits of pistachio nuts. The high amount of Vitamin E and Vitamin C provides the necessary amount of antioxidant thereby preventing the body from unnecessary oxidative stress.

Though consumption of a handful of pistachio is recommended daily, you can seek the assistance of your medical practitioner in case you are suffering from any severe disease.

pistachio nuts benefits

What Are the Health Benefits of Pistachio Nuts?

  1. Pistachio Nuts Improves Gut Health

The pistachio kernels consist of high amounts of unsaturated fatty acids, among which oleic acid and linoleic acid comprises about 80% of the total content.

Apart from that, the presence of nine essential amino acids and fibers help in improving digestion. The presence of fibers in the gut acts as a probiotic and induces bacterial degradation. Hence, it also prevents constipation and helps to maintain a healthy gut.

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  1. Improves the Functioning of the Brain

Pistachios are loaded with anti-oxidants which are ideal for improving brain function. As per the research studies, people who consume nuts on a regular basis are well aware of the health benefits of pistachio nuts.

It not only helps in repairing the damaged tissues but also improves the cognitive ability of the brain. Pistas reserve the essential fatty acids from the diet which is useful for the brain and help in enhancing brain functionality, strengthen memory and prevent Alzheimer’s at old age.

  1. Maintains Proper Functioning of the Heart

One of the prime benefits of pistachios is that it promotes heart health. The unsaturated fatty acids in the pistachio nuts help in reducing high blood pressure and thus prevent tissue damage of the heart.

As suggested by the doctors, consuming raw pistachio nuts on a daily basis introduces phytosterols in the body, which reduces excessive absorption of cholesterol from the diet.

Apart from that, the proteins and minerals in the fresh pistachio nuts strengthen the heart muscles and thus help in maintaining the proper functioning of the heart.

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  1. Pistachio Nuts Helps in Weight Loss

Innumerable people all over the world have included roasted and salted pistachios in their regular diet owing its magnificent benefits in weight loss.

Pistachios are low-calorie nuts loaded with fibers. The fiber content in the pista nuts boosts body metabolism thereby burning out the excess fats.

The nuts thus help in getting rid of unhealthy, unwanted fats and obesity. However, the fatty acids contained in the nuts are essential for the body and are used up during the daily activities.

  1. Maintain Blood Sugar Levels

Shelled pistachios are readily available in the market owing to the several benefits of pistachios. Among the various benefits, the tasty nuts are exceptionally useful for maintaining blood sugar levels.

Rich in nutrients, fibers, and proteins, they help in regulating the glucose and insulin levels. Hence, either consume raw or include them in the dishes to enhance the taste, pistachios are going to keep you healthy like never before.

Anything excess is never recommended. Hence, consumption of shelled pistachios or roasted & salted pistachios should be limited as per the body's requirement.

  1. Enhances Immunity

Among the prime health benefits of pistachios, one of the most profound is that these nuts help in boosting immunity in the body.

Our body has a self-defense system which protects it from foreign pathogens. A little decrease in the immunity levels makes the body prone to several diseases. The high levels of vitamins in pistachios particularly B6 elevates the immunity thereby preventing diseases.

  1. Pistachio Nuts Improves Vision

Consuming pistachio nuts has proven to be beneficial for eyesight. The nuts contain high amounts of Zinc which is considered ideal for vision. Besides, pistas are rich in anti-oxidants particularly zeaxanthin and lutein which are available in the retina of the human eye.

Hence, if included in the regular diet, pistachio nuts can prevent cataract, loss of vision and several other age-related diseases.

are pistachios healthy

  1. Prevents Inflammation

Though we know the common benefits of pistachios and the reason for its popularity as a dietary supplement, many of us do not see that it is highly beneficial in preventing inflammation.

The high content of proteins, amino acids, and unsaturated fatty acids does the work. Where proteins and amino acids are useful in the cell repair and adhering body strength, the unsaturated fatty acids are known to keep redness and inflammation at bay.

Thus, it is highly recommended to the ones suffering from joint pain and inflammation like arthritis.

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  1. Pistachio Nuts Prevents Early Aging

As said earlier, pistachio nuts are loaded with vitamin B6 which helps in repairing worn out cells and restoring healthy hair and skin. Vitamin B6 keeps the skin healthy and makes it less prone to unhealthy skin problems.

Besides, these shelled pistachios contain high amounts of vitamin E. Owing to the impressive benefits of vitamin E in maintaining healthy levels of reproductive hormones, curing skin problems and delaying aging, people have always searched for sources of Vitamin E.

Therefore, consuming pistachio regularly, blesses the skin with a bright, fresh glow, reduces hair fall and strengthens hair cuticles, prevents early aging, etc.

  1. Pistachios Maintains Healthy Levels of Estrogen

Besides the range of vitamins, proteins, and fatty acids, pistachios have a high content of phytoestrogens in them. The content of phytoestrogens contained in pistas is the highest among the cashew family.

Though a plant derivative, phytoestrogens are known to function much like estrogens in the human body. Hence, these are primarily necessary to cure diseases occurring due to estrogen deficiency.

So, a regular intake of pistachio nuts introducing phytoestrogens helps in maintaining a normal menstruation cycle in the women thereby causing regular flow and is highly recommended to the women nearing menopause.

Pistachio nuts often have worms in them, which are quite common in almonds as well, (nothing to freak out though). The Navel Orange Worms, as they are called, are found inside the shelled pistachios. Hence, be a little careful while munching on them from next time.

Wrapping It Up

Discussing the benefits of pistachio has always been a massive task because of the series of incredible paybacks. Loaded with essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals, proteins, and fatty acids, pistachios have been a blessing to humankind as it hides the cure to several diseases.

The phytoestrogens contained in them are also beneficial in preventing cancers. The high content of anti-oxidants in the nuts helps the body in detoxification. It can be consumed by people belonging to all age groups and is used as a nutritional supplement by the humans as it not only treats the body internally but adheres a specific glow to the body from outside.

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