Top Heath Benefits of Fox Nuts (Makhanas)

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If you are wondering about the benefits of eating fox nuts or makhanas, let’s see what fox nuts are good for and what are the makhana benefits. They are crunchy and light and there are plenty of fox nuts benefits that you should know about, so let’s learn more about this absolutely tasty snack and the various benefits of Makhana!

What is Makhana or Fox Nuts?

Fox nuts or Makhanas are the seed of the lotus flower!

  • Fox nuts or lotus puffs are known by different names in different regions. For instance, it is called Makhana in India; Gorgon Nut in Korea; Japan and Russia.
  • Where does fox nut grow? It is a water plant that mainly grows in the wet and marshy lands of Asia and is cultivated for the seeds, which look similar to popcorn. Fox nut is also cultivated in some parts of Russia, Korea and Japan. The lotus puff is obtained from the lotus nut or lotus seed.
What is Makhana or Fox Nuts
  • It is used as a snack as well as in various recipes, especially in Indian cuisine.
  • One of the excellent benefits of Makhana is that it also has medicinal purposes.
  • It belongs to the Euryale genus. Check out the different names for fox nuts. Why are Fox Nuts called so? It probably came from their botanical name, Euryale Ferox!

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Note: It is also called as Phool Makhana in Hindi (Indian language), as it has a flowery appearance. Phool means flower.

Health Benefits of Fox Nuts

fox nuts nutritional values

Check out the fox nuts nutrition!

  1. Fox Nut Aids in Detoxification

  • One of the benefits of Makhana is that it is rich in fiber and can be used in digestive problems like constipation. Fox nuts add bulk to the stools, thereby preventing constipation.
  • Just 100 grams of fox nuts can constitute 30% of the daily fiber requirement, which smoothens the digestive system and also improves the appetite.
  • They are detoxifying agents and help in flushing out toxins from your body.
  • It is especially useful to the spleen, where most of the dead cells of the body are found. Fox nuts recycles the RBC and rids the body of dead cells.
  • What is fox nut good for? It has astringent properties, which can improve appetite, and eliminate problems connected with diarrhea and kidney ailments.
  1. Benefits of Fox Nuts in Weight loss

Another of the important benefits of fox nuts is that it helps in weight loss programs.

  • Fox nuts are low in calories. One cup consists of 106 calories, so they make a healthy snack.
  • Roasted Makhanas keep you full for a longer time due to the protein content, so it prevents cravings and overeating.
  • The saturated fat content in fox nuts is negligible.

Eat fox nuts in the right way and the correct amount, it could help in weight loss.

  1. Fox Nuts Acts as an Anti Ageing Agent

One of the major benefits of fox nuts is that it helps keep you young!

  • Fox nuts (Makhanas) have an abundance of antioxidants and make a great food for anti-ageing.
  • It helps fight free radicals.
  • Fox nuts contain kaempferol, a natural flavonoid, capable of slowing down the ageing process.
  • It prevents the greying and loss of hair, wrinkle formation etc. and are one of the best nuts to eat.

Eat a handful of fox nuts a day for a young and glowing skin.

Do not consume fox nuts as a fried snack.

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  1. Makhanas Helps in Managing Diabetes

If you are wondering, is Makhana good for health, eat fox nuts in moderation to manage blood sugar levels.

  • The GI or glycemic index of makhanas is lower than foods like rice and bread. Hence, they do not increase the blood glucose levels when consumed and instead blunt the glucose response in the blood, helping to control diabetes.
  • The benefits of Makhana is that it is also low in sodium and high in magnesium, which is helpful in managing diabetes and obesity.
  • It is full of fiber and protein and can help manage diabetes.

Dry roast fox nuts on a slow flame and store in an airtight container. You can also consume them raw or ground. Soak makhanas in water overnight and add to soups, gravies and salads. Use in puddings and snacks.

Excessive consumption will lead to constipation and gastrointestinal problems.

  1. Fox Nuts are Good for the Heart

One of the major benefits of Makhana is that it is beneficial to the heart!

  • Fox nuts is beneficial to those suffering from high blood pressure, heart problems and obesity, due to the high magnesium and low sodium content.
  • The high potassium level reduces blood pressure level in hypertense patients.
  • Fox nuts also contain plenty of magnesium, which enhances the blood and oxygen quality of the body. Lowered magnesium can lead to heart issues.
  • The folate and magnesium content in them also decrease the chances of coronary heart related diseases.
  • The benefits of Makhana lie in the fact that the flavonoids have a positive effect on the body and reduce cardiovascular risks.
  1. Benefits of Makhana for Arthritis

  • The flavonoids and kaempferol present in them reduce inflammation. It relieves numbness and joint pains.
  • It is rich in calcium and beneficial for bones.

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Conclusion – Fox Nuts Benefits

Health Benefits of Makhana

Many people eat fox nuts only while fasting. However, you can reap amazing health benefits of Makhana, as they are a powerhouse of nutrition and could help in the prevention of many diseases having both nutritional and medicinal benefits.

You can eat fox nuts raw or cooked, as it retains its nutritional value either way. It is low in calories as well as fat and sodium, so it makes the perfect mid meal snack. Other nuts, such as almonds, walnuts or cashews just pale in comparison.

Fox nuts are crunchy and tasty, easy to prepare, not too expensive and healthy! So, the next time you go to the theater, munch on fox nuts instead of reaching out for the popcorn!

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