Super Strategies to Guarantee a Great Night’s Sleep

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Getting good sleep has a direct relationship to your quality of life, so you need to know what to do to sleep better. If you have problems sleeping, here are some top strategies to achieve your optimum performance in life.

  • You feel depressed and demotivated most of the time.
  • You’re not getting the promotion that you feel you richly deserve.
  • You are having relationship problems.

If any of these are true, you are probably not getting your sleep, so go right ahead and read this. Doze off like a baby every night, and see your world turn around with these approaches to sleep better.

Super Tactics to Guarantee a Good Night’s Sleep

  1. Say Goodbye to Blue Lights

If you’d like to know how to sleep better at night, put off all the blue lights, be it your phone screen, a television or more importantly a computer monitor or even a very bright blue night-light!

When there’s light, the body tends to think it’s time for work or even play, not sleep. Give the right signals to your body and your brain.

Use of artificial light is the single biggest hurdle to a good night’s sleep. The blue wavelength tricks your brain into thinking it is still day.

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  1. Get a New Mattress

Chuck out your old mattress if you want to know how to get a good night sleep. It could probably be at the bottom of your sleepless nights.

Check it out and see whether you deserve an upgrade. While buying a new mattress, check these out:

  • Your mattress should be made of natural materials. Natural or organic latex ones are good, both for you and the environment.
  • No toxic materials to be used.
  • The best solution is using a mattress that is comfortable to lie down on for a prolonged period.
  • Memory foam is an excellent option offering good body support and is one of the best natural sleep remedies.
  • Avoid spring mattresses, as they come in low quality and trigger pressure points. They also lose support after some years.
  1. Foods to Eat and Those to Avoid

There are several ways to sleep better. One of them is sticking to the right food.

  • You probably know that you need to avoid heavy meals. Keep bedtime snacks light, you don’t want to overload the stomach and then toss and turn all night. It could keep you awake for hours and you end up feeling groggy eyed in the morning.
  • A banana and a few almonds could work wonders and help get better sleep. You don’t particularly care for bananas? No worries. Try cherries instead to improve sleep.
  • Your grandmother was absolutely right! Take a glass of warm milk before bedtime. Not a huge glass, just a small mug, or else you’ll be making your way to the toilet all night. Warm milk is a tried and tested natural sleep aid.
  • Keep bedtime snacks on the lighter side. A small plate of carbs could also work towards getting some good quality shuteye.
  • Avoid caffeine or cigarettes before bedtime if you are not sleeping well.

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  1. Bedroom Ambience

Among the top sleeping tips is your bedroom décor and ambience.

  • Keep the right temperature in the room. Neither too warm nor too cold. Your body needs to feel just right, cozy and comfortable.
  • Alter the thermostat if you think it is necessary. It’s worth the expenditure.
  • Use proper blinds that will prevent light, sound and other outside weather conditions from disrupting you.
  • Use soothing colors for the bedspreads and curtains – consider blues or greens and other pastels shades that can make you feel calm. You could use a few bright colors, maybe for the pillows, flowers or artwork in the room.
  • Don’t clutter your bedroom, or you might end up tripping over something in the night. Use good storage options, which are attractive and reasonably priced as well.
  1. Use a Notepad Before Bedtime to Prevent Insomnia

It’s most likely that you have a whole lot of things to do next day. The thoughts could keep churning in your head and keep you awake for hours.

You’re probably worried that you might forget something important.

Here’s a way out to avoid restless nights thinking about tomorrow.  Use a notepad and make a note of what you absolutely must do first thing you get up. That will take all those nagging thoughts away.

  1. Creating Good Sleep Habits

  • Don’t Force Yourself. If you are just not in the mood don’t push it. There’s no point in forcing yourself into bed. Try reading a book for some time or just talk with your partner. I’m afraid late night television shows are out.
  • Keep a regular timing for going to bed and getting out of it. Choose a time that you normally feel tired. Try to wake up naturally without the use of an alarm. Of course, you may need to use one for a special occasion.
  • Don’t stay in bed late, even on weekends. Instead, go in for an afternoon nap on holidays. This will give you the additional rest and at the same time, it will not interfere with your regular nighttime rhythm.
  • Keep your naps short. Power naps can revitalize you, I daresay. But keep it to a minimum of 20 minutes to 30 minutes. If you’re going to nap your way through the afternoon, there’s no way you’re going to get a good shuteye at night too.
  • Exercise well during the day. A light walk of about thirty minutes could also do the trick. Don’t exercise too close to bedtime however. Go in for relaxing exercises like yoga or gentle stretches during the evening.

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Last Resort – How to Sleep Better at Night

If you have acute insomnia problems, caused by anxiety, depression or some trauma in your life, sleep therapy might be the answer. Such therapies can help you relax. The sleep specialist or sleep doctor can uncover the root cause of the insomnia. They can also help with other related conditions, such as sleep apnea, where your breathing stops for a few seconds, usually following snoring, and you are jolted into wakefulness.

Don’t be too hard on yourself if you’re not able to sleep well at night right away. Try out the above tips and you could even discover some of your own strategies that work. Don’t forget to share them with us. We could use some too!!!

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