Best Tips on How to Introduce Yourself at a Job Interview

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Introducing Yourself at a Job Interview

Congratulations! You’re slated for that coveted interview and have been preparing yourself to the hilt. But what about self introduction in interview? Check out these best ways to introduce yourself in a job interview. Start off on the right foot by making an excellent first impression. They do last, I assure you.

There are some questions that are a given in any interview, no matter what the job. For instance, ‘Tell me about yourself’ or ‘Walk me through your career so far’ is bound to come up right at the beginning. Here’s your opportunity to create an imprint.

Upon Arrival

  • Introduce yourself in interview at the reception. Give your name and show your interview letter or mention your purpose.
  • Go to the restroom, wash and wipe your hands.

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Self Introduction for Job Interview: Setting the Tone

  • There’s more to success at an interview than merely answering questions. Set the right tone with your voice and your body language, the way you walk through a door while greeting the interviewer.
  • Make eye contact. Show enthusiasm while introducing yourself and smile naturally. If you cannot, then fake it.
  • How to shake hands with your interviewer? Shake it like you really mean it in a professional way, using the entire hand with a firm grip. Practise with a friend if you need to.
  • How to introduce myself in interview? Be enthusiastic and show your interest in the position while talking about yourself.

Introduction for Interview: Preparing in Advance

When your interviewer pops the question ‘Tell me about yourself’, he is asking you about experience that is relevant to the current job for which you are being interviewed.

  • While considering how to introduce yourself for interview, you need to practise for this question. No winging it.
  • Create a script of the information you’re planning to convey. Practise the script for ways to introduce yourself, but don’t memorize it. Let it sound natural, not like a robot reading out a list.

Tip: To make it sound more acceptable, try adding a story or anecdote.

  • Ask your roommate, friends or parents to listen to your answer and listen to their feedback.
  • Practise in front of a mirror and record your answer. Make sure your voice sounds genuine, relaxed and professional.
  • Be prepared for answering secondary questions that could arise from your answer.

What You Must Not Do in an Interview Introduction

These are some things that are taboo while you introduce yourself for an interview or when talking about yourself. If you mention any of these, the interview is sure to go downhill after that.

  • Do not exaggerate your qualifications or talents when you introduce yourself.
  • On the other hand, do not err on the other side. Do not be over humble or vague while introducing yourself. Hit the sweet spot.
  • Sell yourself when you introduce yourself, but tread the line carefully. Don’t brag. Emphasise your strengths but do not be boastful. It’s all about finding the right balance.

Tip: I won the best salesman award several times at my last job! That just won’t cut it!

  • Practise speaking at the right speed, neither too fast nor too slow. Avoid ‘umms’ and ‘aahs’.
  • Speak clearly; neither too loudly nor too softly during an introduction for interview.
  • Your introduction should not sound too well rehearsed. Keep it spontaneous and natural.

Tip: Record your answer and make the proper tweaks to sound just right.

  • You don’t have to recount your life story! Don’t talk about personal life, hobbies and likes while you introduce yourself. For instance, My father used to raise goats. I love my dog or I’ve got a rash on my feet. My marriage is on the rocks! For heaven’s sake, this is not a first date!!
  • Do not repeat everything that’s in your resume.
  • Do not be negative about any of your experiences.
  • Do not give too much information or your interviewer will start tuning away. There are going to be plenty of other questions and you do not have to provide all the information in a 10 minute monologue.

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The Script

This can contain your experiences and skills, which are pertinent to the current interview/job. Mention why you are looking for a new job. You should be able to convey that your past experience is transferable to the present job and that you could be a perfect fit.

Consider the following points when you introduce yourself at an interview:

  • Say who you are and describe your present job briefly.
  • Mention one or two past experiences that could be useful for the current job.
  • Mention a few of your strengths and skills, your training, why you are interested in the current job. Make it a short summary of a few minutes.

For instance, you could say you are quite capable of meeting deadlines or doing a task at short notice or your attention for detail.

  • Mention a success story demonstrating that you could succeed in the present job. Just slip it in naturally. Remember the memorable stories must fit in with the job at hand.

For instance if you’re into programming, you can tell an anecdote about how your instructor inspired you the first time you wrote one.

  • You can talk about yourself for a few minutes, say 2 to 3 minutes.
  • Don’t start off on a 10 minute long monologue about yourself. Allow your interviewer to dive in and ask some questions in between.
  • Follow the formula of starting with the present, going into the past and then talking about your future plans and why you are excited about the present opportunity/job.
  • Mention your skills, abilities and positive points at an introduction for interview.
  • Focus on how your skill sets match the qualifications mentioned in the job description and what makes you uniquely suited for the job.

Manners and Etiquette

  • Offer your hand to the hiring manager, even if he does not take the initiative.
  • Introduce yourself with your name and say it’s a pleasure to meet him.

Tip: Say it like you mean it, with a smile.

  • Make eye contact and use positive body language.

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Last Word – How to Introduce Yourself at a Job Interview

Tell me about yourself! A really simple question to introduce yourself,  but one that could make most applicants sweat. This is probably going to be the first question your hiring manager will shoot at you. It’s surely not an invitation to tell your life story or go through your resume bit by bit.

Prepare your script when you introduce yourself for an interview and say it as naturally as you can. This question is a kind of ice breaker and is the perfect way to let your hiring manager warm towards you. Be prepared and you’re sure to shine on for the rest of the interview.

Follow these tips and it could make the difference between a not so stellar interview and landing that dream job. Answering this question is your potential springboard for success at the interview.

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