How to Start a Home-Based Coaching Business: Work from Home as a Coach

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How to Start a Coaching Business from Home

Technology has improved to such an extent that you can know how to build a successful coaching business right from your home and enter this highly lucrative coaching industry.

You can select your coaching niche and start right away with the help of video conferencing. It is now possible to get clients from anywhere in the world, connecting and coaching them. Coaching involves helping your clients achieve their goals in a specific area.

There are different coaching niches, such as a health and fitness coach, career coach, spiritual coach, financial coach among others.

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A coach must have some professional training or at least some first hand experiences in a chosen field in order to assist his clients to achieve their goals in that field or industry.

Note: While selecting a coaching niche, you can try your hand at different categories, or just specialize in one that you have a special expertise or talent.

How to Start a Successful Home-Based Coaching Business

  1. Identifying a Coaching Niche/ Target Market

How to choose your coaching niche? You may have a particular passion or speciality, but you need to identify whether your niche has a demand or market to begin with! This is one of the first steps to start a home-based coaching business.

Starting a Home-Based Coaching Business

  • What is your burning passion in life? Would you like to coach or launch business leaders, for instance? Identify your strengths and talents. What is your particular genius zone?
  • Who is your ideal client? Start searching for them, speak to them, find out about their challenges. This will help you offer a solution or service to them.
  • Do research of the niche coaching industry before you step in! What are the needs that are unmet or underserved in your niche coaching service? Categorize the common issues of your target clients

You can even hire a branding expert in order to identify your coaching niche! Get training or just join mastermind groups, get a mentor, to help you stay on track with your niche market.

  • Before starting a coaching business, narrow down your niche and focus on an aspect that you really excel at. It will help you stand out as a unique supplier of some specific service.
  • After zoning in on an idea, flesh it out. You can apply your coaching business idea in several contexts, such as career; business; health; relationships; life purpose amongst others. But to gain more clients, you have to be a specialist in solving a specific problem/problems. You can always expand your services at a later stage as well, beginning with a specific solution.

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  1. Get Trained

How to start a coaching business from scratch? Get trained first! There are many untrained individuals who just jump into the coaching business with expertise in their chosen field.

How to start a coaching business from scratch

  • Proper certified training in coaching business will add to your business credibility in the chosen
  • It will help you increase your professional network and connections.

Look for a credible coaching center, being run by a credible set of professional coaches.

  1. Creating Your Brand/Vision/Message

Now that you’ve identified your niche and are ready with the knowledge or service that you will offer your niche market, it’s time for branding! You have to start selling yourself.

How to Start a Coaching Business from Home

  • Develop a market strategy based on your clientele.

Tip: For instance, if you are a career coach, the obvious place to search for your clients would be LinkedIn. For a fitness coach, YouTube would be a viable option for showcasing your talents.

  • Offer free/paid workshops

Tip: Start training first! For instance, if your clients are real estate brokers, attend seminars for realtors and learn something additional to what you already know.

  • Pitch a story about your journey and how you became a seasoned professional in your chosen field.
  • Establish your credibility and expertise.
  • Have a consistent brand identity, such as a logo, colors, a catchy tagline.

Tip: Get tips on logo ideas and catchy slogans!

  • Decide on a name for your coaching business.

You can make a Google search to see which names are already taken and use a business name generator if you’ve run out of ideas. You can even use your own name or a nickname and pair it strongly with your services to establish your brand. Another alternative is to focus on the service you are offering. For instance, Peaceful Solutions if you are offering solutions for relationships.

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  1. Getting Started – Coaching Startup Basics

starting a coaching business

  • Decide on your business structure and create a coaching business plan.
  • Create a name for your business.
  • Get a license as per requirements of your city or state.
  • Write out a coaching contract outlining the services you will be offering.
  • Get the necessary equipment or materials, including handouts and materials etc.

For instance, if you are starting the coaching business from your home, you will probably be doing a lot of video conferencing. Get the required software, good quality headsets, video and audio recorders etc.

  • Create a website and write content that focuses on your target client needs.

Remember to post testimonials of your credentials and achievements. Build love and trust before you start selling!

  1. Sales Copy/Pitch of Your Coaching Business

Write out your sales copy on what you are planning to deliver. It’s a blueprint of your product and an important aspect if you want to be among the most successful business coaches.

Coaching Business Pitch
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  • Your sales copy will address the prospective clients’ problem and how your service or product will solve that problem.
  • List out the benefits of your service/product.
  • Provide motivation to buy your product. Pitch it out loud and clear and paste it on your website or blog.
  • Create a front end product, such as an ebook, or a membership site and offer it for free. Remember, this is not your final product or service. This way, you can get affiliates to promote your product. Your actual service would be offering coaching sessions, a software suite teaching them about the niche industry, etc.

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  1. Offer Tactics/Strategies/Solutions

So, once you have started out, how to grow coaching business?

how to grow coaching business

  • Make sure you are offering solutions, tactics and strategies to your clients through your coaching business.
  • Differentiate your business from the competition and what they are offering.
  • Give out amazing free content, consultation calls, a detailed guide for free while starting out and also to grow your client base and market your coaching business successfully.

Tip: Use the tripwire model to get them into the door and increase your conversion rate.

  • Use social media ads, Facebook groups, Instagram to promote yourself. Create an atmosphere of authority and connect with prospective clients on relevant platforms.
  • Give away some free content through your blogs and videos. It will help you retain customers and make them long term ones.

Be sure to give quality content, so that your clients can implement them and see results, which will make them trust your brand more. They will then be willing to pay for your product/service.

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  1. Charges

Once you’ve established your brand and set up business, you  have to decide on the charges!

  • You can price it lower than the competition to begin with, so that you get a few clients into the door. Once you’ve done that, it’s time to revise your charges. Sometimes, it makes sense to charge higher.
  • Firstly, find out the typical fees that is charged per session for your specific coaching business niche.
  • Enlist the benefits of your program and price accordingly.
  • Consider the length of the sessions, the number of sessions per month, the services and features offered, such as podcasts, videos, journals etc, and the general desirability of your program for the target market, before deciding on the price. Try a higher price, and if no one signs up try lowering it.

Tip: Have a FLASH sale for just a week with lowered prices.

Coaching Business Startup Basics

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Wrap Around – How to Start a Coaching Business

Almost all of us want to improve ourselves in some field, such as health, career, education, relationship, business etc. However, we need help to succeed and this is where the coaching business comes in.

Coaches help their clients in different aspects of their life assisting them in specialising in a particular field or niche through their coaching business.

If you have been particularly successful in achieving goals in a particular field, you are well qualified to guide others in that field. You can easily start this business right from your home, working even on a part time basis to begin with and then transitioning to full time.

Coaching business just requires a specific set of skills and a market for those skills to create a lucrative business, with the minimum of capital or corporate structure. Thanks to the Internet, you can launch a Coaching Business today and move to a six figure income within a few months!

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