How to Start a Hot Air Balloon Ride Business

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How safe is hot air ballooning? Is it possible to start a hot air balloon business? Let’s find all about staring a hot air balloon ride business.

Hot air balloon ride and rental business are constantly on the soar due to the dreamy appearance and the opportunity of a lifetime adventure.

Hot air balloon rides have always been a dream to many. Where some people want to fly in a hot air balloon to celebrate proposals, anniversaries and special moments, others are simply willing to tame their adrenaline rush!

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Due to the unimaginable popularity, it has also risen into a popular and a royal sport. In recent years, hot air balloon rides have turned out to be one of the most engaging activities in various parts of Australia, USA, Africa, Europe and several other countries.

Hence, starting a hot air balloon ride business will not only be productive but also a popular way of increasing tourist engagement.

Make sure you develop a detailed business plan and a strong marketing strategy which are very important for the success of hot air balloon ride business.

Hot Air Balloon Ride Business

Gain Hot Air Balloon Training or Experience

Hot air balloon pilot jobs require specific training and experience before beginning with a business. The knowledge about flying a hot air balloon is preliminary in case of starting a hot air balloon ride business.

You can get the training from any ballooning school or personally join an existing company to learn about the tips and tricks. Without training, you will not be able to apply for a license as well.

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Get A License to Fly a Hot Air Balloon

Hot air balloon ride license is the next important step in starting a hot air balloon ride business. You can either apply for a license on a commercial scale or for a private pilot’s license in order to begin the gas balloon business.

The process of getting a license for beginning a business in hot air balloon rides vary from state to state and country to country. A detailed information about the same should be fetched from the Federal Aviation Laws in your area.

Also, research about the other licenses which might be necessary to proceed with the hot air balloon ride business.

Make A Business Plan When Starting a Hot Air Balloon Ride Business

If you are wondering about how to start a hot air balloon ride business, you have to initiate with a proper business plan, develop strategies and estimate the expenses involved. For this, the primary things which needs to be noted are:

  • Price of a hot air balloon which is the primary aspect of a hot air balloon ride business. Consult with the local advisors or business agents to know how much does it cost to buy a hot air balloon. Determine the size and type of balloon you need to begin with as this will decide the price.
  • Determine the number of rides you will be offering on a monthly basis. The amount of rides should be fixed as every ride needs to be completed within a fixed amount of time. However, during festivals and tourist rush, make sure you have a flexible time schedule to ensure greater profit.
  • An estimate of your net monthly profit which should not include the expenses incurred for repair or gas required in chaser van.

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Decide the Fare

The fare for every hot air balloon ride levied per person varies from place to place. Across the United States, the rates per person might very from a minimum of $100 to a maximum of $400.

It also depends on the height, location and time of flight. Hence, spend a considerable amount of time to decide the fare.

hot air balloon ride and rental business

Resources Required for Hot Air Balloon Ride Business

To begin with hot air balloon business, you need to have a detailed knowledge about the things required to begin with. Besides the hot air balloon, you will need:

  • Chaser van
  • Gas
  • Inflation fan
  • Basket
  • Ties
  • Safety equipment

Balloon Ride Crew

A hot air balloon ride business needs specific crew members and cannot be operated alone. This is because, you will be needing a helping hand to assist you to fly a hot air balloon.

Apart from that, two members are required for assembling and disassembling the hot air balloon. Also, a driver is needed to drive the chaser van properly. Hence, in total, an approximate number of 4 crew members are required to operate a hot air balloon ride business successfully.

Remember to follow the safety precautions and have an impromptu solution ready for emergency situations.

Proper Insurance

Before you approach with your hot air balloon business proposal, make sure you avail proper insurances for the business.

Hot air balloon ride invites a number of threats and dangers which should be taken into consideration. Hence, proper insurance policies should be availed.

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Safety Measures to Be Followed

Besides learning how to fly a hot air balloon, you need to know the safety measures wisely. Flying a hot air balloon is not an easy task and both the pilot as well as the passenger should be well aware of the precautions to be taken.

  1. Regulations

To fly a hot air balloon, you need to follow certain regulations such as height at which the balloon should fly, as well as the height, weight and age of the passenger. Make sure you learn about the age-related issues which are not fit for flight. Besides following the rule book, try to implement the regulations as per your experience from the training.

  1. Time of Flight

The time of flight is an important factor which needs to be considered in hot air balloon ride business. Generally, the rides are favored twice a day, during sunset and sunrise, as the temperature is quite comfortable during these times and the wind is also calm.

  1. Wind Speed

Always follow the weather report before proceeding through the day. As per the Federal Aviation rules, hot air ballooning should be put to a halt in times of strong winds, when the wind is blowing above 12 mph. Also, a hot air balloon flight should be avoided during rain or snowfall.

hot air balloon business

Marketing Strategies for Hot Air Balloon Business

To succeed in a hot air balloon ride business, you need to have a proper marketing plan for hot air balloon business. Owing to the huge popularity of the sport, the greater you preach about it, the better will be the customer engagement.

Often, tourists from faraway places also flock towards an adventure sport to have a lifetime experience.

Hence, take the help of online platforms and market your business as much as you can. To fetch the locals, distribute leaflets and brochures explaining the safety precautions and the beautiful landscape that the ride will be covering.

Focus on the customer satisfaction as it is the primary thing which will have a grave affect on the business.

Wrapping Up Hot Air Balloon Ride Business

Hot air balloon ride business is undoubtedly the next big thing. With more and more youths searching for adventurous ways of celebrating special days, activities like this are constantly attracting progressively more business.

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