How to Start a Lawn Care Business with Minimum Investment

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8 Step Guide to Staring Your Own Lawn Care Business….

Lawn care business is one of the most promising businesses which have been a genuine source of employment for millions of people all across the world.

In a recent study, the United States has alone shown an approximate annual turnover of $69 billion from lawn care side business.

Starting a lawn care business from scratch requires enormous dedication and hard work but is undeniably profitable and promising for the long turn.

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When you turn your passion into action, half the labor is done! Hence, for someone who loves the smell of freshly cut grass and the beauty of well-decorated facade, the business of lawn care and lawn maintenance is a sure shot to success!

Though most of the lawn care businesses incur a lump expenditure, it is also possible to start with a minimum investment. The investment for starting a lawn care business on small-scale might differ from that of large-scale commercial industry.

However, the basic requirements are more or less the same. Hence, if you are wondering about how to start a lawn care business, then here is a quick guide to follow.

Always have a long term vision in your business. For example, make a list of the things you want to achieve in five years and proceed accordingly.

You should research thoroughly about the lawn-care startup idea before beginning with it.

From the chances of success and failures to the scopes of turnover as well as the pros and cons, everything should be researched thoroughly so that you have a clear picture of what you would face later in the business.

Hence, before moving ahead to the guide, know about the various advantages and disadvantages of lawn care business.

starting a lawn care business from scratch

Advantages of Lawn Care Business

  • Lawn care business is ever-blooming and results in consistent growth in annual income.
  • Running a successful lawn care business does not require any specific degree or training and can be learnt by own self while working via books or guides.
  • Besides taking care of the business, you can generate additional income by selling weedicides, insecticides, fertilizers, etc.
  • Lawn care business gives the umpteenth freedom of distributing work among helpers and employees thereby cutting off the physical load to a great extent.
  • Expanding business for lawn maintenance is easy and fetches extra income.

Disadvantages of Lawn Care Business

  • Lawn care business is centrally associated with climate and temperature. Hence, in colder regions, the business is only suitable for summer breaks.
  • Possession of favorable location and land space is extremely necessary.
  • The business requires a number of services to flourish completely, the availability of which might be a hindrance depending on the location of the business.
  • Abiotic stresses might result in deterioration which might simultaneously cause reduced customers.

lawn care business startup

Minimum Investment Required for Lawn Care Business

Before getting started with your lawn care business, you must be wondering about the investment required. The budget usually varies according to the equipment, necessities and the quality of the materials which are being used.

Even on a tight budget, the minimum investment for lawn care business would be approximately $500.

However, this also means compromising with the quality of the equipment used. The truck or the trailer will frequently call for repair which means an additional expense incurred for repairs annually.

However, for small scale startups, it is worth a shot, as you can always expand the business with the profit earned from the startup. Nevertheless, quality equipment and a moderately functional commercial industry would require an investment of $15000.

Of course, you can apply for lawn care business loans from traditional banks. A number of reputed banks are known to provide small business grants on affordable interest rates readily.

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How to Start a Lawn Care Business?

Now that you have got a brief idea about what you should be expecting in the business and a clear picture of the investment which is required, here is a guide to follow up. Though, the investment will differ according to the location and requirement of the business.

lawn care services

  1. Start with Thorough Research

Before beginning, make sure you research the market carefully. Know about the various prospects of profit in your area and how you can outreach your business. Learn about the market rates in your region.

The United States is brimming with a competitive market in lawn care business which makes researching about the rivals entirely necessary.

Exploration is also critical in case you are starting lawn care business from scratch, that too, without a degree or any training. You will even get ample knowledge about the various services you can offer.

  1. Lawn Care Business Guide

Having a lawn care business guide is extremely necessary. First, have a clear picture of whether you want to begin a lawn care business startup or join established lawn care companies.

There are several companies in the US like US Lawns, which will help you with the necessary information about the same.

Additional, make sure you are ready with a franchise cost. For example, the franchise cost of Lawn Doctor in the US is approximately $30,000.

Invest wisely. From equipment to landscaping services, no matter what you invest in, make sure it is not going to waste. The kit should also be of sustainable quality to ensure longevity.

  1. Lawn Care Business License

The first question that hits your mind before beginning is- “Do I need a business license for lawn care?” Well, the answer is yes!

However, the process is not as cumbersome as other businesses. You can get lawn care business license from the local Municipal Corporation. Yet, do have a talk with your lawyer and ask him about the certifications you need to launch the lawn care business startup in your area.

Where Canada requires a license for transport, storage room, lawn fertilizer, lawn repair, and disposal of pesticides, North Chicago requires a certified permit for the business as well as a liability insurance and vehicle certification. All this might incur an additional cost of $600 approximately.

grass cutting service

  1. Decide the Structure of the Business

The structure of the business is very important as this would decide on the future growth and success of the business. You can either take up a corporate format of the lawn care business or start with a sole proprietorship.

The corporate form has the structure of a company and has recruitment, paperwork, legal liabilities and should perform systematically with various licenses. In this case, the income generated is distributed among a lot of posts and lawn services.

However, a sole proprietorship guarantees sole income with increased responsibilities. But, it gives you the freedom of taking decisions and running it in your own way.

  1. Invest in Equipment

For starting a lawn care business, you will have to invest in equipment. Besides lawnmower for lawn mowing, you will also need blowers, edger’s, trimmers, and various other equipment for starting your lawn care business.

Apart from that, you will also need equipment for lawn treatment, lawn control and maintenance. However, the stuff should be taken of high quality, as you will not want to add up extra expense on lawn repair.

  1. Invest In Business Vehicle

A number of people start the lawn care business with their personal vehicle on use. However, this might turn out to be a bad decision in cases of accidents as the repair will cost a lot.

Hence, it is always advised that you get a business vehicle with certification and proper insurance, so that the repair cost is covered up in case of an accident.

  1. Lawn and Landscaping Services

There are various lawn care and landscaping services included in lawn care business.

  • Landscaping services
  • Grass cutting services
  • Landscape architecture
  • Landscape design
  • Lawn or landscape care
  • Yard maintenance
  • Grass treatment
  1. Lawn Care Marketing

Lawn care business might greet you with a number of rivals in the industry. However, to beat them, you need to invest more time and money in marketing.

First, make sure you preach online. Over 79% of the people in the US are known to be on various social media sites which mean a little publicity online will fetch you unimaginable clients from around.

Attend meetings and local events and distribute leaflets about your new business. Explain well about the benefits and services offered by you. Also, your brochure should address your future motives and goals well.

If you are working up with a team, make sure you choose your mates wisely. The team should be trustworthy and able to work as one. Hence, know the capabilities, positive and negative points of your team and go ahead with your decision.

Wrapping It Up

Now that you have a guide to proceed with, get your lawn care business cards ready and tell the world what you are getting started with.

Be steady towards your achievements and never hurry. Research thoroughly, learn the basics, and you will always be unstoppable henceforth!

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