How To Start An Ice Cream Parlor In India: Starting Ice Cream Business?

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Starting ice cream parlor in India is a great idea because of the hot climate of the country. Due to long summers, the demand of ice creams never diminishes in India.

Your ice cream business can be extremely fruitful if you have a great business plan and some innovative ideas.

Ice Cream Business Pros and Cons

Before starting an ice cream business, you should first know the pros and cons of the business.


The first advantage of starting an ice cream parlor is fast growth along with high revenue. Whether you rent a store or start your ice cream business in a van, you will be successful.

You just need to prioritize the needs and preferences of your customers. You should never compromise on the product quality.

The next advantage of starting an ice cream business is the freedom to make your own decisions. You can choose the types of ice creams that you would want to sell and the price for each ice cream. You can select the flavors and decorations of the ice creams.

Due to its simplicity, your ice cream business can be your second job. The business does not demand a lot of energy. You just need to ensure that your products are fresh and your service is impeccable.

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One of the biggest disadvantages of ice cream business is that you won’t get enough customers during the winter season.

You can keep your shop open for alternate days or reduce the hours of operation. During the cold months, you should brainstorm new recipes and plans for the next summer.

If you want to open an ice cream parlor, you have to invest in expensive ice cream shop equipment. This is often considered as a disadvantage. When you are purchasing freezers and ice cream machines, ensure that you are buying the right kind for your ice cream parlor.

Should you Start an Ice Cream Parlor Business?

Although there are a few disadvantages of ice cream business, you should start an ice cream parlor. As the climate of India is mostly hot and humid throughout the year, your ice cream business will be successful. Ice cream is the favorite dessert among all age groups starting from children to old people.

The demand for various flavors of ice creams will never end. People will never get bored with ice creams if you use your creativity in serving them. Experiment with various flavors and decoration styles to satisfy your customers.

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How to Start Ice Cream Parlor in India?

Opening an ice cream parlor in India

Now that you have decided to start an ice cream parlor in India, you need to know the step by step process of opening an ice cream shop. There are many steps that you have to follow for starting an ice cream parlor.

  1. Decide the Type of Shop you Want to Open

The first step is to decide the type of ice cream parlor that you want to open. You can either open an individual ice cream parlor or collaborate with a reputed franchise.

If you want to go ahead with an ice cream parlor franchise, you will have various options such as Baskin Robbins, Amul, etc. Although it is the costlier option, many people choose it as there are less effort and research involved. The investment is less if you open an independent ice cream shop.

If you open a franchise ice cream shop, you will get a detailed business plan from the franchise. It will include detailed descriptions about ice cream menu, suppliers, store layouts, and staff training.

  1. Conduct a Market Survey

The next important step for starting an ice cream parlor is to conduct a market survey. It will help you in creating a great ice cream parlor business plan in India.

If you want your ice cream parlor business to be successful, you should deliberately avoid intense competition from other ice cream parlors. Conduct a market survey around the area where you plan to open an ice cream parlor.

Make a note of the types of ice creams served in the parlors, price quotes, and other services. Your motto should be to provide unique services with a wide variety and good quality of ice creams.

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ice cream parlor business plan

  1. Finding the USP of Your Business

Before you open an ice cream parlor, find the USP of your business. After you have made the ice cream parlor business plan, find out what the unique selling point of your business is. Consider the various factors that will make your brand stand out.

Some popular ice cream formats are ice cream cakes, fried ice creams, fruit ice creams, and ice cream rolls. Choose the best ice cream format for your ice cream parlor. You must consider other profitable factors such as popular ice cream flavors and home delivery services.

If you provide the option of home delivery of ice creams, you must ensure that the ice creams reach the customers in a good state. Ice boxes with dry ice are a great option for home delivery.

  1. Estimate Ice Cream Shop Startup Costs

The next step is to carefully estimate the startup costs of your ice cream shop. Make a list of all the things that you will need for starting an ice cream parlor. You will need a space where you can open your shop, various equipment, and waiters.

If you are looking for a moving ice cream parlor, you have to invest in a food truck. The minimum investment for an ice cream parlor will be 5 to 15 lakhs, depending upon the ambiance, format, and location of your store.

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ice cream parlor business plan

  1. Finalize the Location of the Ice Cream Parlor

The next important step of starting an ice cream parlor is to finalize the location of your shop. You must consider various factors when you are choosing the location of your ice cream parlor.

Buying an ice cream is often an impulsive decision. Therefore, your ice cream shop should be easily accessible. There must be adequate parking space near your ice cream parlor.

If your ice cream parlor is near supermarkets, family restaurants, or children’s stores, you will never have a shortage of customers. People generally have ice creams after shopping or dinner. Choose the location of your ice cream wisely.

Indian ice cream brands market share
  1. Finalize the Menu of the Ice Cream Parlor

After you have finalized the location of your store, prepare the menu of your ice cream parlor. As you have already done the market research, you know the kinds of ice creams that are available in other ice cream shops in your area.

Try to incorporate variety, uniqueness, and creativity in the menu. The prices should not be too high initially. You can start a marketing campaign and offer free samples to customers. This will let people know about the unique taste of your products, which will contribute to the popularity of your ice cream parlor.

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starting an ice cream business

  1. Buy Equipment for Your Ice Cream Parlor

After finalizing the menu of your ice cream shop, you need to make a list of ice cream shop equipment. You will need a cold stone refrigerator, chest refrigerator, storage cupboards, utensils, and raw materials for your ice cream shop.

Power backup is extremely necessary for an ice cream parlor. You must invest in a noiseless generator for preserving your ice creams.

  1. Complete all the Legal Formalities

The next step for starting an ice cream parlor is to complete all the legal formalities. You will need an FSSAI license, shop establishment license, fire license, and local municipal authority license for your ice cream shop.

You also need to get a business permit from the health department of your city. The health department will consider various things such as business setup costs, machinery costs, staff requirements, lighting, ventilation, and pest control.

India the fastest growing ice cream market today
  1. Hire Staff for Your Business

An important requirement for ice cream parlor is skilled staff members. You need to hire a few workers for your ice cream shop. You need to train them to make ice creams of various recipes.

The work is comparatively easier than the work done by chefs in a restaurant. You also need to hire a cashier for your business.

  1. Consistency in Taste

When you are opening an ice cream parlor business in India, you have to be particular about the consistency in taste. In order to achieve it, you must standardize your recipes. The quantity, quality, and flavor of particular ice cream should always be the same.

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open an ice cream parlor

Wrapping It Up

If you want to start an ice cream parlor in India, you need to follow all these ten steps. Research properly so that you can make a winning ice cream parlor business plan. Use your creativity and knowledge to design the menu of your shop.

If you sell unique ice cream flavors at pocket-friendly prices, your business will be successful. You should also make a great marketing strategy to attract more customers to your ice cream parlor.

Combos and gifts on festive seasons are a great way to promote your business. Starting an ice cream parlor in India is a lucrative business. The investment is small and the profits can be enormous.

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