How to Teach Your Puppy Not to Jump on Furniture

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If you have a puppy, you should not invite him to sit on your couch. Once you do so, the puppy won’t stop jumping on sofa as he will find it cozy. Training a puppy not to jump on furniture is extremely important. You need to discourage the behavior right from the beginning or else it will get uncontrollable.

Why is it Important to Keep Pets Off Furniture?

Keeping pets off furniture is a matter of choice. There are some people who love cuddling with their pets on the sofa and do not mind if they jump on it. People who have fancy furniture at their home discourage their pets to jump on furniture as they do not want their expensive sofa to get covered by fur.

Pets jump on furniture leaving a tuft of fur behind. The couch or sofa is cozy and comfortable. This is the reason dogs enjoy climbing on them as they find it extremely rewarding.

The problem is that dogs get muddy and leave a bunch of fur wherever they sleep. If you want your furniture to stay clean, you need to know how to keep your puppy off furniture.

7 Simple Tips to Train Your Puppy Not to Jump on Furniture

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Let’s take a look at the 7 simple tips to teach your puppy not to jump on furniture:

  1. Everyone in Your Family Should Follow the Rules

The rules of your house must be consistent. It implies that everyone in your family starting from your grandparents to your kids should follow the rules. No one should encourage your puppy from sitting on the couch.

It will be easier for the puppy to understand the rules of your house if everyone follows them. If one family member chides him for sitting on the couch, whereas another family member encourages that behavior, it will result in confusion.

  1. Teach Your Puppy That the Floor is a Nice and Comfortable Place

“If you have a puppy, you have to deal with two different situations. In the first situation, he jumps on the sofa when you are in the room. In the second situation, he sleeps on the couch only when you are not there at home.”

When you notice fur on your couch, you instantly understand what’s going behind your back. In order to avoid these situations, you need to teach your puppy that the floor is a nice and comfortable place.

Treat streaming is a process by which you can train your dog efficiently. In this process, you give him treat at regular intervals so that he loses interest in the furniture. Keep a pot of delicious treats on the nearby table.

As soon as your puppy jumps on the furniture, divert his attention by showing him the treats. Give him a treat on the floor, away from the sofa.

Do not give him the opportunity to run back to the couch. Give him the next treat. If you keep luring him with your treats, he will slowly lose interest in the couch.

  1. Reward Your Puppy for Appropriate Behavior

If you want your puppy to stay on his bed, you should reward him whenever he exhibits appropriate behavior. This will encourage him to stay on his bed and not jump on the sofa.

Most people want their dogs to stay away from the dining table and sofa during supper. Give your puppy a treat during supper only when he goes to his bed. Eventually, he will leap into his bed whenever your family will sit down for supper.

  1. Train Your Puppy to go to His Bed

“It is important to invest in a cozy and comfortable bed for your puppy. The reason most dogs jump and sleep on the coach is that it is comfortable. Once he gets another comfortable place to relax, he will enjoy staying there.”

You can place your dog’s bed near the couch so that your pet can enjoy being near you. Whenever your dog jumps on the sofa, command him to go to his bed.

  1. Distract Your Puppy with a Positive Interrupter

If you choose to scold or shout on your dog, it will upset him. A positive interrupter is basically a noise that can distract your dog when he is jumping on the furniture. The noise will not scare or upset your dog.

Whenever your dog jumps on the sofa, make that noise. Once he gets off the sofa, reward him. Using a positive interrupter will encourage puppies jumping off furniture without scaring them.

  1. Keep Your Puppy Off Furniture When Not Home

It is important to know how to stop a puppy from jumping on couch when not home. Most puppies have the habit of sleeping on the sofa once they realize no one is at home.

You can close the door of your living room that has your couch and other fancy furniture. You can keep your dog in another room that does not have any furniture.

  1. Place Things on Furniture so That it Looks Less Attractive

If you want to keep pets off furniture, you have to make it impossible for your pet to jump on the couch. You can place upturned laundry baskets on the couch so that the furniture looks less attractive to your dog. If your puppy does not find the furniture attractive, he will not jump on it.

You can also place a couple of chairs on the couch before leaving your house. There will be no space for your pet to sleep or jump on the couch. As a result, he will stay away from it.

Wrapping It Up

If you follow these 7 tips, you will be able to teach your puppy not to jump on furniture. You need to exhibit patience and compassion for it.

“Some people make the mistake of using punishment for training a puppy. Dogs get extremely distressed when their owners shout on them or use a loud alarm to scare them. They react to the stress by chewing things and soiling the house.”

Avoid scolding or shouting at the puppy. Instead of punishing your puppy for being bad, reward him for appropriate behavior. If you focus on catching your puppy being good, both you and your pet will be happier.

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