Benefits Of Learning English Through Modern Technology

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Benefits of Technology in English Language Learning

Technology has undoubtedly become part and parcel of our everyday lives. Starting from the morning alarm to the closing of our eyes at the end of the day, we have been entirely engulfed by the glamour of progressing technology.

Where the recent technological developments are being considered a curse for the growing generation, we cannot deny the role of modern technology in language learning which is highly being implemented for the youths today.

As per the recent studies, more than 22 million students have been supporting English language learners through modern technology.

As per the scientific researches, learning something becomes easier when visualized than mugged up. Learning a new language via modern technology helps in getting a clearer picture of what we are learning.

Gone are the days when getting enrolled into particular classes were mandatory to learn something. Now, all you need to do is click on the smart device, swipe and dive into the ocean of knowledge.

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Why Should We Switch To Technology?

  • The use of technology tools for English language learners gets them exposed to the recent progressions which help them to adopt the digital skills. This would indirectly benefit the students to gain proper knowledge about the functionality and the specifications about the particular devices.
  • The users will have umpteenth freedom to navigate to the portions where they might need help. Hence, instead of fondling with “where to find”, “how to do”, or “what to learn”, students get a better approach towards their stream.
  • The use of technology in English language teaching and learning saves a considerable chunk of time as well. With just one click, the beneficiaries can get direct access to the vast ocean of information.
  • Using technology in the classroom minimizes the chances of human error. The technology for English language learners helps them learn to propose pronunciations, definitions, grammatical tenses with a countless number of examples and thus makes it nearly error-less.

Students should be closely monitored for their searching preferences. The searching extent should be strictly limited so that the students are not exposed to any kind of information which can prove to be harmful for them.

Drawbacks In Using Technology To Learn English Language

After knowing some of the very many reasons supporting the use of technology to learn English, you might be wondering about the benefits and the drawbacks relevant to the scenario.

Thus, before getting on to the benefits, here are some of the hindrances which pull back the classrooms from using technology in teaching English:

  1. Expenditure

The cost of planting modern devices in every classroom incurs quite a sum of money. The expenditure is sometimes hard to bear for the running institutions. Besides, the cost of maintenance and repair becomes an additional burden on the gross annual budget.

  1. Connectivity

The biggest hindrance in implementing the smart devices in the classrooms is getting an unhindered internet connection. For constant outflow of knowledge, the institutions will need fast Wi-Fi so that a class does not get interrupted midway.

  1. Expertise

The more advanced the technology, more the expertise needed. Any faltering in the smart devices will require the help of experts. Also, the faculty needs to be trained well to be able to answer the queries of the students.

Students should be exposed to the smart devices for a stipulated period of time. Prolonged and continuous exposure might be hazardous to health.

The Benefits Of Modern Technology In Teaching The English Language

The present day scenario is far more different than it had been ever before. Technology is updating with every passing day and to be able to get along with it, is the ultimate need of the hour.

Even though the present-day classrooms are planting smart devices, the warmth, knowledge and the primary requirement of a teacher can never be replaced. Hence, in the 21st century, teachers should be one step ahead of the students.

using technology in teaching English

As a teacher, you are always expected to have answers to the queries (no matter how stupid they are) and hence, you should consider how to use technology to help them learn English.

Talking about the benefits, as a teacher you can:

  • Strategize your teaching plan digitally.
  • Organize future lessons and keep track in the ones already delivered.
  • Record student’s performances and stress on their loopholes.
  • Save impromptu notes to deliver additional information.
  • Develop your educational proficiency.
  • Help yourself with private instructions as and when required.

Benefits Of Learning The English Language By Using Modern Technology

The benefits of e-learning are far more than summed up. From reading to writing, English and technology have always complemented each other. Hence, let us have a look at it:

  1. The smart devices provided in the classrooms are furnished with advanced technology tools for English language learners. In the process, the students will not only learn their subject well but also get exposed to the updated technologies being introduced.
  2. Using technology to learn English will benefit them in future prospects as well. The knowledge of advanced tools will train the growing generation for future modifications so that they do not fumble with smarter devices. The knowledge of technology will nurture their professional proficiency and eventually help them in the future working field.
  3. Introducing smart devices as a learning medium also polishes the thinking levels of the students. It not only enhances the thinking procedures but adheres efficiency in quick thinking and reasonability. Besides, students are seen to develop better collaboration skills.
  4. As per the reports, the use of modern technology in learning English builds up smarter kids. The students who study in technologically advanced classrooms have better performance in every field. They are seen to have more fluent speaking skills, and unhindered reading and writing skills altogether.
  5. Using technology in learning and teaching the English language makes the users more responsible. The responsibility of handling the smart devices and finishing the assigned task in a given period of time, not only enhances their performance rate but also makes them responsible for a future run.

The smart devices should be handled responsibly. Besides, any misuse or wastage of electricity should also be monitored and prohibited.

Wrapping it up

Technology has blessed the world with incredible benefits, and the most profound effect can be experienced in the fields of education. The use of modern technology in higher studies has always dumbfounded us in several ways, but implementing it right from the base seems to be purely beneficial.

The performance of the present-day children who use iPads, Kindle readers, laptops and smartphones are not hidden, which is why we should switch to technology as soon as we can!

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