Left Handed Facts: 10 Facts About Left Handed People

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Did you know that just 10% of the people in the world are left handed? Why is it rare to be left handed? Find it out for yourself in the given below sections that explores various such facts about left handers. There is also a section that tries to separate left handed facts from the myths and answers questions like are left handed people smarter than right handed people.

History of Left Handedness or Left Handers

People have time and again wondered why some are left handed whereas others are right handed. But, till now there is no conclusive study that can provide the exact causes of handedness. A person’s preference to use a particular hand can be due to genes, chance or other social or cultural factors.

One popular theory regarding the high prevalence of right handers is related to the functions that each side of the brain performs.

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Speech is controlled by the left side of the brain. Now, each side of the brain controls the opposite side of the human body. Researchers believe that since speech and gestures go side by side hence a person uses more right hand gestures while speaking.

This leads to the right hand becoming dominant and the reason you find more right handers than left handers.

So, does it make left handedness an anomaly or a disorder? Read below to find out.

10 Left Handed Facts

  1. Brain Structure of Left Handers is Different

Studies have shown that the brains of right and left handers are different.

The tendency of certain functions to be localized to a specific part of the brain is called Lateralization of brain function.

Right handers have high lateralization of brain function than left handers. This means that the brain of right handers has its functions clearly marked. This is not so in the case of left handers.

Left handers can use both parts of their brain for same kind of functions.

  1. Left Handed People Think Differently

Because both sides of a left hander’s brain can perform similar functions hence information transfer between the two sides is frequent and quicker.

This can make lefties quick thinkers.

Left handed people also judge things differently than right handed people.

A study was done in which a group of people were asked to rate images on the basis of intelligence and happiness. Left handers chose different images than right handers.

This can explain a lot about left handers personality and their particular preference in sports or politics.

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  1. Left Handers are Good at Sports

This is one of the most popular left handed advantages.

In most sports like baseball or boxing, people are more used to fighting against right handed opponent. Against a left handed opponent they are unable to defend correctly and get defeated.

This is the reason why you will find many successful sportspersons are left handed.

  1. Famous Left Handed People

 In olden days, left handed people were considered evil. Left handedness was not supported and parents would even force their left handed kids to become right handed.

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It is not a good idea to force a person to change his/her hand preference. It can lead to lot of emotional turmoil and confusion and create psychological and physical problems later on in life.

But, now times have changed. There are many successful left handed people in various fields like sports, art and entertainment.

Some left handed celebrities are Paul McCartney of Beatles fame, Keanu Reeves, Prince William, Angelina Jolie, Bill Gates, and Barack Obama and so on.

  1. Left Handed Day

International Left Handers Day is celebrated on August 13th. It is done to create awareness among people about left handers and the problems they face in a right handers dominant world. It also aims to remove any stigma associated with being left handed.

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  1. How Many People are Left Handed?

Just around 10% of the world population is left handed. Interestingly this percentage has remained more or less steady throughout hundreds of years.

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Another interesting fact about left handed people is that it is not necessary that two left handed parents will have left handed children only. The chance of having a left handed offspring for such people is 40%.

In case of twins the chances of both the twins being left handed is just 25%.

  1. Health of Left Handers

Studies have shown that patients of a particular mental disorder called schizophrenia are 40% left handers. Researchers have not come up with any particular reason for this statistic.

Other than this fact there is no correlation between mental disorders and handedness.

Left handers enjoy longevity and health similar to right handed people and any myth related to ill health is just that, a myth.

  1. Left Handedness and Stress During Pregnancy

Researchers have been trying to find the reasons for left handedness. One such reason is related to pregnancy.

It has been found that children of mothers who go through a lot of stress during pregnancy are generally left handers.

Some previous studies tried to link between mother’s age and left handedness but recent research finds no connection between the two.

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  1. Left Handers Earnings Differ from Right Handers

Studies show that left handers who work in low profile jobs or perform labor work earn less than their right hander counterparts.

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It can be due to the fact that machines and tools are designed for right handers and left handers might find it difficult to gain expertise in using them.

But, left handers who have a college degree earn more than their right handed colleagues.

  1. Left Handers are Not Necessarily Smarter Than Right Handers

Studies have shown that left handers do not have any particular side of brain dominant. Hence they are neither more creatively inclined nor better at mathematics than right handers.

Wrap Up – Left Handed People Facts

Hopefully, the above facts have been able to dispel some myths about left handers. It is possible that with so much false information around there might be some facts left handed people didn’t know about themselves.

It is important to understand that a particular handedness does not make you in any way inferior or superior. Being good at a particular thing is an individual thing and should not be generalized or attributed to some trait.

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