Top 10 Luxury Vacation Destinations To Visit In 2023

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Best Luxury Vacation Destinations Around the World

We all need holidays from time to time, not just to get away from the dullness, but for both relaxation and refreshment. Luxury vacation getaways are always to the rescue when in need of all these necessities.

After all, pretty sceneries and meandering roads cutting through the hills are not always enough! Luxury vacation destinations offer both a pleasing treat to the soul as well as courteous services throughout the stay which gets us ready for the upcoming monotony!

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Whether it is an exotic couples getaway to Santorini or a week-long trip with families, these destinations always have the best to offer. Hence, if you are looking for romantic or family vacation ideas, look nowhere else, because we have got your back right here!

Top 10 Luxury Vacation Destinations

  1. France

Best Luxury Vacation Destinations Around the World

Covering up the western province of Europe, France is one of the best luxury vacation spots. Whether you wish to soak in the beaches of Mediterranean or bask in the beauty of alpine valley, France is never going to disappoint you.

It is one of the most affordable luxury vacation destinations ideal for a honeymoon. One can either climb the 19th century Eiffel Tower standing 324m tall, admire the history at Louvre de Museum or shop from the best fashion boutiques in Paris to make the most.

France is also known for its rich cultural heritage that shines in the Medieval architecture scattered in every alley, making it one of the best luxury family holiday destinations in the world.

While traveling to different countries, one should respect the community guidelines and the choices, rules and regulations of the place, so as to not hurt someone's sentiment.

  1. Chile

family vacation ideas

Talk about psychedelic sceneries and dumbfounding landscapes, Chile will always top! With lush green borders thriving at the foothills of mighty mountain ranges and humming of the distant lakes contouring the serene essence, Chile has earned its place among the most expensive islands to visit.

It has both culture and luxury balanced hand-in-hand. Besides the all-inclusive luxury resorts with a scenic backdrop, offering umpteenth of peace, Chile also offers some of the most appealing vacation packages to choose from.

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  1. The Seychelles

best luxury vacation spots

Hiding amidst the blue rumblings of the mighty Indian Ocean, Seychelles has topped among the most expensive islands in the world. While here, you might spot a few A-listers, celebrities and billionaires exploring the private island.

The range of exotic islands scattered all over the Indian Ocean offers luxury resorts, private villas and bungalows for a hush-hush stay and offers the best services.

  1. Iceland

affordable luxury vacation destinations

Look beyond the luxury hotels and exclusive resorts to find a haven in Iceland. This extraordinary place has been blessed with the best natural phenomenon which also makes it one of the most luxurious places in the world.

The swirling black beaches that carve an arch and the majestic horses that are native to the land make up for an unforgettable experience.

Besides, the Aurora Borealis garnering tourists from all corners of the world makes it one of the best luxury vacation spots for both couples and families.

  1. Las Vegas

luxury family vacation destinations

Wondering about the best luxury resorts and missing on Vegas is a crime! LV is crowned as the Sin City for all the guilty pleasure activities one can indulge into. It is home to some of the most lavish casinos and most expensive resort in the world.

From spas to massages, therapies and more, LV offers an incomparable service to all. From fancy boutiques to seven star restaurants, Las Vegas sums up to be one of the most sought after luxury travel getaways in the world.

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  1. Caribbean

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If not hunting for the Pirates, the Caribbean is also visited by tourists looking out for an exclusive getaway. Brimming with water villas, private luxury resorts as well as honeymoon suits, and private islands, there is nothing that will keep you from making the most of this luxury retreat.

May it be the St. Barth’s fashion haul or St. Martin’s seven-star luxury hotels like Sonesta Great Bay, the island is incomparably one of the best luxury vacation destinations in the world.

  1. Egypt

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If you are a fan of history and have dreamt about the massive pyramids, Egypt is the only one for you. With historic architecture representing the bygone heritage of this beautiful place, Egypt has proven to be one of the best luxury family vacation destinations.

Two of the major tourist attractions are the Grand Egyptian Museum and a cruise ride down the river Nile. Besides this, Egypt is also uniquely studded with some of the best hotels in the world which offer all-inclusive services and five-star dining options as well.

It is not always possible to know all the language in the world. However, this should never bother you. Always have contacts of translators or tour guide when lost.

  1. Turkey

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Turkey is the land of rich heritage of mighty rulers and their legendary pasts! It has been home to the Romans, Greek, Byzantine, Persian and Ottoman dynasties and is itself a story within.

The million tales rattling in the alleys, guide you to the best luxury vacation destination and tourist attractions of the 14th to 17th century. From Gothic Churches to flawless museums, from globe-like domes to the pristine Mosques, Turkey is a must visit for everyone.

Apart from that, don’t forget to savor the unique dishes which have the authentic taste of Turkey!

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  1. Oman

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Crowning the Anantara Hotels as one of the best luxury hotels in the world, Oman has rightly earned a place among the best luxury vacation destinations in the world. The rich heritage and the cultural harmony are reflected in every wall that stands upright here.

From the month of October to that of April, Oman witnesses a huge tourist rush as consequent events, festivals and lavish getaways create an uproar in the country.

The unique topography of this place and the impeccable landscape, that stretches towards the vast horizon making its way through the centuries-old Mosques and holy shrines, is what makes it one of the most expensive places to vacation during the peak season.

  1. London

Luxury Holiday Destinations

Brimming with celebrity hotels and glamorous attractions, London has a range of several luxury resorts and exotic lodging options. May it be the Langham or the Corinthia, London hosts some of the best hotels in the world.

Apart from the posh localities that carve such majestic, jaw-dropping lodging options, one can simply search for solace in the alleys of the Andaz Liverpool Street, where the admirable artworks pave the way for peace.

London also flaunts a series of graceful fashion boutiques, museums and a list of other luxurious activities to indulge into, thereby making it one of the most expensive places in the world.

It is always great to explore; however, one should never trespass forbidden places and localities. Respecting the guidelines of the residents will directly portray a positive impact about you.

Wrap Up – Luxury Holiday Destinations

Although the above mentioned most destinations are expensive, there are still some of the cheapest luxury vacation destinations that exists as well. These destinations are ideal for people who want to enjoy a luxury vacation but are also on a tight budget!

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