How To Start Matchstick Manufacturing: Low-Cost Match Sticks Making Business

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Matchsticks are one of the most important necessities used in almost every household and industry. Owing to the huge demand, starting a small scale matchstick manufacturing business often yields huge turnover annually.

The production of fire matches especially involves two types of matches: wooden matchsticks and paper matches.

Whether small-scale or on a commercial up front, the business requires the individual to have particular knowledge about the business and matchsticks making guide to adhere to.

On a regular basis, approximately a billion of matchsticks are being used up for various purposes either domestic or for commercial purposes. This creates an annual turnover of approximately 100 crores.

Taking due notes about such high profit estimation, matchstick manufacturing business is surely worth a shot. Hence, to help you with the nooks and corners about the business, here is a guide you can rely on.

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Take ample time to decide whether you want to focus on more labor employment or begin a fully automatic matchstick manufacturing business, as this would decide the investment and the proceeding procedures.

Machinery Required for Making Matchstick

The requirement of machinery depends on the type of business chosen. If you want to go for a small-scale matchstick manufacturing business, then the number of machineries will be lesser than a fully automatic business.

A completely automatic matchstick manufacturing business requires the use of heavy machinery in every step. The use of machines makes the matchstick manufacturing process fully automatic.

However, the more machines implemented, the greater will be the investment required. Hence, the list of matchstick match boxing machinery required:

  • Making match boxes
  • Box closing
  • Chopping and shaping of the splint
  • Peeling
  • Splint veneer
  • Rapid dipping
  • Packaging
  • Head composition

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Matchstick Manufacturing Process

If you are wondering about how are matchsticks made, then know that the process involves various steps on how to manufacture safety matches. The steps are both lengthy as well as cumbersome. To sum up the basic steps, the matchstick manufacturing process comprises preparing, treating and packaging – all of which are divided into sub-processes.

How are Match Sticks Made
  • The first process involves chopping off the matchsticks in proper shape. The sticks should be equally sliced and chopped in definite proportions and filed properly before moving on to the next step.
  • Once the matchsticks are shaped and filed, the next step involves fueling or treating of the matchsticks. These sticks are then thoroughly soaked in ammonium phosphate which is a fire retardant. Hereafter, the treated sticks are thoroughly left to dry. Drying is an important step here as one cannot approach to the next step before the wooden matchsticks are completely dried.
  • Once the matchsticks have dried off completely, the next step involves treating them with molten wax. One end of the stick is dipped in hot paraffin wax and coated properly. This end with the hot paraffin wax becomes the striking end.
  • The matches containing the hot paraffin wax are then fixed in a conveyor belt. In the meantime, the waxes are dried off completely and prepared for the next step. To these sticks two different types of chemicals used in match heads are poured. Among these chemicals, one is meant for the base and the other is poured on the head of the matchstick to polish the heads thoroughly.
  • The matchsticks are then packaged properly and stored.

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What Tree are Matches Made from?

Owing to the huge application of fire matches, large amounts of trees are required to be chopped off for wood in matchstick manufacturing unit. If you are wondering about which tree are matches made from, then know that you cannot carve out matchsticks from any kind of tree or wood.

For this purpose, Aspen and Pine trees are used significantly because they can grow really fast. On average, they are harvested within four to twelve years. Also, the wood used for making matchsticks should be waxy enough to enhance the burn quality of the sticks. Hence, to provide appropriate incandescence, Pine trees are ideal.

Better marketing always leads to a greater success. Research the market thoroughly for rivals and choose the location accordingly.

Material Used to Make Matchbox and Matchsticks

Both the matchsticks and the matchboxes are made up of different materials which when subjected to friction results into fire. The match heads are made up of:

  • Sulphur
  • Potassium chlorate
  • Glass powder
  • Fillers

The match stick strike pad is made up of:

  • Binder
  • Red phosphorus
  • Glass powder

Matchstick Manufacturing Business Guide

Now that you know about the various factors that determine a matchstick manufacturing business, you must be wondering how to start a matchstick business.

Initiating a start-up of any kind that involves fire is different than the regular business plans. It involves a lot of additional certification and precautions for the safety of both the business as well as the surrounding area.

  1. Research the Market Carefully

The matchstick manufacturing business generates significant revenue and turnover annually, due to which, it involves a huge amount of competition. Besides, there are specific requirements and strategies which need to be taken care of in order to achieve a successful business up front.

Hence, the market should be thoroughly researched to rinse out the basic information about the industry. Know about the pre-established companies and understand the strategies they have implemented for manufacturing fire matchsticks.

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  1. Capital Required for Matchstick Manufacturing Business

Matchstick manufacturing business requires multiple steps to be followed. Starting the business with a proper guide is only the preliminary step which needs to be followed. Hereafter, getting regular supplies of the raw materials and proper management of the machinery involved is only secondary.

The first concern that hits everyone while beginning with a startup is the cost incurred or the necessary investment required for the business. The investment solely depends on the individual, how much money he wants to put on the horse before the race.

As a beginner, if you want to join a company, the cost will be different than that required for a sole proprietorship. You can either invest on fully automatic matchstick manufacturing machinery or might even go for semi-automatic and invest in labor.

On average, the capital required for a matchstick manufacturing business is estimated to be approximately $200000. If you run out of your personal investment, there are a number of banks which readily approve bank loans for businesses.

  1. Registration Required for Matchstick Manufacturing Business

Before starting any business, it is always necessary to get all the required registrations done. For starting a matchstick manufacturing business, you will be requiring a number of registrations and certifications, without which you will not be legally allowed to pursue the startup.

Firstly, a trade license is mandatory for any kind of trading and business. Any kind of business with matchsticks involves permission from the Fire Department. Thereafter, you would require to get specific permission for beginning the business and permission to operate from the Pollution Control Board.

Every certification is important for the business and should not be skipped.

  1. Location for Establishing Match Box Manufacturing Plant

Location always holds primary importance in any kind of business. A favorable location not only renders to the success of the business but also has a great impact on sales as well.

However, for establishing a match box manufacturing plant, the requirement of the location is slightly different than the rest. Since the matchstick manufacturing business involves fire, the location of the unit should be selected in the fire zone of an industrial area. Anywhere away from the industrial areas, setting up a match box manufacturing plant is not permitted to ensure the safety of the surrounding area. For this, due permission should be obtained from the Municipal Corporation as well as the Fire Department.

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  1. Invest In Marketing

Always preach what you sell. Marketing in earlier days was quite cumbersome however, the preset day offers digital marketing as a very easy means of publicity. Thanks to the online marketing platforms and social media.

Begin with owning a website in regards to the matchstick manufacturing unit and list down the motto and future goals clearly. If you have any previous achievement do not step back from flaunting it there. List down the collaborations with established companies, retailers and suppliers.

Attend meetings and events and distribute brochures. If you are in search of human employment, glorify the job offerings as well.

Before establishing the match box manufacturing plant, make sure the plant is warranted with every kind of safety precautions. Since the entire procedure involves fire, the entire matchstick manufacturing unit should have fire extinguishers, sand buckets and thorough water supply in case of emergencies.

Wrapping It Up

Owing to the huge success of matchstick manufacturing business, it has emerged as one of the best startup ideas. However, just like any other business, proper management and maintenance should be highly taken care of.

Also, proper investment in publicity and marketing should be incurred as it has a significant impact on the success of the business.

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