Reasons Why Outdoor Signage Is As Important As Your Website In Business

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Are Exterior Signs Still Significant? Let’s Find Out the Importance and Benefits of Outdoor Business Signage.

While starting a business these days, most businesses focus on digital advertising, but check out why exterior signage is important to your business.

Signage is an important marketing strategy and you need to use outdoor business signs as well for branding and advertising your product or service. You can use graphics and text displays for offering more information about your business to your target customers.

Today, there are so many types of signs and banners available so if you have decided to invest in custom signs, there’s sure to be one that suits your business.

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Reasons Why Outdoor Signage is Important for Your Business

  1. Visual Communication

custom outdoor signs

You must have heard the saying ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’. Visual communication comes in different forms like sign boards, trade show displays, vehicle wraps and so on, but they are all created in such a way as to garner the attention of your target customers and communicate something to them about your product or service.

  • An attractive sign for your business helps potential customers to get to your destination.
  • They get information about the brand or the company and know what to expect or receive from the product or service.
  • A good business signage will consist of words or symbols that give information.
  • The logo, shapes, colors give a distinctive image to your business and create interest in your product, as it improves marketing and advertising activities.
  • Store signs persuade customers by conveying the brand story of the business. This leads to more engagement and thereby, higher revenues.

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  1. Location Guidepost

Though there might be many of your competitors located in the same area, customers might opt to buy from you, if they see a sign of your business that leads them right up to you.

  • Outdoor business signs fulfill the role of a guidepost and guides customers to find your outlet, attracting the attention of new customers as well.
  • People who move to a new area usually start looking for outdoor signs, so that they can start visiting these places.
  • One of the advantages of signage advertising is that roadside or entry signs are useful for marking an entryway, as they direct customers and help them find your business easily. You can place these off roadways or near entryways.
  • Window displays and exterior signs can help in creating curiosity and persuade customers to enter.
  • A directional outdoor signage is very important in locations like a shopping mall or a corporation. Visitors will be less likely to get lost.
  • Office signage can also be useful during outdoor events, festivals or if there are several buildings and entrances, emphasising the importance of signage in retail.

Tip: You can also add your website url to the signage, so that people seeing it can check it out later. Adding a QR code would also be a good idea!

  1. Information on Specials, Discounts

Your outdoor signage can be persuasive and attract customers to special sales, discounts and so on.

  • Custom outdoor signs using colors, letters, signs and graphics related to your business can be used for announcing a sale or a special offer.
  • If it is big enough, it will grab the attention of your target customers while they are walking down a street or just whizzing past in their vehicles.

exterior signage

Make sure that you build your outdoor signages to withstand outdoor weather conditions!

  1. Brand Recognition

 Outdoor signage can play an important role in helping people recognize and identify your brand. Brand recognition related to outdoor signage is considerable.

  • When your company uses the same logo, colors and fonts in all their signage, it helps cement your brand name on your customers’ minds.
  • You can use outdoor signage for reinforcing your brand using temporary posters and banners. These are fairly inexpensive and you can use it for promoting different events and for different seasons and festivities of the year.

Use a pylon sign near traffic fairways offering visibility to the passing traffic and brand your business! You can display a logo or your name.

While considering illumination for your outdoor signage, remember to use durable lighting elements and also that it will need replacing, so ensure that it can be accessed easily for maintenance!

  1. Cost Effective

Retail stores constantly need outdoor signage to increase foot traffic. You can opt for outdoor signage, as it is quite a cost effective marketing solution offered by the booming signage industry.

  • Vinyl fabric used for signage is considered among the top budget friendly options. They are also sturdy and are ideal as window signs in storefronts, specifically during winters, as they can stand a lot of abuse.
  • You can use them for announcing a yard sale, a sidewalk sale or for a corporate event.
  • You can use it repeatedly to capture the attention of your target customers.
  • Most outdoor signage material can also be recycled if you return it.

Before you invest money in outdoor signage, find out the regulations or restrictions of your city. For instance, you may have to restrict it to a certain size or a font etc.

Wrap Up

An outdoor signage for your business can help you in your business communication goals. As part of the benefits of good signage, it can get your business noticed, tell them about the latest deals and hot items or direct them so that people find their way easily towards your business. Of course, many people are finding businesses online, but that is just one half of the story. If you want to promote your business in other ways, you can use custom exterior signs.

Use outdoor signage in strategic places. For instance, you can place signages in highway gas stations or restaurants or a few miles ahead of the exit ramp. It is highly useful if you place your signages in high traffic locations, as overflow traffic coming from other places will find your business and could make a sudden impromptu visit to try it out.

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