12 Top Part Time Jobs for Retirees: Cool Retirement Jobs That Pay Well

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What Are the Best Part Time Jobs for Retirees/Seniors? Let’s find out….

In today’s consumer society, there should be a source of income for everyone at all stages of life. So, we thought it would be a good idea to write about some retirement careers. There are a number of good part time jobs for retirees available in the job market.

Here we have shortlisted top 12 part time jobs for retired and we will also see some important tips regarding employment for senior citizens.

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There is a common misconception that employers avoid recruiting people over their retirement age. Let’s break that myth first.

Why do employers look forward to employing seniors who are 55 years and above?

Let me tell you the answer in just one word – Experience.

At the completion of a long successful career, employees retire with a vast experience and knowledge in their respective fields. If they are given an opportunity to transfer their knowledge and experience lessons to the next generation, it would be a wonderful way of human resource management.

Human resource professionals all over the world are deliberating over how to achieve this in a systematic and efficient way. That said, let us now come back to our topic discussion. We will see some of the best part time jobs for retirees in the coming paragraphs.

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Top 12 Part Time Jobs for Retirees Who are Retired and Need Some Extra Money

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  1. Be a Freelance Consultant

This is exactly what we were speaking about in the starting of the article.

An employee retiring at the age of 55, can continue working as a freelance consultant for companies in his industry for an hourly payment basis. The expertise and network, acquired over the long career can be put to best use by converting it to a good earning opportunity.

Companies nowadays recruit employees part time for projects on a contract basis. They always look for valuable experience from industry veterans. These are good opportunities for retirees to pass on their expertise to next generation and at the same time make some good amount of money.

These jobs take comparatively less time so that retirees would have enough time to enjoy their retirement life. Also, this is one of the best paying jobs for retirees.

  1. Start a Teaching Career

Teaching is one profession with an unmeasurable amount of job satisfaction. Most people prefer this as their retirement career option.

Teaching can be taken as a post retirement job in many ways. You can either teach children in your neighborhood, or even better, there are colleges and schools offering part time job positions for retirees.

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Colleges are looking for experienced veterans from different fields to offer guest lectures for their students.

There are also online education portals ready to pay you for your knowledge sharing sessions. Registering as tutors in online learning websites like Udemy is a good way of earning money from the comforts of home.

When you look for your second career, money should not be your preference. The whole idea is to make some extra money while enjoying your retirement life. So, figure out some retiree jobs which are stress free, takes lesser time and efforts and matches with your passion.

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  1. Career Consultant

The time you retire from your profession would be the time a large group of young aspirant lot take baby steps into their career. The best thing you could do for them is to guide them to shape their career.

This can be a satisfying job for retirees. You can do this either online or through some career counseling companies.

There are also companies looking for retired professionals to be a part of their interviewing panels so as to recruit the right candidates for their company.

  1. Blogging

Blogging is a good career option for people of all age groups. After you retire, you could take up blogging as a part time income opportunity, if you have good writing skills and has a passion for blogging.

employment for senior citizens
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You can create a blog on any niche topic. It can be on your hobby or interest. It can be on the skills or expertise you acquired over your career. Once you have set up a blog with quality content, you can monetize your content with Google.

Google AdSense and Affiliate marketing are some good ways to make money through blogging. Blogging is one of the easy part time jobs for retirees.

For becoming a successful blogger, its advisable to take some online courses in Digital marketing and Search Engine Optimizations.

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  1. Tax Consultant

If you have retired from a profession of Chartered Accountant or Auditor, you can still continue your job till you want. With the superfluous experience you gathered over your career, it’s easy to find part time work as retiree.

You can start a company of your own or can freelance depending upon the effort and time you are ready to invest after you retire. With complex tax systems, companies would be happy to recruit tax experts who are retired from their service.

  1. Gym Instructor

For those who have retired from an athletic field, its quite easy to find part time retirement jobs that suits your passion. There are many jobs that would suit them. You could start coaching a local school team, join as a physical training instructor or join a Gym as a part time instructor.

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Now with the new generation becoming more and more health conscious every day, demand for physical training instructors are always in the rise. Apart from an earning opportunity, it’s a good way to keep yourselves healthy even after retirement.

Some of the retiree jobs which we have discussed so far are related to the careers which they already had. We suggest this to be one of the best options to explore as an after-retirement job. Take up your career in a smaller scale and continue making money.

  1. Babysitting

Today in most families, both parents are working. What happens, when they have children. It’s a struggle to find someone to look after their children. Child care centers in most places are much less equipped.

There is a good opportunity in babysitting for children, as many working parents are looking for options to have individual attention to their children. If you love being with children, you can very well take up babysitting as a job after you retire.

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  1. Dog Walker

This is only for those who have a love towards pets, dogs specifically. If you are a dog lover, its safe to assume that you have a dog at your place. You also would know how difficult is it to take care of a dog, when you have to be at office during day time.

You could be a help for such people by taking care of their dogs when they are at work. It’s one of the best jobs for seniors over 60 who love dogs.

  1. Auction Coordinator

Various auction companies are ready to pay good amount of money to senior people to work as part time auctioneers for various auction events. This is another good paying job for retirees.

  1. Tour Guide

This is for you, if you are looking for some fun part time jobs for retirees. We all love the places where we live. Also, we know the best places to hang out, the local attractions, folk stories about the place and its history.

How about become a tour guide and help tourists to explore and learn about your place better? If done in the right way, this can be a high paying part time job for retirees.

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  1. Store Manager

Departmental stores and other shopping outlets in the neighborhood would always have requirements for store managers.

They would be looking for senior people with good managing experience during their career. Retired employees would easily fit into these roles.

  1. YouTube Videos

We all know about earning money through YouTube. This can be taken up as an earning opportunity by any age group of people. We have seen youngsters creating YouTube channels with funny videos and monetizing the same.

post retirement jobs
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So, what about senior people? What kind of content they can create? There are many seniors after retirement venturing into creation of Educational channels and making good amount of money. This is an amazing opportunity for retirees to explore.

When you start earning good amount of money through your new profession, make sure you pay your taxes, if required, on time. As you would be freelancing in most cases, you will have to calculate taxes based on your income on your own.

Wrapping up

So far, we have discussed a number of part time jobs for retirees. If you find any of the above worth trying, give your best shot. Retirement is not the end of anything. Instead of getting into a boring retirement life, finding a part time job would make life more happening.

We all know the story of Colonel Harland Sanders. He was above 60 years of age when he founded KFC.

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