Pros and Cons of Coworking Spaces

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Before committing to that coworking space, know about the pros and cons of coworking spaces…

Working in a shared office is emerging to be the next big thing! From the major cities like New York, Amsterdam, Singapore, Shanghai to the developing countries as a whole, coworking space trends are being highly looked forward to.

Coworking is the act of working together in an office-like environment, away from the office. It is being more favored by freelancers working from home, or employees denying the hectic office environment.

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However, the question is – Is coworking worth it? Coworking creates an environment which is completely suitable for the working minds. It provides a platform for the like-minded people to share a working space together. Though trendy, it is however not supported by a number of people.

There are both pros and cons of coworking spaces which makes it both constructive as well as unfavourable for the people.

If there are more than one coworking spaces, you can surely opt for the cheaper ones, but make sure you do not compromise on the utilities offered by these shared office spaces.

coworking space trends

Pros of Coworking Spaces

  1. Comfortable Working Environment

Shared office spaces are usually favoured because of the comfortable working environment it offers. The hectic schedules prevailing in the office environment often proves to be unhealthy for some people.

The monotonous working hours, back to back meetings and the constant pressure from senior working officials is very disturbing.

In these cases, a coworking space emerges as the ultimate rescue. One of the prime benefits of coworking spaces is that it is exactly like an office without dullness and pressure.

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  1. Zero Distraction

The best answer for people wondering – why coworking space? is that it offers zero distraction. People working from home mostly have a deteriorated performance because of different kinds of distraction like TV, family, pets, etc.

However, working in a coworking space offers you a working environment without any kind of distraction.

Just like offices, separate slots are designated for every individual. The company of like-minded people ensures sheer understanding and thus cuts off chances of distraction.

  1. Flexible Working Schedule

One of the prime benefits of coworking spaces is that they provide flexible working schedule. The packed schedules in offices are often hard to manage, let alone the over time routines.

An open office layout in coworking spaces however offers a flexible working schedule and allows you to be your own boss! This turns as an advantage for people who want to indulge in part-time work as well, as they are left with ample time to invest in a side hustle.

  1. Ready to Work Office Space

Often when we decide to start something on our own, the hassle of finding a working space turns out to be an additional stress. On top of that, the administrative fuss often becomes a headache.

In these situations, shared office spaces turn out to be a saviour. The well-furnished, and well-equipped coworking space cuts off the administrative hassle.

Since coworking spaces are already teamed with internet connections, computers, pantry services, and various other utilities, all you need to do is take your membership and get to work!

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  1. Moral Support

Among the primary benefits of coworking spaces, the amount of moral support shared among the working members is unbelievable. The community of like-minded people understands the problems and reasons of frustration build-up in difficult times.

Hence, every member in the shared office space makes it a point to uplift one another.

  1. Extend Your Network

Working in a coworking space also increases the network or connectivity.

While working with people serving on a diverse platform, individuals get to meet and greet a number of people. Thus, one can easily establish a working contact among themselves, if need be!

Always remember to follow the rules and regulations set by the shared office space and never disobey.

Cons of Coworking Spaces

There is an almost equal distribution of open office concept pros and cons. The advantages can also turn out to be not-so-helpful for some individual and thus act as an disadvantage.

However, there are some common cons of coworking spaces which happens to trouble the most.

shared office spaces

  1. Crowded

Shared office spaces can be really crowded. People from diverse places and offices gather at the same place to share a similar working environment.

Where this can be very helpful in terms of contacts and increasing networks, sometimes, it can lead to overcrowded atmosphere. However, this is exactly how coworking space works.

  1. Invasion of Privacy

Certain works require extreme concentration which cannot be achieved in open office layouts, and thus can be one of the biggest disadvantages of coworking spaces.

The basis of shared office space is that multiple people working together, which is very unfavourable for works that demand high level of privacy.

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  1. Distraction

If you ever wonder who uses a coworking space, then the answer will be, a greater percentage of people who wants to avoid distraction.

Though many people choose to work in a shared office space because of distraction, it can still be a hindrance sometimes and turn out to be one of the biggest downsides of coworking space.

Often due to some events or occasions, coworking spaces can turn out to be too eventful and distracting. This can eventually affect individuals whose working schedules require thorough concentration.

Coworking spaces can be highly fruitful in terms of building connection. However, if you happen to collaborate with anyone, make sure to get a detailed report of their past experiences.

Wrapping It Up

Just like nothing is perfect, there are both benefits and glitches with coworking spaces. However, it depends on the individuals how they face the adverse situations.

No matter what, the advantages of shared office spaces is hard to ignore which is why the urban hub is ready to accept the coworking space trend.

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