Benefits of Adopting a Pet Rabbit: Bunny as a Pet

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Rabbits as Pets: How You Can Benefit from Adopting a Pet Rabbit

We often go through a series of questions before adopting a bunny. Considering the additional responsibility of the fragile being, we often wonder – is it good to keep a rabbit at home? Or will it be good to have rabbits around your kids?

The answer is yes! Rabbits are one of the best mates for human household and can prove to be your best friend as well.

The fact that rabbits are thoroughly social, interactive, indulging and cute, proves to be one of the best benefits of adopting a pet rabbit.

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Sadly, the hectic professional schedule of the present day leads to a more significant proportion of people stuffing the poor being inside a cage, which not only deteriorates their health but also destroys their will to thrive anymore!

Hence, if you are thinking of bunny pets, here is everything you need to know about rabbits as a pet.

Are Rabbits Good with Children?

If you have kids at home, then this is probably the first question that comes to your mind. The cute and subtle nature of the rabbits makes them the ultimate pets to be adored. However, rabbits also need utmost care compared to the dogs and kitties in general.

Biologically, the bone structure of rabbits is fragile and weak, and hence should be handled cautiously. Specialists advise that families with little grown-up children should adopt bunny as pets.

On the contrary, younger kids or infants should be kept away from them as a bit of mishandling can lead to fatal injuries to the rabbits. However, parents should closely monitor and teach the children how to handle rabbits as pets.

Do not isolate the rabbits and stuff them inside their cages. Try to give the rabbits as much freedom as they deserve.

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Why Should We Keep Bunny as a Pet?

“The way rabbits live makes more sense to me than the way people live.” Rightly quoted by Marty Rubin, we totally agree on the positivity a rabbit brings in your life. The pretty hopping creatures are not just beautiful but quite low-maintenance.

Just let them out into an open space and see them have their own fun time, if bored, call them up and cuddle with the softest pets you can ever have. If you are still not convinced, here are some of the reasons as to why you should adopt bunny as pet.

  1. Rabbits Are Friendly and Docile

The friendly and docile nature of rabbits makes them the best as pets. They are often found to get along with the children who spend a greater span of time at home.

The pure and innocent bond established between them makes the children more social and responsible. Having a rabbit as a pet also keeps negativities and depression at bay.

  1. Rabbits Are Not Too Clingy

One of the best advantages of keeping rabbits is that they need their own space sometimes, thereby giving you your own good space as well (well, we all need it sometimes, don’t we?).

Rabbits are quite whimsical in nature. When sometimes they want to cuddle with you or hop on your lap all over, the other time’s pet rabbits might also want to play with their own selves.

  1. Very Obedient and Less Maintenance

Rabbits can be taught to obey and can be trained for fun activities to some extent. Rabbits are also adorned for their fetish towards cleanliness.

They often prefer a clean environment and stay away from the littered areas. Rabbits also keep themselves fresh for the same reason.

The cages or hutches of the rabbit should be appropriately cleaned. Accumulating litters can cause stinking of the coop and might also spread diseases.

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Benefits of Keeping Rabbits as Pets

  1. Rabbits Can Turn Out to be Your Best Buddies

One of the prime benefits of keeping rabbits as pets is that they can become your best friend in no time. Rabbits love to snuggle and thus are the best cuddle buddies.

Research says that families who own a rabbit are less prone to get psychologically depressed, as the constant reciprocation of love makes the affected individuals feel wanted, and more loved. Also, who will ever feel sad by looking at their pretty and cute faces?!

  1. Rabbits Are Very Social

One of best reasons for keeping rabbits as pets is that they are very social and easy going. Rabbits can quickly get along with every member of the family, especially with the children.

The more you care for them, the more excited they are on seeing you. They are quite adorned by the grandparents as well. Hence, irrespective of your age group, rabbits are sure to turn into your best pets for the household.

  1. Bunnies Are Quiet

Another reason for keeping bunnies as pets is that they are quiet. Hence, even if you have a pet bunny at home; they are not likely to disturb the neighbors or cause any kind of disturbance. Also, rabbits are very unlikely to disobey and escape into someone else’s space.

  1. Perfect for the Household

Rabbits can live happily within the small apartments if treated and cared well. One does not need to have a big backyard space in order to raise a rabbit. This is the reason why they have found a place in the apartments of the metropolitan city.

  1. No Long Walks

One of the most significant advantages of keeping rabbits is that you do not need to shed your valuable energy in taking them for long walks and petting them to get back home. Rabbits are happy in their own comfortable space and do not have any such demand.

  1. No Hiding Food

Unlike cats or dogs, rabbits are not found to nibble into anything they find. One does not need to hide their stuff to save it from getting turmoiled. Just give them their food, and they’ll keep on nibbling on it from time to time.

Though rabbits do not need any regular visit to vets, you should always keep a proper check on their health. Any sudden change in behavior or food habit should immediately be reported.

Wrapping Up – Rabbits as a Pet

Adopting a rabbit is one of the best decisions one can take. The cute, little, hopping beings are found to bring positivity and unprecedented joy in the families they are adopted at.

However, we should not forget to feed them at proper times or take care of them like a member of the family itself.

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