9 Remarkable Signs You Were Meant To Be A Writer

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Do you ever dream of becoming a writer? Deep down in your heart, something tells you that you have the writing signs in you and can impact other with your words. But, at the same time, there is a nagging doubt about whether you have good writing skills, some negative feelings that you are not good enough and do not have what it takes to be a great author or writer.

If you are reading this article and have this thought of, I want to write a book, rest assured that you have it in you. All you need is the courage to take the plunge and you are well on your way to knowing how to become a writer. The rest is easy as pie.

Signs You Were Meant to be a Writer

  1. Dream On

You probably have dreams that you want to be a writer, secret ones that you have never divulged to anyone. However, they keep coming back and you dream about novel writing and becoming a popular author of fiction.

This is one of the top writing signs that is actually confirmation about becoming an author.

  1. Doubts and Excuses

Like all budding authors, you have doubts and apprehensions about yourself. You feel you are not good enough and will never make it in the world of writers.

The very fact that you doubt yourself is proof that there is a writer lurking deep within you and waiting to spread its wings.

If you are the kind of person who keeps making excuses for not going out and having fun with friends, but prefer to stay home and catch up on your stories, I’d say it is one sure sign that you were meant to be a writer.

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  1. Be Inspired

Do you feel inspired with new or unconventional thoughts every now and then? If yes, then this is a sign that you are inspired and well on your way to the first step in becoming an accomplished writer.

Whatever your inspiration, just begin to write. If you follow your dream, you will find that the thoughts just drift and the words flow along with it. Lo and behold! You will have a fine set of lines before you, with all your thoughts penned down in the most beautiful words imaginable.

Do not let anyone let you think otherwise! Start right now, and the magic of writing will unfold on its own and you will become a better writer on a daily basis.

  1. Are You a Perfectionist?

Do you want your writing to be perfect in every way imaginable? I know I would and that’s exactly why I am a writer.

Perfection is what it takes to become a better writer. You want a perfect piece of writing, so that it can impact readers in a positive way and add value to some aspect of their lives.

A disorganized piece of writing will never be able to hold the attention of the reader. But you are looking for perfection, and that’s all you need to tell yourself that you have it in you to be a writer.

It’s all there for the asking, just go out and get down to it. Write your masterpiece with all your heart and soul thrown into it, and the world is your oyster so to speak!

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  1. Secret Admiration

You probably read a great deal and admire the masterpieces of renowned writers. You secretly want to emulate them and achieve success in a similar manner. But you are probably too reticent to discuss these thoughts with others.

Let not fear of failure stop you from venturing into the amazing field of writing. If you love reading and admire the brain and mind behind the writing work, that’s half the battle won.

It is a clear sign that you are born to be a writer and only need the gumption to take the first step. So, there you are, it’s all out there within reach.

  1. Something Missing

You probably feel that emptiness within when you do not write. The day seems to be wasted.

When you pour your heart out, never mind the errors of grammar or the random thoughts, you feel gratified and your soul soars upwards on this blissful dreamlike universe.

There is a deep yearning in your heart and it can only be quelled with writing. That’s your true calling, you are meant for writing. Do not live with this emptiness in life, but go ahead and pour your thoughts out.

Success or failure is not in your hand, that’s destiny or whatever you like to call it.

  1. Talking to Yourself

Now this does not mean that you are crazy and just blabber to yourself all the time. That’s not what I meant.

When you read a piece of writing or when you hear a story, do you start silently voicing your opinions, thoughts and arguments on the storyline? This is your inner talent that is attempting to express itself.

Allow it the chance to express itself satisfactory through creative writing. You are waiting to voice these thoughts on several issues, but find no outlet.

That’s a surefire sign that you are truly meant to be a writer, so what are you waiting for.

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  1. Embellishing Stories

When you read a story and relate it to someone, do you add those slight embellishments to make the story more attractive and interesting? That’s the writer in you trying to add some original thoughts to a tale.

You secretly desire to relate your ideas to others and take the opportunity of adding it to stories that you relate.

That’s an indirect way of communicating your creativity, so why not do it the direct way? Write your own story or create your own article, so that you can fulfill your dreams of being a writer in the true sense of the word.

  1. Word Freak

Has anyone every called you a word freak or a word nerd? If you want to write, do not be ashamed to accept it. You are a word freak or a word nerd, because you are fascinated by the world of words.

Using words in a magical and creative way is probably all that you ever want to do in life. That’s exactly what a good writer would like to do, play with words, use them creatively to attract readers and keep them riveted to the text.

If you have been called a word freak, that’s the last nail in the coffin and you can take my word for it, you are born to be a brilliant writer.

No More Waiting

The written signs are all on the wall. You have a dream and you’ve got to pursue it right now. There’s nothing like the present. So, get to it now and start writing!!

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