Mobile Phone Related Business Ideas: 15 Lucrative Businesses You Can Start With Your Smartphone

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15 Promising Business Ideas You Can Start Using Your Smartphone…

There are a whole bunch of lucrative businesses you can run from your smartphone, if you select a phone friendly business model.

You could become a multimillionaire by starting a business from your smartphone and by using cell phone for business.

Such businesses connected with smartphones can be quite profitable as the smartphone market is growing at a rapid pace.

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If you are a small player and wish to start a small yet profitable business without much investment or infrastructure check out these ideas to get a share of the smartphone business pie!

Several people are already running a lot of businesses using their smartphones. You can easily use your smartphone to get data on people’s needs and help them by offering a solution for their requirements.

smartphone related small business ideas

15 Profitable Businesses You Can Run from Your Smartphone

  1. Mobile Games Development

This is a huge market among businesses you can run from your home. The success stories of games like Candy Crush and Angry Birds has inspired many a businessman to enter this arena.

  • Study your target market and develop an engaging gameplay with a killer idea.

You can also improvise on an already existing idea instead, for example, by improvising on Diamonds or Candy Crush.

  • Create a story around the game, with a hero, a villain, etc.
  • Make the game, easy, fun and addictive by adding increasing levels of difficulty, to keep players engaged, while using your smartphone in business.
  • Decide on monetization strategies, such as in app purchases, premium versions, etc.
  • Use an appropriate, skilled developer to turn your idea into a profitable business.

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  1. Intra City Delivering (Start a Business on Your Phone)

Offer a logistics solution using your mobile phone!

Tip: When you want to start a business from your phone, you can opt for a food delivering app to deliver food from kitchens located in your city.

  • The mobile app will offer intra city delivery solutions for your city. You can offer pickups, deliveries through your mobile application.
  • You have to download the delivery solution app from the play store and install it on your device. Register your mobile number and go through the setting up procedure.
  • Your customers just have to enter the time, delivery address, the pickup address etc. and you have to send someone to collect and deliver the goods, offering a fast courier service within the city. This is the one of the major advantages of smartphones in business.

You can charge delivery rates according to different options, such as delivery within 24 hours, a few hours, 90 minutes etc. and also based on the weight of the package.

  1. Mobile Affiliate Marketing (Phone Friendly Business)

While starting a business from your smartphone, you can help big brands reach their targeted and potential customers from all over the world by becoming a mobile affiliate marketer. This is one of the smartphone business ideas that is easy as you don’t even need to own the products.

  • The product owner provides you with the affiliate links and you have to promote these links by sharing them online.
  • Whenever an action takes place through the links you provide, such as a sale or a subscription, the advertiser pays you for delivering the goods to the customer.

Tip: Amazon is a typical well known affiliate program provider.

Though affiliate marketing can be done from desktops as well as mobile, with the increasing growth of mobile phones all over the world, the mobile affiliate marketing results in increased traffic volume, whereas PCs have lost relevance.

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  1. Location Based Service

A typical service is Uber, which uses the client’s location to pair him or her with a nearby driver.

  • LBS is a service that you deliver using a mobile app that uses the person’s current location through WiFi or GPS and ranks high among smartphone business ideas.
  • You can offer a mobile dating app using the location of the users to match each other according to the neighborhood they live in.
  • Another idea is to offer an event app for users. They can use the location tracking feature for finding out the seat layout, the parking and get other information related to nearby shops, cafes and any other upcoming event in their neighborhood.
  • An emergency app that is aware of the person’s location could be really useful. You can offer timely information about weather conditions, and give a warning about an approaching earthquake or tsunami etc.

Offer some disaster preparation tips, upload videos and photos, send notifications and even integrate social media features in your app.

  1. Social Media Manager (Smartphone Business Ideas)

Many businesses are now hiring social media managers to manage several business social media accounts. You can help them with their tweets, pins and shares using your mobile phone.

  • You have to set up the social media account for your client and post graphics and text on their behalf, while running business from smartphone.
  • Share the news given by your client. At times, you might also have to do market analysis and prepare marketing strategies for your client.

Remember: You can even opt for using your personal phone for business, but make sure to increase your followers.

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  1. Motivational Speaking

This is among the top smartphone related small business ideas.

  • Identify your area of expertise based on your education, talents and interests. Examples of popular subjects are personal finance or time management, sales strategies, industry knowledge, medical field etc.
  • If you select finance, you can focus on telling people how to get out of a bad debt or how to buy and sell a property and make profits from it.
  • Get trained from a good professional speaking organisation like the National Speakers Association
  1. Event Planning (Running Business from Smartphone)

Be an event planner and use your mobile phone for managing all types of events. Take the stress out of your event planning job for organising things.

  • These apps come with reminders, smart calendars, takes care of seating arrangements for events, manages RSVPs and keeps track of guests who are attending the event.
  • You can assign tasks to team members, ask guests questions on their preferences, sell tickets and in short, manage the entire event easily and efficiently.
  1. Mobile Marketing

Since we are living in a mobile first world, it makes sense for businesses to include mobile marketing in their marketing strategy.

  • You can use your mobile phone to connect with target customers and convert them into customers by offering them customised, location centric information.
  • Make use of LBS, AR and 2D Barcodes as well as GPS messages for helping you in your campaigns and ads put up on your mobile device.

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  1. Online Translator (Starting a Business from Your Smartphone)

You can join translation pools and work on a global platform for translation jobs that interest you.

  • You can work on a tablet or a smartphone, give advice on a translation and find a suitable project, working whenever you want, wherever you wish.
  • Challenging projects get better reward rates.

Keep your data secure especially when using it for business purposes.

  1. Social Media Influencer Business

  • You can start a social media business on your smartphone by posting content for business clients on their behalf in their accounts.
  • Another alternative is to be an influencer and work with other businesses and brands for spreading the word about their offerings or services using your own account.
  1. Mobile Consultancy

If you have expertise in a particular area, you can share your expertise with your target clients using your smartphone and working from the comfort of your home.

  • You can browse the web, make telephone calls, check your emails, take pictures, send videos to your clients etc. using your smartphone for a consultancy business.
  • You get easy access to the Internet with just a touch.
  • You will also be available for your clients at all times with a mobile phone, in case of an emergency.

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  1. Tech Support Services (Businesses You Can Start with a Smartphone)

Offer remote tech support or IT solutions using your smartphone.

  • Identify your expertise area and the kind of IT support and technical issues that you can handle.
  • Build your reputation using social networking, as many companies outsource tech support to someone with an excellent reputation offering an affordable customer service.

If you are not capable of handling complex tech problems, consider hiring dedicated IT staff according to the needs of your customers.

  1. Become an Airbnb Host

You can work whenever and wherever you want, on your terms with full freedom.

  • Manage several listings on the go with your mobile phone.
  • Use apps like Your Porter to send an automated message, reply to guest inquiries, assign a task to teammates, link listings etc.
  1. Start a YouTube Channel (Using Cell Phone for Business)

You can easily start a YouTube channel and start posting top quality videos using your smartphone, instead of investing in expensive DSLR cameras.

  • Use your Google account and start creating your YouTube channel.
  • Make use of tools like a tripod, lenses and stabilizer with your smartphone

Tip: There are many cheap brands offering such accessories.

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  1. Mobile Tutoring

The mobile revolution has also started in case of education! There are many mobile tutoring apps that you can use for one to one student tutoring.

  • Students can connect with you using instant messaging and you can offer them tailored support at all times.
  • Students can access a subject specialist directly, especially during exam periods. There are apps that are available for both Android and iOS, offering easy interface and supporting subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Math.

Wrap Around – Smartphone Business Ideas

With the mobile marketing growing at a lightning pace and the smartphones impact on business, this is the best time to start a business using your smartphone.

Today, there are billions of smartphone users all over the world and you could very easily make an insane amount of money with a business run out of your smartphone. All of them have rather low barriers for entering and offer the potential of quick profits in a short time.

  • Decide on the kind of business you wish to do.
  • Create a social media presence for your business.
  • Prepare the content for your business and promote your business on social platforms.

Remember: to always do some research on running a business using your smartphone before starting one!

You can offer constant and regular updates, upgrades and push notifications, related to your business, such as news and events to keep your target customers engaged and in the loop. So why not give the smartphone business a try?

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