10 Top Reasons Why You Should Spend More Time Outdoors

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Reasons Why Going Outside and Spending Time in Nature is Good for You…

With the fast pacing competition taking over our daily lives, we are slowly drifting away from nature and locking ourselves indoors. From getting busy in schools and tuition’s to getting cooped up in office cubicles, the present generation rarely finds themselves spending time outside.

Fed up of hearing your grannies advising you to leave your phone and go play outside? Well, not just the elders but even science supports spending time outside with several reasons why you should spend more time outdoors.

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Adopting the outdoor lifestyle not only keeps you physically fit but also boosts your mental health to a great extent. From boosting up your hormones to making yourself feel better, note down these health benefits of being outdoors and change your schedules right away!

If you are struggling for a peaceful life and tired of the chaos inside your head, take an hour and spend time outside alone. Surround yourself with some greenery and breathe in the fresh air and you will have a relaxing return back home.

why going outdoors is good for you

10 Incredible Health Benefits of Spending Time Outdoors

  1. Spending Time Outdoors Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Among the several psychological benefits of being in nature, reduced stress and anxiety levels remains the primary. Excessive levels of cortisol in our body induces stress and makes us anxious.

You have probably felt a little destressed and relaxed while taking a walk after a hectic day. This is because, spending time outside in the nature reduces the stress hormones (cortisol) in our body.

The effect is more prominent in areas surrounded by trees. This is also the reason why people take resort to forest bathing or walking amidst the forest in weekends.

  1. Boosts Synthesis of Vitamin D

Vitamin D is the primary constituent required for the synthesis of cholecalciferol and finally calcium levels in our body. Though, Vitamin D can be obtained from a number of dietary options, sunlight remains the primary source.

Ever been advised by the doctors to adopt outdoor lifestyle and sun bask for Vitamin D?

Yes, it is primarily required for the body for strengthening bones and normal blood circulation in the body. Hence, if you want to reap the health benefits of being outdoors, count sunlight twice!

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  1. Getting Outdoors Improves Sleep

Spending time outdoors undoubtedly improves sleep. For the normal circadian rhythm (sleep wake cycle) of our body, vitamin D plays a vital role and eventually there is a need for sunlight. Living outdoors and mental health are directly connected.

Hence, besides basking in the sunshine, one should also get exposed to greenery which directly reduces the stress hormones and helps people enjoy a more peaceful sleep.

  1. Improves Memory

Among the list of reasons why going outside is good for you, memory improvement is highly relied on. Spending time outdoors boosts the functioning of the brain cells and thus, improves memory.

People getting outdoors have an improved short-term memory than people who lock themselves up in closed rooms.

For people having trouble moving out, simply looking outside from an open window or balcony might work wonders.

health benefits of being outdoors

  1. Reduces Inflammation

Reduced inflammation is also counted among the prime health benefits of being outdoors. From joints to muscles, respiratory or digestive, inflammation of any kind can be sheer troublesome for folks.

People who spend time outdoors have reportedly less cases of inflammation. To prevent this, try going for frequent nature walks or take up a sport which is counted among the various ways to spend more time outdoors.

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  1. Being Outdoors Boosts Energy

Ever got impressed by people jogging in the morning or adopting outdoor lifestyle? A number of people mandatorily exercise outdoors to enhance the benefits of working out.

This is because, an hour of fresh air and the freedom outside boosts energy and makes them feel far better than spending a week inside the gym.

Try spending a week indoors and not stepping out. Step outside every evening the following week and notice the difference yourself.

Our previous generation had been a lot healthier than us. The credit of course goes to healthier food and adopting outdoor lifestyle. Hence, if you want to build our gut stronger, spending time outdoors is the best solution.

  1. Boosts Immunity

More pronounced in forest bathing, getting outdoors boosts the immune system without any question. Forest air carries natural phytoncides which are the tiny particles from a-pinene and limonene coming from forest trees.

These particles are exceptionally beneficial in increasing the count of killer cells inside our body and thus boost immunity. Besides, being exposed to natural pathogens increases antibody production and also contributes to a powerful immune system.

  1. Getting Outside Promotes Healthier Eyes

The number of individuals suffering from diseases related to eyes have increased manifolds in the recent years. This is directly related to the amount of time people spend ogling at the television screens, smartphones, laptops, etc.

The radiation coming from such devices cause irreversible damage to the eyes. Hence, better vision and healthier eyes are also one of the primary reasons why going outside is good for you.

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spending time outside

  1. Spending More Time Outdoors Reduces Depression

Does spending time outdoors make you happier? Yes, it undoubtedly does. The break you take from your monotonous schedule to feel better, is actually the nature soothing your moods and making you rejuvenated.

Enjoying nature and spending time amidst trees or simply looking at the greenery reduces the cortisol levels responsible for stress, overthinking and depression.

Besides medicines, even doctors rely on the psychological benefits of being in nature and advises vacations or nature walks.

  1. Lowers Blood Pressure and Sugar Levels

If you want to keep your blood pressure and blood sugar levels normal, find some of the enjoyable ways to spend time outdoors. People diagnosed with diabetes are advised an hour of walk regularly to keep the sugar levels normal.

Living outdoors more also affects mental health and contributes in keeping hypertension at bay. Thus, people going for frequent vacations or taking morning and evening walks show normal bp and sugar levels.

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If you are wondering how can people spend more time outdoors, is because they keep themselves engaged. From skipping online shopping to doing the groceries on foot, there are a number of ways for spending time outside. However, you should choose the time wisely. For e.g., people needing Vitamin D should sun bask in the morning and not during mid-noon.

Wrapping It Up

Now that you are aware of the health benefits of being outdoors, start including an hour of walk in your regular schedule. Join an outdoor sport to keep yourself healthy and see how happy you become from within.

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