10 Reasons Why Most Men Find It Difficult To Handle a Strong Woman

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Strong women are those who are independent and can face problems by themselves. All over the world, women are growing stronger, but it is seen that, however, most men can’t handle a strong woman.

A strong woman has usually faced a lot of struggles and pain in her life, made a lot of sacrifices. She is self sufficient and does not fear society or men.

We see many men enter into a relationship with smart independent women.The recent marriage of George Clooney to Amal Alamuddin, a human rights lawyer, is a noteworthy one. Such smart women are considered great ‘catches’. Mature and confident men are able to handle such strong women, but most of the men are not able to deal with them successfully.

Hence most of these strong women remain single as men are not able to deal with them.  Let’s dig deeper!

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Handle a Strong Woman

Why Most Men Can’t Handle a Strong Woman

  1. Protective Instinct

Men are wired to protect their tribe. A strong independent woman tends to reject this need for a man to protect her, as she is fully capable of handling anything that life throws at her.

In primitive society, it was man who hunted and the women gathered. Not much has changed as far as the male psyche is concerned. Men still like to feel that they are the problem solvers in a relationship. If this is threatened by a woman, they find it difficult to accept reversal of roles and lose control.

  • Men naturally have a protective instinct, but a strong woman is not in need of any protection and she makes this very clear. This makes it difficult for men to handle strong women.
  • A strong woman can fix the broken pieces of her life by herself, she doesn’t need a man.
  • What makes a strong woman? She doesn’t ask for help. She’s not the typical damsel in distress and this sort of distresses men! They have always felt in control when a woman seeks their help and support.
  • When women need protection, it feeds the male ego and makes them feel superior and rather like a real man. However, strong women don’t need men to look after them.
  1. Direct and Honest

  • A strong woman will not tolerate lies or false pretences in a man.
  • She will not settle for anything less than complete honesty and genuineness.
  • Men who cannot be themselves and are compulsive liars can never win these women or control them. Their usual routine for picking up women doesn’t work with smart women.
  • She is too honest, to the point of bluntness. She is truthful and expects the same level of honesty from a man. A man has to be pretty special to be picked up by such a woman.

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  1. Inability to Dominate

  • She knows her mind and cannot be controlled by men. Men who love to dominate women may not find this particularly appealing and cannot handle such women.
  • Strong and powerful women can pretty much do anything a man can do equally well, if not better. This gives men a low esteem, they lose their confidence and cannot handle such women in their lives.
  • Weak men realize that they can threaten to walk out of such women’s lives and it would not make a jot of difference to the woman.
  • Strong woman kick ass in all aspects of life so there’s nothing that ties them to their man. The men in their lives are not able to lock them down or deflate the woman’s ego.
  • The men are not able to keep up with such self aware and confident women. They feel that the woman is taking away the spotlight. They feel neglected and forgotten and the negative thoughts gnaw away at them to such an extent that they are unable to control or handle these women.
  1. Intense and Passionate

Strong woman are deeply passionate and intense and men find it difficult to have relationship with them.

  • A strong woman probes deeper, asks questions that a man may not be willing to answer.
  • One of the qualities of strong women is that they are intense and honest about everything. Dating a strong woman is intimidating to men as not all men are capable of handling such a level of honesty and intensity.
  1. Too Intelligent/Self Sufficient

  • Men feel threatened when they are faced with an intelligent, strong woman. They probably consider intelligence a male prerogative.
  • They feel a sense of inferiority when they see a smart, strong woman.
  • She is too intelligent and does not put up with the game’s men play, whether it is a mind game or a dating game. She knows her worth and won’t waste her time on unnecessary
  • She has her own interests.
  • There is also a lack of femininity in most strong women. They are not clingy and are not interested in marrying a man for support in life. They are not vulnerable. All this makes it difficult for men, as they would rather like the woman in their life to be more soft, feminine and controllable.

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  1. Male Ego

  • The male ego is hurt in the company of a smart and strong woman.
  • It results in diminished masculinity as his fragile ego is hurt and he feels threatened by a competent and strong woman.
  • Her success at her career hurts the male ego, though this point cannot be generalised.
  • She puts herself, her ambitions and her dreams ahead of the man in her life.
  1. Men Feel Intimidated

  • Men probably feel intimidated when they are with strong women.
  • They are not able to muster courage or the confidence to remain around them and have them in their life.
  • They can smell a jerk from a mile away and will send them packing. Probably one reason why men can’t remain in the driving seat with such women. Jerks just don’t have a chance with such women.
  • She is too smart and will not put up with the usual routines of men.
  • Smart women don’t trust men and they like to remain in charge. No way a man is going to like that, so he feels intimidated and out of control. Men need to be the driver of the bus, and it just doesn’t happen with strong women.
  • They feel intimidated because the woman takes the lead in the relationship, and this goes against the grain of natural sexual dominance while dating.
  1. Lack of Patience

Strong women have rightfully earned their place at the head of the table. So they don’t have the patience towards men who try to belittle them.

  • Strong women respect strength in men and don’t show patience with men who send negative vibes.
  • She surrounds herself with positive strong people and she’s not afraid to challenge men.
  • She doesn’t back down to men and has a powerful voice. She wants to make a difference and tells things as it is, without being phony.
  • She is a straight shooter, knowing this is the way to get a job done. This makes her an overworked and highly stressed person who is impatient with fools. This makes it all the more difficult to control her.
  • She does not allow men to take advantage of her. She sets boundaries and doesn’t allow men to step over it.
  1. Male Insecurities

  • Insecure men find themselves getting an inferiority complex around such strong woman and cannot handle them.
  • Insecure men become defensive and frustrated, as they always want to be the best at everything.
  • In a relationship, the man needs to feel competent and successful in order to get respect from society. They feel inadequate and less competent if the woman in their life is more competent or stronger and find it difficult to handle her.
  • Every time a strong woman asserts herself or wins an argument, it makes a man feel that he is less capable.
  1. Self Love

  • Strong woman are capable of self love. They don’t need praise from men to feel complete. This puts off men who probably want the woman to depend on them.
  • For instance, if a man tells a strong woman ‘you look beautiful’ and she responds saying ‘Thanks, I know that’, it freaks them out, leaving them rudderless and without control of the situation.

Wrap Around

Most men would love to be with a strong woman, as they truly admire her strength, sincerity, forthrightness and independence. But the basic problem remains that they are not able to handle such women. You find such women everywhere, at the office or even a homemaker struggling to bring up children on her own, juggååling several tasks, running a household.

So, you guys out there who feel threatened by smart woman, you really don’t need to feel so. There is no competition between men and women. Show your intelligence by interacting with such strong and intelligent women. As for the strong women out there, they too should never compromised on their intelligence and need not feel obliged to fit into a gender stereotype or fixed mould.

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