Top 10 Best Chocolate Brands in India

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List of Top 10 Most Popular Chocolate Brands in India

With the advent of chocolates in the 1900 BC in Olmecs region of Mexico, humankind has always been drooling over the lip-smacking delicacy. Though Joseph Fry was accredited for introducing mini chocolate bars in 1847, chocolate has rapidly spread to a global network within a short period of time.

Among the largest producers and sellers, India has also emerged with a range of top chocolate brands in India. The country has eventually chosen their ultimate favorite and declared the top ten chocolates in India.

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No matter what the occasion is, the first thing that hits our mind to soothe our sweet tooth is chocolates. From white to dark, you will find a number of chocolate names flashing in our mind just by the thought of it.

If you are wondering about the list of mouthwatering best chocolates in India, we have sorted the list for you.

The choice of chocolates will always vary from person to person. However, consuming dark chocolates is far better for health than munching on sweetened sugar. Dark chocolates have very little amount of sugar and thus reduced calories. They are mostly a bar full of carbohydrates and fat.

Top 10 Chocolate Brands in India

top chocolate brands in India

  1. Cadbury [One of the Best Chocolate Brands in India]

Cadbury is one of the most renowned chocolate brands in the world which is owned by Mondelez International since the year 2010. Not just chocolates, Cadbury is adorned for the production of several other confectioneries on a global scale.

However, owing to the exceptional popularity, Cadbury has eventually emerged as one of the best chocolates in India. The creamy texture of the chocolates produced by Cadbury is made with fresh milk and cocoa. It is also known as the producer of the most extensive variety of chocolates in the world.

After introducing Bournville, Cadbury has also emerged as one of the best dark chocolate brands in India. Beginning with Dairy Milk, Cadbury has now included Oreo, Silk, Perk, Nutties, 5-star, Eclair’s, Toblerone in the list.

Apart from that, the Celebration range from Cadbury has been the best introduction in the list. Available in not just ecstatic flavors with and without nuts and crunches, but also a very affordable range of price, Cadbury is undoubtedly one of the top chocolate brands in India.

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  1. Amul

Being one of the best producers of milk chocolates in India, Amul had blessed the country with the highest production rate of milk. The use of cocoa and a more significant portion of milk gives the rich, creamy texture to the chocolate.

Amul uses a high-quality refiner to refine every particle to the smallest granule, thereby causing it to melt in the mouth completely. As per the recent innovations, Amul has also included a rich flavor of dark chocolate thus making its mark as one of the famous dark chocolate brands in India.

The other varieties consist of green tea, Mystic Mocha and Amul fruit and nut. With such unimaginable surprises, we are all geared up with what is yet to come!

  1. Nestle

India has flourished with a total of eight major Nestlé factories and hundreds of other distributors spread across the country. It is the largest brand in the world acknowledged for production of beverage and food products.

The first name that comes in mind is KitKat which is among the favorite chocolate names. Apart from the crunchy-munchy variant, Milky Bar is another popular name among the famous milk chocolates available. However, Nestlé has included several other variants like Bar-One, Munch, Aero, Nestlé Cho, and Smarties.

Check the calorie quotient of a chocolate before consuming them. This will help you enjoy a greater number of chocolates without adding on unnecessary calories in the long run.

  1. Ferrero

The first chocolate name that comes to our mind while thinking about the brand is Ferrero Rocher! However, there is a lot more than this. The Italian brand, Ferrero Spa is one of the largest producers of foreign chocolates in India.

Rising as the world’s third biggest luxury chocolate brands, Ferrero has earned significant fame from the hazelnut chocolate balls wrapped in golden wrappers. The heart-shaped box had made it a primary V-Day gift among the youngsters.

Think about the children’s favorite Kinder Joy available in chocolate balls and dip contained in an egg-shaped container! Well, Ferrero had made its mark by including a surprise gift inside every pack.

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  1. Hershey’s

A newly introduced foreign chocolate brand in India, Hershey’s has been ecstatically a fancy in the United States. It is not only one of the top chocolate companies in India, but also a leading brand on a global network.

Hershey’s has introduced a vast number of varieties from chocolates to mints and has also included a number of flavors in every pack.

Known as one of the leading luxury chocolate brands, it has spread its wings all across with a few other branches known as Jolly Rancher, Hershey’s, Reese’s, Hershey’s Kisses, Brookside and Ice Breakers.

Though the dark chocolate variety from Brookside was newly introduced in India in 2016, the chocolate syrups from Hershey’s as well as Jolly Rancher are old in the game.

  1. Pacari

Think about the most award-winning chocolate brand in the world and note down the name of Pacari. It is also a certified biodynamic brand known for the manufacture of supreme quality chocolates in the world.

Pacari is acknowledged for using certified organic Arriba Nacional Cacao. Not just that, all the other ingredients used in making the chocolate products are 100% organic picked from native South America.

Give credits to Mandara Orchard for establishing a graceful agreement with Pacari and bring the luxury chocolate brand to the land of India. Having included it in the list of foreign chocolates, Pacari has emerged as the best dark chocolate company in India.

  1. Mars

Known as a leading manufacturer of foreign chocolates, the America based company Mars has been a recent introduction to the list of best chocolate companies in India.

To name their popular confectioneries, the brand has been acknowledged for Mars bars, Bounty, M&M’s, Galaxy, Snickers, Milky Way bars, Skittles, and Twix; most of which are readily available in India.

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However, if you are worried about the golden opportunity to taste the rest, know that they are planning to launch all of their productions in the Indian market soon.

Mars is also gaining popularity amongst the top chocolate brands in India because of their peanut flavored variant of Gems. However, nothing can match up to the high-calorie snack bar of Snickers which has made sales record in the present year.

  1. Lotus

Founded in the year 1992, Lotus is undoubtedly among the leading dark chocolate brands in India. Their exotic flavors of dark chocolates in India are not quite old and are recognized for their exceptionally soft, creamy texture.

Renowned as one of the largest producers of dark chocolates and cocoa confectioneries, Lotus has found its place in the topmost bakeries in India.

Well, the most common name head from Lotus is Eclairs. Besides, it has introduced variants like Milky Punch, Kajoos and Chuckles.

  1. Parle

If you are wondering about Indian chocolates in the list, well Parle is a name to be relied on. Known especially for their Parle-G biscuits, Parle has earned major fame amongst the topmost chocolate manufacturers in India.

Among the popular chocolate products from Parle, the Parle Melody and the Parle Kisme Bar remains the favorite. Apart from that, the Mango Bite from Parle is also a popular candy among Candy lovers of all age. Parle has also introduced Poppins to tame our sweet tooth whenever we wish!

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  1. The Campco Ltd.

The Campco Ltd. is a leading producer of foreign chocolates in India certified by the Central Arecanut & Cocoa Marketing and Processing Cooperative.

After its establishment in Mangalore region of Karnataka in the year 1973, The Campco Ltd. has emerged as one of the best chocolate brands in the world. The Campco has also been ranked among the topmost Indian chocolates.

To name a few of its product, Milk & Milk, Snack Bar, Dark Tan, Dairy Dream, etc. happen to be the most popular. Apart from chocolates, The Campco Ltd. has also made its mark as a leading producer of pastries, cakes, and other sweet confectioneries.

Many chocolate brands are known to include lead or cadmium in the chocolate manufactured by them. Always double check the ingredients and skip the snack if found suspicious. Since most of the brands happen to not disclose the lead content, do some research and omit the ones that are harmful.

Wrapping It Up

There are innumerable chocolate brands in India brimming with lip-smacking flavors and melting textures.

Gone are the days when chocolate used to be available only in a distinct form and shape. Today, the chocolate brands in the world are striving hard to experiment with new flavors and taste only to emerge as the leading brand in the market. And the best thing about it? We, the chocolate lovers, are grabbing the profit!

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