20 Top Indian Web Series in Hindi on Netflix, Prime, YouTube, Zee5 etc.

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Top Hindi Indian Web Series

Want to know the top 20 Indian web series available on various streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, Hotstar, Zee5 and so on? Given below are some of the most popular Hindi web series with highest TRP that you can watch for free.

Other than web series, you can also watch Hindi serials online on some of the streaming platforms like Hotstar and YouTube.

Best Indian Web Series

The following list of web series has been compiled on the basis of popularity, critic reviews and IMDb ratings.

  1. Sacred Games

Sacred Games is one of the best Indian web series on Netflix that boasts of an amazing star cast of Bollywood biggies like Saif Ali Khan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Radhika Apte. Sacred Games is also the first Indian Netflix Original.

The web series is based upon the famed author Vikram Chandra’s 3rd book by the same name. Chandra is an acclaimed writer whose first book has won the Commonwealth Writers Prize.

The filming of the series started in 2017 and season 1 was finally released in July 2018. It contained a total of 8 episodes with each episode having a run time of 45-55 minutes.

The second season of Sacred Games was released in 2019, again with 8 episodes.

The web series is about two characters, a police officer and a gangster and how their lives get intertwined.

The series is a crime thriller and has won various awards for its brilliant acting and superb story line. The web series was also nominated for Emmy Award’s 2019 in Best Drama category.

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  1. Mirzapur

Mirzapur is one of the best Indian web series on amazon prime that seems to be giving a tough competition to Sacred Games. It is also the third Indian web series by the platform, the first two being Inside Edge and Breathe.

Mirzapur is the story of a small town businessman cum mafia don who rules over the people with guns and drugs.

The main role in the web series is being played by the versatile actor Pankaj Tripathi. He is supported by Bollywood veteran actor Kulbhushan Kahrbanda.

The web series has a total of 9 episodes in its first season. A second season of the series is on the way and is expected to be released in 2020.

Though the web series did not garner much critical acclaim, it was loved by the audience. The series has also won awards for best acting and was nominated for best drama for the iReel awards.

iReel awards are given by the News18 network for excellence in Indian web series. The awards were started in 2018.

  1. Breathe

Breathe is another popular must watch web series on Amazon Prime. Breathe is the second Indian web series by the platform which was released in 2018.

The series is available in two languages – Hindi and Tamil.

Breathe is the story about two ordinary men who unwittingly cross paths when trying to save the lives of their loved ones. The web series explores the question – “how far would you go to save your family”.

The emotionally draining story has been brilliantly performed by its lead actors, R. Madhavan and Amit Sadh.

There are 8 episodes with a run time of 35-40 minutes each in the series. A second season of the series is expected to be released soon with Abhishek Bachchan as the lead actor.

  1. TVF Pitchers

TVF Pitchers is one of the pioneering web series in Hindi which was released in 2015, that is even before the debut of Netflix in India. It is the second web series released by TVF channel, The Viral Fever channel on YouTube.

You can gauge the popularity of the series by the simple fact that each episode of the series has received more than a million views till now making it one of the most watched web series in India!

The story of the web series revolves around 4 friends who are trying to start their own company. Apart from the refreshing content, the other plus point of the series is that you can watch it with your family, unlike the series listed till now. 🙂

Most of the web series available today cannot be watched with family because of the hard hitting and uncensored content. It is better to find out the permissible age limits of the web series before you decide to watch it with your parents or children.

  1. TVF Tripling

TVF Tripling is yet another amazing contribution by the YouTube channel. This drama cum comedy Indian web series revolves around the lives of three siblings who decide to take a road trip together.

This refreshing and fun take on sibling relationships became an instant hit with the Indian audiences when it was released in 2016. This made in India web series has even won the Asian Television award for Best scriptwriting in series category in 2017.

There are 2 seasons of the web series TVF Tripling, each having 5 episodes.

  1. Permanent Roommates

Permanent Roommates, created by TVF in 2014 is probably the first ever web series made in Hindi making it one of the oldest in Indian web series list.

The series revolves around a couple who is suddenly faced with the prospect of matrimony.

The series Permanent Roommates has 2 seasons with 5 episodes in season 1 and 8 episodes in season 2. The series is extremely popular and has received millions of views on its YouTube channel.

  1. Baked

Baked is Hindi Indian web series produced by ScoopWhoop and Pechkas Pictures. The story is about three college friends who decide to open a midnight food delivery business to earn some extra bucks. It is a light hearted comedy that will be enjoyed by young adults.

The series has 2 seasons with each season having 7 episodes each. The first season was released in 2015 whereas the second season started in late 2016.

The best part of the series is that the whole setup and acting looks very natural and there is nothing dramatic in it. It is easy on the nerves and fun to watch.

  1. College Romance

College Romance is one of the hot web series by TVF that deals with the subject of college friendships and romance. It is the story of three college friends and their struggles in their respective love lives.

The series was released by TVF in 2018 and has 5 episodes. College Romance was also added to Netflix watch list in 2019.

The story and the antics of the actors will be loved by people in the 18-25 age brackets.

  1. Yeh Meri Family

Yeh Meri Family is one of the best web series in India in the family drama genre. This Indian web series has been made by TVF and released in 2018. Now it is also streaming on Netflix.

The web series is about a middle class family living in the 90’s India. Yeh Meri Family showcases the daily trials and tribulations faced by the family in a light hearted way. The story is told by the 12 year son of the family which makes the story even more appealing.

The series has 7 episodes and there are talks of a second season coming soon.

The web series Yeh Meri Family is a perfect family watch that can be viewed by parents, children and cousins together.

  1. Made in Heaven

Made in Heaven is the latest Indian web series to hit the market. Released by Amazon prime in March 2019, the series delves into various societal norms and double standards of the so called modern upper class.

The story is about two wedding planners who plan big fat Indian weddings. Each episode of the web series Made in Heaven shows a different wedding and a different social theme. Themes like dowry, LGBT issues are covered in the series.

Season 1 has 9 episodes and each one is worth watching.

You will love this Indian web series if you like to watch serious issues plaguing the Indian society.

  1. The Family Man

The Family Man is the new web series premiered in September 2019 on Amazon Prime. It is the story of a seemingly middle class man who is actually an intelligence agent. The lead role in the series is played by the versatile Indian actor Manoj Bajpai.

The web series The Family Man has 10 episodes in season 1. Looking at the huge popularity it has garnered in the short span of time the producers are planning a second season very soon.

  1. Delhi Crime

Delhi Crime is one of the best series on Netflix India in the crime and drama genre. The series is based upon the Nirbhaya Case and showcases how the Delhi Police unraveled the crime and caught the perpetrators of the heinous act.

This Indian web series has 7 episodes in its first season and soon a second season will be released.

  1. Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice is the most popular Hindi web series on Hotstar that features stars like Jackie Shroff and Pankaj Tripathi. The series has been made in 6 other languages too.

The story is about a man who is accused of a crime he has no recollection of committing. The web series is a thrilling criminal drama that has been ably supported by its star cast.

  1. Apharan

Apharan is a Bollywood styled web series produced by ALTBalaji and developed by Ekta Kapoor. It is one of the good Indian web series that has action, drama and crime; all bundled together in one package.

The series is about an honest cop who gets embroiled in a kidnapping case. Watch the web series Apharan if you like Bollywood action movies of the 70’s.

  1. Smoke

Smoke is the best web series on Eros Now and also the only Indian web series to have been showcased on the Cannes MIPCOM 2018 event.

The series story is set in Goa and shows the dark underworld of drug mafia juxtaposed with the peaceful surroundings of the beach state.

The Smoke series is supported by some superb performances by actors like Mandira Bedi and Kalki Koechlin.

  1. It Happened in Hong Kong

It Happened in Hong Kong is a small Indian web series that you can watch on YouTube’s Viu India channel.

The story is about two strangers meeting in Hong Kong and their subsequent escapades there. It is a light hearted romantic web series that you can watch on your much needed coffee break in your office/home.

  1. Kota Factory

Kota Factory is yet another amazing gift from the TVF channel. It is the most popular Hindi web series on the channel that deals with the subject of study pressure on students and high expectations from them to perform well.

The setting of the show is Kota, the well-known coaching hub of India.

The series Kota Factory takes a refreshingly mature look at exams and studies that will definitely be liked by young and old alike.

  1. Inside Edge

Inside Edge is Amazon Prime’s first Indian web series that was released in 2017. The series is about the play of politics and greed in India’s favorite sports shown through a fictional Indian T-20 cricket team.

Ably supported by the acting of Richa Chada and Vivek Oberoi the show has become hugely popular among the internet savvy crowd. This Indian web series (Inside Edge) was even nominated for the International Emmy Awards in 2018.

  1. Karenjit Kaur

Karenjit Kaur is one of the Best Hindi web series in biographical format. The series is based upon the life of the Bollywood actress Sunny Leone who was named Karenjit Kaur by her parents.

The series is shown on Zee5 and has 3 seasons and a total of 24 episodes. It shows the life journey of Sunny Leone from an adult star to becoming a mainstream actor in Bollywood.

  1. Flames

Flames is about teenage romance shown in a refreshing style. This Indian web series brought to you by TVF has 2 seasons with just 5 episodes in each season.

This web series will definitely be loved by the youth who will find its content relatable. The series is heart-warming and can be watched with family and friends together.

Top 20 Most Watched Hindi Web Series

The above was a list of some of the best web serials in Hindi. Other than those listed there are Indian web series made in English that are also very popular. Some of them are Little things on Netflix, Black Sheep, What the folks and so on.

The best part of these Indian web series is that they show content that you can relate to. There is no over dramatization of events and the acting actually looks natural.

So, whether you want to binge watch or just want a small break from your routine, sign in to the channel and watch these amazing Indian web series.

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