Top 20 Best IT Software Companies in India

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Which is the No. 1 IT software company in India? Check out this list of 20 best software development companies in India.

With leading companies like Dell, Wipro, Infosys, etc., India is emerging as a hub for IT firms in every corner. The metropolis has been evolving with the leading IT software companies in India which strive towards thorough technological progression and advancement.

The competition and the race to the top have led to the birth of India’s best software developers who are capable of giving a tough competition to international companies.

Besides, the growing need for more IT sectors, there has been a constant growth in the demand for Indian software exports, which subsequently encourages the establishment of newer companies to provide sustainable opportunities in the long run.

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The list of top software companies in India has been created through detailed analysis of the performance reports of the past year, reviews, recruitment, employee growth and accomplishments of the company as a whole.

Hence, considering every possible detail here is a list of top 20 software companies in India for you.

Top 20 IT Software Companies in India

  1. Magneto IT Solutions

Founded in the year 2009, Magneto IT has been operating as one of the best software companies to work for. With its headquarters in India, Bahrain and USA, Magneto has spread its wings to the major countries of the world within a very short span.

Besides Digital Marketing, the company specializes in Chatbot, IOT, Mobile App, Web, e-commerce and various other Developmental services.

  1. Appentus

Appentus is counted among the topmost mobile app development companies in the world. Not just for new startups and agencies, Appentus Technologies serves with the best B2B services to the ever-popular Fortune 500 companies with grace and composure.

With its headquarters in India, UK, UAE, and USA, Appentus has been emerging as one of the most reliable IT firms for health sector, logistics, manufacturing, academics and e-Commerce sectors.

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  1. Confianz Global

Confianz Global is renowned for its extraordinary position in the Indian IT sector and for providing some of the highest hourly rates.

Having spread its wings to both East and West territories, Confianz has been serving topmost companies like AT&T, Killarney Metals, Apptega, etc. It is one of the biggest software companies in India which specializes in Odoo app development, implementation and customization.

  1. WebClues Infotech

Established in the year 2014, WebClues operates from its headquarters in the Ahmedabad city of India. The IT company has specialized in web designing, web development, SEO, e-Commerce and mobile app development.

Due to its extraordinary achievements in the IT sector, WebClues has been rightly included among the top 20 software companies in India.

  1. Mphasis

Founded in 1998, Mphasis has scaled new highs in the Indian IT market. Specializing in cognitive technology, B2B integration, as well as digital transformation, Mphasis is counted among the largest IT software company in India.

Besides, it has earned impactful clients from the health sector, finance, insurance, banking, communication, capital, and many more.

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  1. Trigent

Founded in the year 1995, Trigent is one of the best software developers in India. Operating from its headquarters in Khanija Bhavan, India, Trigent has specialized in cloud development, SaaS, digital transformation, services dealing with Sharepoint, mobile app and Web development and much more.

  1. Endive Software

After its establishment in the year 2006, this IT company has seen more highs and fewer lows in the Indian market. With more than a decade of experience, Endive has spread its niche to a wide range of industries.

Besides automobile, it has also served beauty, healthcare, travel, education, real estate, banking and a lot more. Also, the global software company of Endive has specialized in PHP, CakePHP, Magneto, Joomla, Node.JS, Ruby on Rails and many more.

  1. Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.

Tata Consultancy was founded in 1968 and is renowned as the pioneer of IT companies in India. The largest IT software company in India has seen more seasons than any other. Not only is it one of the leading Indian tech companies, but also honored among the global software developers.

It deals with services mainly focusing on CHROMA, Advanced Drug Development, Intelligent Urban Exchange, TCS iON, TAP, TCS MasterCraft, ignio, Optumera, Customer Intelligence & Insights, TCS BaNCS and many more.

  1. Clarion Technologies

Clarion was founded in 2000 and operates from its headquarters in Pune, India. It is one of the leading software companies in India which provides its services in manufacturing, beauty, healthcare, academics, banking, telecommunication, retail, media and many more.

It is one of such Indian tech companies which uses powerful tools for cloud app development like Microsoft Azure, NET, Joomla, AWS, Shopify, Docker, PHP, Java and lot’s more.

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  1. HCL Technologies

Ever since its establishment in 1991, HCL Technologies has been ruling the Indian tech companies and IT market. With its strategic approach, the IT software company is presently operating in 39 countries.

It has spread itself to the greater provinces of America, Europe, Asia and Africa. It is one of such software companies in India to assist Global 2000 and Fortune 500 companies. HCL specializes in digitalization, IoT, Mode 1-2-3 strategy, Cybersecurity, Cloud, analytics and many more.

  1. Mindtree

With its headquarters situated in Bengaluru, India, Mindtree has been emerging as one of the best software companies in India. Ever since its establishment in 1999, this IT software company has been serving leading Global 2000 companies like GlaxoSmithKline, Purina, The Carlyle Group, Honeywell, and many more.

From banking, to health, academics to finance, it has always provided its digital assistance in every sector.

  1. KPIT Technologies

Founded in 1990, KPIT has emerged as one of the top 20 software companies in India. Operating from its headquarters in Pune, India, KPIT had specialized in providing services related to business technology, embedded systems, product engineering, product engineering and other IT solutions.

Over the decades, it has served some of the leading industries like automobile, health, Hi-Tech, utility, life sciences and a lot more.

  1. Cybage

Cybage is counted among the top software companies in India because of its exceptional digital services offered. Cybage is one of the global software developers which has excelled in the IT market through proficient cutting-edge technology, cloud app development, digital integration and a lot more.

It specializes in outsourced product and offshore software development, SCM, CRM, enterprise management and mobility, etc.

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  1. Tech Mahindra

Tech Mahindra is undoubtedly one of the top 20 software companies in India. Founded in 1986, it has been serving the IT market for decades.

Owing to the array of services offered, it is counted among the best software giants in the world which have proficiently excelled in CAP (Cloud Aggregation Platform), UNO (Robotic Process Automation), CareXa (NexGen Customer Care), PRISM, SOCIO (social media management​) and many others.

  1. Wipro

Wipro is one of the oldest companies in India which is also one of the largest software companies in India. Founded in 1945, it was one of the first companies to introduce IT firms in India.

Having bagged several awards for its services in almost every field, it has outdone several major software companies. Its services revolve around Industry 4.0, Big Data, Cloud, IoT, Cyber Security, Blockchain, enterprise management and mobility, DevOps, etc.

  1. Infosys

Founded in 1981, Infosys is also one of the major software companies in India.

It is undoubtedly one of the foremost IT software developers in India which deals with Blockchain services, Big Data, AI services, Cloud Services, End-to-End solutions, engineering services, etc. It provides distinct platforms for client and other business interactions.

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  1. Ideas2IT Technologies

The IT company of Ideas2IT deals with the AI services required by major companies like IdeaMed, Microsoft, Motorola, eBay, Ericsson, AirAsia. It deals with frontend, mobile app and cloud development, etc.

It has specialized in Blockchain, Chatbot services, DevOps, Data Analytics and many other services and is thus rightfully known as the best software companies in India.

  1. TechJini

Founded in the year 2005, TechJini has specialized in mobile app development, UI/UX design, cloud services, digital platform, app developing for Microsoft, iOS, and Android.

The exemplary AI services of this Indian tech giant has been stretched to companies like Flipkart, Honeywell, Avista Corp, Lacoste, Jda, Auchan, Redbox, etc.

  1. Datamatics Global Services

Datamatics is not only one of the best software companies in India but a global software giant. Founded in 1975, it has its headquarters in Mumbai, India.

Nevertheless, it has spread itself to Philippines, Switzerland, UAE, Australia, USA and UK. It specializes in Robotics, Data Analytics, Cloud services, Artificial Intelligence, Enterprise Mobility and many more.

  1. Sasken

Operating from the heart of the Silicon Valley of India, Sasken is known to function from major countries in the world which includes India, Germany, Finland, Japan, China, USA and UK. Founded in 1989, Sasken has established its headquarters in Bengaluru in India.

It specializes in platform testing, Smart Mobility, multi-domain controller, IC design and many more. It is one of the top IT software companies in India which has served 100+ companies including Fortune 500.

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Wrap Up – Best Software Companies in India

The detailed list of best IT software companies in India keeps changing from time to time. This is because, the list is updated on the basis of a company’s performance, ranking, services and annual achievement.

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