Top Reasons Why You Should Eat Eggs Everyday

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How many eggs can I eat per day? What are the benefits of eating egg daily?

Like an apple can keep a doctor away, similarly can you eat eggs everyday and remain forever healthy? Well, science suggests that majority of people can. But are eggs good for you specifically?

Find out below the various scientifically proven health benefits of eating eggs and whether you can eat them daily without any side effects.

is eating eggs everyday bad for you

Eggs and their Nutrient Content

Egg is a unique food item that can pack many vitamins and minerals in its small size. A large egg weighing around 50 grams contains nearly 6 grams of protein which is almost equivalent to 10% of recommended daily intake of protein in adults.

Other than protein requirements, eating an egg can also fulfill your folate RDI requirement by 16%, Vitamin B12 requirements by 33%, iron requirements by 11% and Vitamin A requirements by more than 12%.

The best part is that there are just 75 calories in an egg. This means that you can have all the vitamins and minerals through this super food without having to worry about putting on excess weight.

In fact, many people who are on diet eat boiled eggs as it helps them keep fuller for a long time thereby helping in weight loss.

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Have a look at the nutrient content of a large egg.

Egg Nutrient Content

So, can you eat eggs everyday?

Egg Cholesterol Myth

Until recently, eggs were considered a bad choice if you wanted to keep your cholesterol levels in check. The reason was the high amount of dietary cholesterol found in eggs. In fact, eggs are the 7th highest cholesterol food.

But, in 2015 this perception changed. Research showed that dietary cholesterol did not contribute towards blood cholesterol and that there were no specific recommendations regarding foods high in cholesterol.

Cholesterol is an important substance produced by the body itself. It helps in building of cells and making some important hormones. It is also required for the metabolism to work well.

A large egg contains nearly 180 mg of cholesterol which is about 62% of the RDI of cholesterol in adults. All cholesterol of an egg is concentrated in its yolk.

Apart from the cholesterol, egg yolk also contains protein and other vitamins and minerals. It also contains fat which is necessary for the absorption of these nutrients. Hence, there are many benefits of egg yolk.

Studies have also shown that in general, people can eat eggs everyday (2/3 eggs daily) without worrying about any side effects. But this again depends upon person to person.

People who already have high cholesterol problems should do better to restrict themselves to just an egg per day or 2 egg whites per day.

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what happens when you eat eggs everyday


Benefits of Eating Eggs Everyday

Now, that the myth regarding egg and cholesterol is busted, you can enjoy the various other benefits offered by this delicious and versatile food item without any guilt.

  1. Protein in Egg Can Help to Lose Weight

Egg protein is of very high quality because it contains all the essential amino acids which are necessary for the proper growth and development of the body.

Since eating protein rich diet can make you feel full for a long time, when you eat eggs everyday for breakfast you will be better able to control any hunger pangs before lunch time. This will help you avoid snacking in between meals thereby making your diet plans successful.

Apart from helping in weight loss plans, protein also plays an important role in the healthy growth and development of the human body.

  1. Choline in Eggs Helps in Overall Brain Development

A large egg contains about 147 mg of choline. This amount is sufficient to fulfill your 27% of RDI.

Choline is an important substance that helps in the development of various brain functions like memory, alertness and mood. It also helps to regulate muscle control.

Though the human body produces its own choline, the amount is not sufficient and needs to be supplemented with dietary choline. When you eat eggs everyday you ensure that your body gets sufficient choline.

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  1. Storehouse of important B vitamins

Vitamin B, like thiamin, niacin, and folic acid impact each and every cell of the human body. These vitamins need to be taken daily as the body does not store them.

You can eat eggs everyday whether in the form of an omelet or as hard-boiled eggs. It will help you get your daily dose of these essential vitamins.

  1. Eggs Contain Minerals Important for Overall Body Functions

People who eat eggs everyday feel more energetic. The reason is the various minerals that eggs contain.

Eggs contain iron that helps improve the hemoglobin levels in the blood. Calcium and phosphorous in the eggs help maintain healthy bones.

Other minerals like zinc, iodine and selenium present in eggs help the body to heal wounds and fight diseases. They help to strengthen the immune system of the human body.

  1. Antioxidants in Eggs Help Protect the Eyes

Eggs contain two important antioxidants, lutein, and zeaxanthin. With age and improper diet these antioxidants get reduced in the body leading to various age related eye problems.

These anti-oxidants protect the eyes from harmful free radicals. They also act as sun-blockers and protect the eyes from excess light. They reduce a person’s chances of developing cataract and macular degeneration later in life.

When you eat eggs everyday you also get the important omega-3 fatty acids that are important for proper brain development and good vision.

Eggs also contain Vitamin A which is important for developing good night vision.

Though there is no upper limit of eating eggs daily, it is better to limit yourself to 1-3 eggs per day. How eating a particular food affects your body will also depend upon your overall diet, exercise level and other habits like smoking and drinking alcohol.

Bottom Line – Why You Should Eat Eggs Everyday

So, is eating eggs everyday bad for you? No, if like any other food you eat it in moderation.

In fact, eating boiled eggs everyday can help you lose weight, fill you with energy and protect your immune system from various diseases.

Now, you can jumpstart your mornings without any guilt with a healthy breakfast of eggs which is not only good for your body but also very easy and quick to make.

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