Unusual Ways to Make Extra Money Doing Odd Jobs

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Everyone would like to earn some extra money other than their normal income. There are a lot of online money methods available in the Internet like Adsense and we are hearing about them every day.

Through this article we would like to talk about some unusual ways to make extra money doing odd jobs.

Unusual Ways to Make Extra Money Doing Odd Jobs

  1. Sell Your T-Shirts Online

The website Teespring offers you a platform where you could create amazing T-shirt designs, market them through Teespring website and Teespring would take care of the rest.

Teespring was founded with a mission to break the barriers preventing great ideas from reaching the market. So if you have some amazing T-shirt designs in mind, here is a great opportunity for you to make a good amount of money.

Like any retail giant, you too can launch your T-shirt designs in your market and earn money with the support of Teespring. So why wait? Start designing.

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  1. Earn Money Through Website Testing

Imagine someone paying for just browsing through a website and answering some easy feedback questions related to user experience. Website usability testing service provider Analysia offers you exactly the same.

Anyone with an internet connection and a microphone can register at Analysia and earn money for sharing your experience while browsing through various sites.

A test normally lasts for an approximate time of 10 minutes and Analysia pays 10$ per test.

  1. Earn from Tweets

This is for those who have a large number of followers on Twitter. You can make use of your large scale audience to generate money.

There are sites which could pay you for tweeting sponsored contents – tweets, blog, photos or videos through your Twitter handle.

Sites like SponsoredTweets, PaidPerTweet provide this opportunity. This is an amazing opportunity to monetize your Twitter accounts by setting your own prices per Tweet.

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  1. Sell a Domain Name in GoDaddy and Earn

Buying a domain name and selling it for a higher price is another one in the list for some unusual ways to make extra money doing odd jobs.

You might own a domain name which is more significant for some other person or company around the world. Websites like GoDaddy, Flippa etc gives you an opportunity to sell those domains at good prices.

  1. Earn Through CashCrate

First of all, let me introduce the website Cashcrate to you. It’s basically an online survey website which pays you for completing the surveys listed in it. But it’s not only about surveys.

Cashcrate pays you for a large variety of tasks. You can earn money for registering for various offers, reading mails, watching videos, referring your friends, shopping at partnered websites and more.

You can even earn by playing some amazing games and participating in contests. Try Cashcrate for an amazing online earning experience using the following link.

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  1. Swagbucks

Another similar website is Swagbucks. It works similar like Cashcrate by paying users for online surveys/polls, cash back on shopping from selected sites, simple tasks and some games.

Both these websites are not meant for making big money, but to make some passive income and avail gift cards by doing things we normally do.

List of Some unusual ways to make extra money doing odd jobs does not end here. Here I am listing 5 more ways.

  1. Sell Your Gift Cards Through CardCash

Most of us might have faced the problem of having a lot of unwanted gift cards in hand. But now there is good news for you.

There is a very handy site which could help you to convert those unused or expired gift cards into money. Cardcash pays its users up to 92% of the value of the gift card.

This special site is definitely a good addition to this list of some unusual ways to make extra money doing odd jobs.

  1. Rent Your Home on Airbnb or Oyo

If you have a part of your home which could be rented, you can partner with Oyo Rooms or Airbnb and find customers who could pay for your space.

You can set your price and post your details in these sites. These sites would help you to get suitable customers for you. Payment for your service will be taken care by these websites.

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  1. Make Money Selling Photos You Clicked

How good are you at photography? May be your passion in Photography might help you to earn quite a good amount of passive income.

There are numerous sites looking forward to buy digital photos online. Shutterstock and Dreamstock are examples of such sites. So why to wait? Start using your passion in the right way.

  1. Tengi App

Tengi is simply an instant messaging application. But there is a twist. Tengi is regarded as a chat application ‘that gives back’. Let me explain.

Tengi earns money through advertisements in the application. But the catch here is Tengi distributes 50% of its revenue among its users as prizes. These prizes are distributed through weekly sweepstakes.

Tengi offers various ways to earn tickets for the weekly Sweepstakes – referring your friends, chatting through Tengi, keeping the app installed and more.

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  1. Teach a Language Online and Earn Money

Online language learning site “italki” gives you an opportunity to earn money by becoming an online language teacher.

You can select the language of your proficiency from a large pool of languages offered – English, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Italian, Russian, Hindi and many more.

You can earn on an hourly basis based on your level of proficiency.

So far you were reading about some unusual ways to earn extra money doing odd jobs. But these are just a few.

There are a many more strange and exciting online money making ways available in the Internet. So get set and start exploring the Internet.

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