Ways to Get Rid of Fleas on Dogs

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If you find your dog itching its skin always, it may be because your fur baby is affected by fleas. If you already know the worse effects of these, you must want to get rid of fleas on dogs as soon as possible. Always keep fleas and ticks off your dog as well as your home before it gets any late.

Once infested, the fleas keep on sucking the nourishment from the dogs. It usually takes several weeks and months to remove the mites, however, if delayed enough, in many cases the owners can’t get rid of fleas on dog easily.

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There are several types of flea treatments for dogs. Where some can be easily treated at home, in some cases the dogs need prolonged treatments and medical assistance.

There are both natural as well as chemical treatments for getting rid of fleas on dogs fast.

Indicators of Fleas and Ticks on Dogs

In severe cases, fleas and ticks are visible on the skin and between the furs of the dog. However, in most of the cases, you have to check the dog flea symptoms.

  • Check if your pup is itching its skin or shaking its head more than usual.
  • Search for redness on the skin of the dog. Redness can occur at particular places on the skin.
  • Check inside the ears or at the roots of the fur to find rashes or signs of irritation on the body.
  • Check the armpits and groin regions of the dog, as the fleas thrive in the covered areas more.
  • Comb the fur of the dog with thin flea combs. Pull the comb close to the skin to catch most of the fleas at a single pull.

What Causes Fleas on Dogs?

Before you get to know the remedies and tips, learn what causes fleas on dogs. Prevention is always better than cure. Though it is primarily not possible to completely keep your home safe from fleas, you can at least take some measures to keep them away.

No matter how hard you try, fleas will infest your territory. Making their way through the tallest fence and scaling every boundary, fleas and ticks leave no stone unturned to infect your pet and your home.

If you have already got rid of them and think that they will never be able to make their way again, then you are wrong. Here is a list of few reasons on what causes fleas on dogs.

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  1. Contact with Other Animals

Your home or your yard is bound to have trespassers that carry fleas. From squirrels to raccoons, these mini creatures often carry the deadliest fleas and ticks. Once the puppy comes in contact with any of these, their skin catches the fleas instantly.

Henceforth, the fleas multiply on the skin and thrive in the humid regions of the body. Even if they do not directly come in contact with the carrier animals, the dogs catch the fleas from the infestation caused by the intruder.

  1. Contact with the Outside World

Flea infestation also happens when you take your dog for a walk or visiting the vet for check-ups.

The surrounding outside your home has several animals and street dogs who do not get any kind of treatment and have a higher probability of fleas thriving on them.

The fleas can settle on their skin via air or contact via anything that is infected already. Once your pup comes in contact with any infested area, it will bring the fleas inside the home.

  1. You

Yes, no matter how harsh it sounds, it is true that you are also a carrier of fleas and ticks. Your clothes can be the biggest carrier of fleas and ticks, and you should always know what do you do when your dog gets fleas.

Once you bring the fleas inside the home premises, your dogs are bound to get infested by them. The same goes for the guests and visitors who come to pay a visit. The fleas henceforth multiply at suitable temperatures all across the territory.

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How to Get Rid of Fleas and Ticks on Dogs at Home?

Getting rid of fleas on dogs is nothing like regular cleansing. The process can be both cumbersome and complicated and requires immense patience for both the owner as well as the dog.

However, removing them should not be delayed because it causes a severe health hazard for the dogs.

Though it requires medical treatment and repeated visits to the veterinary, there are few home remedies which can work like wonder for your pup. Hence, let us check a few home remedies for dog fleas you can try:

  1. Vacuum with Baking Soda

If your pup is infected with fleas and ticks, chances are the carpets, sofas, and woolens too are infested with the same.

To get rid of fleas on dogs, you have to also get rid of them from carpets. Sprinkle baking soda all around the carpet, sofa, curtains, etc. and run the vacuum on them. Once done, empty the trash outside your home, inside a can so that they do not get carried inside again.

You can also use salt instead of baking soda. Sprinkle salt on the carpets and leave overnight. The cells of fleas and ticks get plasmolyzed eventually killing them. After that, run the vacuum cleaner on them to suck out all the dead fleas and dump them outside your home.

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar Spray

Vinegar or apple cider vinegar spray works wonders in both cleanings as well as getting rid of fleas on dogs. For this, you need to mix an equal proportion of water and vinegar and spray on to the skin of the dog.

Make sure to avoid the face or open pores. You can also use a cotton cloth to apply the mixture on the skin of the dog for the same purpose. Leave the mixture for 1-2 days and wash them accordingly.

You can also mix vinegar in water to clean them as the mixture proves to be an excellent natural flea bath for dogs.

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  1. Lemon Spray

Lemons act as an excellent flea repellent from carpets, curtains, and furniture. Cut one medium sized lemon and soak it in water overnight. You can also squeeze the lemon and use.

Spray all across the furniture, the bed of your puppy, carpets, curtains, etc. to make the house free of fleas. The lemon spray can be used on the dog as well, and it proves to be an effective home remedy for fleas on dogs.

  1. Use Heat to Kill the Ticks

Heat can turn out to be one of the best home remedies for dog fleas. Hence, wash the blankets or the bed sheet that your pup uses, in hot water. Thereafter, dry them in the sun or high heat if possible. Sun rays work efficiently in killing the ticks.

  1. Essential Oils to Keep Fleas Away

Though the essential oils do not kill the fleas, they work wonders in preventing their infestation.

A little bit of rosemary and tea tree oil if sprayed around the house not only keeps the fleas at bay but also gives a refreshing fragrance.

You can add Brewer's Yeast tablets in the dog food or mix apple cider vinegar in their water bowl and feed them. This magically helps to get rid of fleas on dogs. However, do not feed them anything without the advice of the vet.

  1. Dish Detergent

Dish detergent can effectively kill fleas and ticks on dogs. Mix a few drops of liquid dish soap and dab the mixture on the skin of your dog thoroughly. Massage the skin well and create lather and rinse thoroughly. Use a flea comb and brush your dog outside the home to get rid of the fleas.

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How to Kill Fleas on Dogs?

If you are wondering what kills fleas on dogs instantly, then you are just at the right place. The market is brimming with chemical sprays that can kill fleas and ticks on dogs instantly.

There are various methods of getting rid of fleas on dogs. However, if you are visiting the vet, make sure you ask about the safety precautions and the type of flea repellent that will suit your pup.

  1. Get a Flea Spray

Flea sprays are known to work wonders for the pup and are very effective when you want to get rid of fleas on dogs. These are available in both pump bottles as well as aerosols.

Opt for an adulticide which can also regulate the growth of eggs. Make sure you spray in a room with proper ventilation so that it does not settle inside.

Even after you administer it, comb the fur outside your home to get rid of fleas on dogs. Check if the chemicals do not come in contact with their eyes or mouth.

Instead of buying a flea spray, you can also opt for a flea powder which pretty much works in the same way.

  1. Use Flea Shampoo

To get rid of fleas on dogs you can rely on flea shampoos. Wash your dog once and apply a required amount of shampoo to create lather. Rub wisely and take care that you do not hurt the skin anymore.

Rinse the lather for 5 mins and wash them clean. Henceforth, take a clean flea comb and brush their fur outside the home to get rid of them. Wearing gloves is advisable in this case to avoid any irritation on your skin.

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  1. Apply Medicated Dip

Medicated dips are readily available in the market and are equally beneficial if you want to get rid of fleas on dogs.

Pour the solution in a bowl full of water and soak a cotton cloth in it. Dab the mixture on the skin of your dog appropriately and soak the fur thoroughly. Keep the solution for some time and do not rinse immediately.

Do not lock your dog inside a room to prevent the infestation of fleas on them. Fleas are pretty common. The owners should pay more attention in finding ways to get rid of fleas on dogs and preventing their infestation inside their homes, without compromising on the pup's freedom.

Wrapping It Up

Getting infested by fleas is very common. This usually happens when your dog is not cleaned properly and frequently. Normal washing with dog shampoos also helps in getting rid of fleas on dog mildly. Hence, keep your dog clean and wash them thoroughly when they wander into a bush or mud.

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