What is the Difference Between Revolt and Revolution? Revolt vs Revolution Comparison

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What do you mean by revolt and revolution? Revolt vs Revolution – What’s the difference? Let’s find out.

We have often come across the terms revolt and revolution while turning the pages of history. The yellowing pages of the ancient books that speak volumes about movements and changes, give enough evidence of both revolt and revolution.

So, is there a difference between revolt and revolution?

The constant debate between revolt vs revolution has always led us to the dilemma and confusion between the two. With legends bringing about revolution causing movements that led to revolts, we often get inclined towards their similarity more than their striking differences.

Difference Between Revolt and Revolution

If we align revolt and revolution in terms of violence and disorientation, the latter takes an upper hand on the former. Apart from this, there are innumerable other differences between revolt and revolution.

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Henceforth, keep reading to understand in detail about revolt and revolution and distinguish between revolt and revolution.

What is Revolt?

To understand the difference between revolt and revolution, one should understand the terms and what they actually mean. Revolt is any kind of action that is taken to represent disagreement to a decision, rule, or a representative body like government.

Revolt can be defined as any action which is taken against a government body or a decision, which may or may not stir the orientation of the established representative body.

What is Revolution?

On the contrary, revolution can be defined as any event which transforms and replaces the pre-existing norms in the society or the world as a whole.

Revolution is caused to establish orientation and alignment in a region, and is mainly focused on the political and sociological platform which affects human civilisation the most. It has been derived from the Latin word: ‘revolutio’ the literary meaning of which stands as Turn Around.

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What is the Difference Between Revolt and Revolution

There are several aspects, based on which one can distinguish between revolt and revolution.

Revolt vs Revolution
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  1. Size

The size of revolt is usually small-scale, unlike a revolution, which takes place on a massive scale affecting a larger number of people.

Revolts are started by a small group of people who want to protest or raise their voice against something unacceptable. On the contrary, revolution brings about large-scale changes which not only affects the region but the entire world as a whole.

Revolution can, however, be pictured as revolt taking place on a massive scale and supported as well as led by an equally large number of people who want to challenge or change the constitution or government body.

  1. Goal

Revolts are momentary agitation which usually stands for a short interval of time. The goal is to present or impose one’s ideologies and get himself/herself heard in front of a greater representative body.

Whereas, a revolution takes the form of mass movements which usually includes a larger number of people willing to bring about a significant change in society.

In the past years, revolution has never been momentary or impulsive, rather it was a planned execution which involves the brains of scholars and preachers who wanted to push the governing personal and acquire power on their behalf.

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  1. Objectives

Revolts mainly encircle violence from extremities who act upon getting an impulse.

The difference between revolt and revolution is that the former has no clear objectives or way of persuasion. However, the latter is executed via a pre-planned path which includes thoroughly justified objectives, as well as policies.

Whom Does Revolt and Revolution Affect?

Revolts are generally started by a smaller group of people who are willing to bring an unforeseen change in a law or action taken otherwise. Hence, revolts only affect the general mass who may or may not be involved in the revolt or protest.

On the contrary, revolutions present changes in governance and thus, affects the people who form the governing body.

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Wrap Up – Revolt vs Revolution

The differences between revolt and revolution are thoroughly biased. Whether in terms of history or politics, the way of representation and the platform which they are based upon, plays an important role in helping us distinguish between revolts and revolution.

Nevertheless, the general idea remains the same and the result is only achieved via disorientation and violence.

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