What is the Difference Between Yogurt and Curd – Yoghurt vs Curd Contrast

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Are you aware of the differences between Curd and Yogurt? Check out Yogurt Vs. Curd comparison.

Yogurt and curd are food items made from a common ingredient – milk. But the similarity between the two ends here. There is a huge difference between yogurt and curd.

The following sections will present a detailed study of yoghurt versus curd and will also answer some common questions related to the two.

What is Yogurt

The word Yogurt or Yoghurt, as it is sometimes called, has its origins in the Turkish word yoğurt. It has always been an integral part of any Turkish cuisine. Sometimes used as a side dish or as an ingredient in the main dish, it is found in all Turkish homes.

This Turkish dairy product soon became popular all over the world because of its high nutrient content and taste. It was soon commercialized and, today you can buy it in various varieties (plain, sweet, fruit, salted).

In its original form, yogurt is white, thick and creamy. The color changes when fruit flavors are added to it. It tastes a bit tangy and sour. You can add honey or sugar to balance out the sourness. Yogurt is served chilled.

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What is Curd

Though, the origins of the word curd are not known, it can be assumed to have been derived from the curdling process from which it is made.

The milk solids that are left behind after milk curdles are called curd/curds.

In the Indian subcontinent, curd is sometimes confused with yogurt. “Dahi” which is actually an Indian version of Yogurt is also called curd at times. This has given rise to questions like Can we use curd instead of yogurt?

There are many differences between curd and yogurt, and hence you cannot substitute them with each other in recipes.

Good substitutes of yogurt in a recipe will be sour cream or buttermilk. You can replace curd with certain varieties of cheese.

What is the Difference Between Yogurt and Curd

Here is a list of the differences between yoghurt and curd based upon method of preparation, nutrient content and use.

Yoghurt vs Curd

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Method of Preparation Yogurt Versus Curd

Yogurt Preparation

The basic steps of preparing yogurt are the same whether it is prepared in factories or at home.

  • Heat the milk.
  • Let the milk cool sufficiently.
  • Add 1-2 spoons of starter yogurt in the milk and stir. In factories, the live cultures of two common bacteria are added.
  • Let the milk stand undisturbed for few hours.
  • After the said duration, the milk will turn thick and creamy. There might be a layer of liquid on top of it. It is called whey and you can remove it if you want.

 Curd Preparation

Like yogurt, you can easily prepare curd at home.

  • Add lemon or any other edible acidic substance to milk.
  • Allow the milk to coagulate.
  • After some time the milk will separate into milk solids and, a watery substance called whey.
  • The milk solids are called curds.

You can make yogurt and curd at home too. Yogurt prepared at home can be consumed as it is. Curd will need further processing to make it into cottage cheese or curd cheese.

Nutritional Content

Yogurt: Yogurt is a very healthy food and is low in fats. It is extremely beneficial for digestion. It contains calcium, protein, vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin K and vitamin E.

Curd: The fat content in curd will depend upon the type of milk you use. Low fat milk will produce a low fat curd. Curd contains various nutrients like calcium, protein, sodium and vitamin B12.

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Health Benefits of Yogurt and Curd

Yogurt: Yogurt is considered to have positive effect on the digestive system of humans. It may also help with strengthening the immune system and in improving cardiovascular health.

People with lactose intolerance also benefit from eating yogurt. The live bacteria in yogurt help in digesting the lactose present in various dairy products.

Curd: Curds are good source of calcium and help to strengthen bones and teeth.

Lactose intolerant people can also consume curd. The edible acidic substance that is used to make curd helps to release lactose. The lactose gets mixed in water i.e. whey thereby making curd safe to consume.

Curd prepared by using a substance called rennet is not suitable for consumption by lactose intolerant people. Rennet attaches the lactose in milk to the separated milk solids and does not release it in water.

Which is More Beneficial, Curd or Yogurt?

As you can see, there are many health benefits of consuming curd and yogurt. But there is one difference between yogurt and curd that makes yogurt more beneficial to consume.

The fat content of yogurt is less than curd making it a better choice for people who are on a diet.

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Wrapping up: Dissimilarities Curd vs Yogurt

Yogurt and curd are different in many ways. Though both are milk products, they are used differently. Because of the difference in their taste and texture, they cannot be substituted for each other in recipes.

Hence, choose the product according to your requirements only.

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