10 Top Reasons People Attempt Suicide: Why Do Folks Kill Themselves

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Factors that Lead to the Decision to Commit Suicide….

Not just an illegal activity, attempting suicide is wrong even at moral terms; it is just a way of displaying profound contempt for God’s greatest gift – ‘life’. But, ever tried to interpret the thoughts that stroll inside the mind of a suicidal person? Just check these 10 reasons why people commit suicide and try to visualize things through their perspective.


  • 10 reasons why people commit suicide
  • Understanding suicidal brain
  • Stages of suicidal behavior
  • 10 signs of suicidal person
  • 10 reasons not to commit suicide

Just think and count the factors that hinder one’s ability of rational thinking and compels to commit suicide. So, what is your number? What causes suicidal thoughts in the brain? For sure, the number must be tending to infinity. It may be mental or physical illness, regrets, traumatic experiences, inability to cope with depressing situations and many more.

Here, we have listed the most common causes of suicidal thoughts. Check out this list to understand the underlying psychology behind suicidal thoughts.

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10 Reasons Why People Commit Suicide or Attempt Suicide

  1. Mental Illness

Reasons People Attempt Suicide
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This is one of the most common reasons because of which a large part of the world population falls into the hysterical trap of committing suicide. Mental illness causes suicidal thoughts.

Anxiety, Schizophrenia, Bipolar disorder, depression are some of the mental disorders playing a significant role in inducing suicidal behavior.

  1. Terminal Illness

Feelings of frustration, hopelessness and shock usually prevail in many patients who are suffering from incurable diseases.

In other cases, terminal illness might accompany physical abnormalities which makes the life of the patient even more challenging.

  1. Traumatic Experience

People facing PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) are more likely to be facing a sense of shame, guilt or self-pity. In such a situation, a person might see suicide as the only way to come out of the problem.

  1. Emotional Pain

Commit Suicide or Attempt Suicide

Travelling on a bizarre road of personal affairs, where the factors of instability in terms of finance or love are serving as the potholes, can prove to be the most painful phase in a person’s life where he/she loses his/her motto of living and thus might end up taking the decision of quitting life.

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  1. Loss of Hope

A person who has lost all hopes of finding a way out from the life’s problems, is more likely to lose the idea of living in the world.

  1. Social Isolation

A person who is not satisfied with his social life or social status might end up by isolating himself from the society. Such loneliness can prove to be lethal.

  1. Substance Abuse

A prolonged usage of drugs affects the mental functioning of a human and also leads to depression and suicide.

  1. Prescription Drugs

committing suicide 

A variety of prescription drugs, for example antidepressants might insidiously induce suicidal ideation in a person.

  1. Domineering/ Bullying

Bullying sometimes accompanies a ruined societal reputation, to which a person may get succumbed to.

  1. Eating Disorders

Believe it or not, eating disorders are also accompanied with suicidal cases. A dysfunctional pattern of eating may satisfy a person in many ways except in terms of nutrition. Bulimia, anorexia and many other eating disorders can lead to suicidal ideation.

Knowing just the causes of suicidal thoughts is not enough. To cater a suicidal person, you need to analyze suicidal brains by understanding the stages of suicidal behavior and its signs. Let’s have a look at the same:

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Understanding Suicidal Brain

causes of suicidal thoughts 

Since suicide not only affects the depressed person, instead it is known for haunting families for generations, it’s important for one to identify the signs of suicidal person to save one’s life.

Below are the 10 Signs of a suicidal person that will help you to save a person and his family from grave consequences.

 10 Signs of a Suicidal Person

  • Increased drug addiction or substance abuse.
  • Mood swings, from an extreme low to an amazing high.
  • Preferring loneliness over socializing.
  • Expressing disappointment with life.
  • Increased anxiety and agitation.
  • Showing a feeling of dispairment at every other second.
  • Changes in sleeping and eating patterns.
  • Gathering risky items such as blades, pills, etc.
  • Taking part in risky or self-destructing situations.
  • Giving belongings away or showing other signs of saying goodbye.

So, if anyone in your friends or family is showing more than four of the above-mentioned suicidal signs, you need to seek psychological help for the person to identify the stage from which he/she is suffering.

As per Biodyne Model, suicidal behavior is classified into three stages. The stages are:

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Stages of Suicidal Behavior

  • Stage 1 (Ideation): At this stage, the person starts developing a feeling of depression and loneliness, but fear of death still overpowers such thoughts.
  • Stage 2 (Planning): This is the stage when the person’s dark thoughts are now asking him/her to plan for suicide.
  • Stage 3 (Auto-pilot): This is the most crucial stage as the person has now lost his/her conscience and is now ready to commit suicide at any instant.
signs of a suicidal person
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 Wrapping It Up

Now, when you are able to relate to the signs of a suicidal person, it’s time to help him by inculcating the value of life and a few reasons why they need to look life in a better way.

Check these top reasons to not to commit suicide and help your close one.

10 Reasons Not to Commit Suicide

  • Never give up.
  • You only live once and hence there is no reason to die.
  • You will be hurting your loved ones.
  • You can’t afford to leave your loved possessions.
  • You will be leaving love and happiness forever.
  • There is always a better way.
  • There is no second chance to come back.
  • Suicide means disgracing God’s gift.
  • You will be leaving a coward impression.
  • And most importantly, this is not the end.

And, if even these reasons are not working well, take help from a mental health specialist to assist suicidals in getting rid of thoughts of committing suicide by suicidal ideation treatment.

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