Reasons Why Running in Cold Weather Is the Best

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With the temperature falling down to zero and subzero and shivers running down your spine, the first thought that strikes the mind is – should you run in the cold? Running in cold weather has its own set of benefits and is exceptionally beneficial for physical and mental well-being.

A lot of people prefer to include winter run in their regular habit which guarantees better sleep, concentration, immunity, digestion, increased appetite, and a whole lot of other benefits.

We do understand how the lazy winter mornings under the blanket simply do not allow you to get up and start the day, but once you get to know about running in the cold benefits, you are never stopping again.

The results are so evident and quick that you would notice them from day one. Hence, keep reading more to know the magical benefits of cold weather running.

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Running in Cold Weather Tips for Beginners

If you are new in the game, you are probably wondering about the winter running tips to start with. Hence, here is a quick guide to begin with:

benefits of running in the cold

  1. What to Wear?

Choosing the clothes for running in cold weather is very important. Always follow the layer method to combat the temperature change while running.

To start with the tips for running in the winter for beginners, wear a breathable fabric which does not let the sweat accumulate within and make you feel wet. Wrap a sweater or fleece above it to beat the cold wind hitting up front.

Besides, a zipped jacket is also included among the winter running essentials as it allows free flow of air when you are heated up. Wear thermal jeggings or a flexible joggers track pant for the bottom.

  1. Start with Walking

Our muscles tend to be less active because of the cold which is why you cannot just get out of bed and start running.

Start with walking and gradually switch to running. This will warm the muscles up and prevent any kind of muscle strain as well.

  1. Take Breaks

No, this is not a marathon you need to finish in time. Take a break whenever you feel necessary and rest for a while. Do some light exercise during that time to release the strain.

  1. Always be Seen

No matter where you are running, whether in a remote area or on a highway, always make sure that you are seen. Wear bright colors that make you visible to bikers or drivers so that you do not get hit while running in the dark.

Always wear gloves and socks to insulate your hand and feet properly as the heat escapes from these regions mostly thereby making them more prone to frostbites during extreme temperatures. Also, make sure to cover the ears and nose from getting them extra cold due to the chilly wind.

Reasons Why Running in Winter Is the Best

For every amateur runner, the first question that strikes the mind will be: “is it better to run in cold or heat?” If you do not have the habit of running, you must be wondering the same. However, not many of us are aware of the sparkling running in the cold benefits.

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Why Running in Cold Weather Is the Best

  1. Relieves Stress

Go out for a run one single day, and you would instantly feel the freshness that hits your head. The cold winds hitting, as you cut through them refreshes your soul from inside and kicks you out of your lazy sleep.

The increased blood flow makes you feel more active by providing more oxygen to the brain thereby relieving it from excess stress. Regular jogging is always recommended for releasing stress but running outside in winter acts like an icing on the cake.

  1. Burns Excess Calories

“Nothing burns like the cold”, – George R. R. Martin.

Jogging in the cold is not like the regular jogging in the summer season. It requires a lot more extra workout to push yourself through the cold.

Cold weather running increases the rate of metabolism. Thus, in order to produce more heat and return to the body’s average temperature, it burns up the calories.

So, ladies, if you wish to have the perfect bikini line for summers get your warm running gear ready!!

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  1. Brings Positivity

“It’s only cold if you’re standing still.”

Among the list of running in the cold benefits, the best is it brings exceptional positivity. Running outside in the winter increases the serotonin levels in the body, which is responsible for uplifting our mood. This also prepares us for the rest of the day and keeps us happy and fresh for the tiring schedules.

Running in the cold burns up calories and increases metabolism. Make sure you reward your body with proper, healthy diet post the run.

  1. Enhances Performance

Reports suggest that people who are used to running in the cold weather perform better in their work field or academics. Running in the cold also enhances better cognitive skills. It increases better reasoning and quick thinking this causing an accelerated growth in the performance.

  1. Boosts Immunity

Running outside in the cold on a regular basis not only prepares the mind for accepting mental challenges but also boosts up the immunity levels in the body.

The body soon gets accustomed to extreme weather conditions thereby gets ready to combat physical stresses and diseases.

  1. Increases Glucose Consumption

This works hand in hand with burning up calories. Running in the cold weather involves physical exercise which requires ample energy.

The physical stress requires burning up excess glucose from the blood which is converted into the energy required. Thus, the excess sugar is no more stored in the body and is used up immediately.

Running in the cold is equally beneficial for runners who have mild asthma. However, if the condition is severe, try running indoors to keep off the chilly winds at bay.

Cold Weather Running Wrap Up

If you are not convinced enough with the running in the cold benefits, then it is high time you step out and verify yourself. Challenge yourself one day, and the day will definitely repay you in the best way!

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